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Shuang Yun had once instructed his tribesmen not to bring outsiders into the rock mountain.

Even though these three beasts had just been treated by Huai Shan, they could not disobey the leaders orders.

One of them said respectfully, “You dont have to do such a small thing yourself.

Please leave Feng Lan, Dong Ya, and the others to us.

Well bring them back.”

But Huai Shan said, “No, I have to see them return home with my own eyes.

Otherwise, I wont be able to rest easy.”

He was extremely determined.

The three beasts could not say anything because the other party had just saved them.

However, they could not disobey the leaders orders.

They could only look troubled and did not give a clear answer.

One of the wolf beasts whispered into his companions ear, “Go back and ask Huanhuan how to handle this matter.”

Although Huanhuan was a female, she knew a lot and was trusted by the beasts of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Now that Shuang Yun and Bai Di were not at home, and Sang Ye was not in charge, they could only ask Huanhuan for her opinion.

She was smart enough to think of a suitable solution.

However, they were stopped by Huai Shan.

Huai Shan said coldly, “I just want to help send these four people back and take a look at the place where your wolf tribe lives.

But you cant even satisfy this small request and intend to go back to ask for advice.

Are you suspecting that Ill do something bad to the Rock Wolf Tribe!”

“No, we definitely dont have that idea!”

The two wolf beasts quickly denied it.

As for the other squirrel beast, he was very timid.

After he was cured from dead blood disease, he immediately transformed into his beast form and ran back to his family.

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Huai Shan raised his chin.

“The more you behave this way, the more I want to see what treasure is hidden in the rock mountain!”

With that, he led his guards straight to the entrance of the rock mountain.

Seeing this, the wolf beasts immediately transformed into their beast forms and chased after him.

They blocked the entrance, not allowing Huai Shan and his guards to enter the mountain.

Huai Shan did not care about these wolf beasts at all.

His expression was extremely disdainful.

“Get lost!”

The wolf beasts lowered their bodies and tensed their muscles.

They were on guard and refused to give in.

The two sides were in a deadlock.

The atmosphere suddenly became tense, and there was a risk of a fight breaking out at any moment.

The other beasts followed.

Huai Shan glanced at the surrounding beasts and suddenly took out a handful of colorless crystals.

“As long as youre willing to help me break into the rock mountain, these crystals are all yours!”

Everyone was in an uproar as they looked at the crystals with burning gazes.

Huai Shan added fuel to the fire.

“After this is done, I can bring you back to the temple and let you become divine servants.

From then on, youll enjoy endless wealth!”

Under the double temptation of crystals and a bright future, many beasts wavered.

There were all kinds of beasts in the temporary residence.

Some of them were very dissatisfied with Shuang Yuns three-month observation period.

They had heard that the Rock Wolf Tribe was very powerful and specially came to seek refuge, hoping to be put in an important position.

However, the truth was far from the goal.

Not to mention being valued, they couldnt even live in the rock mountain.

Moreover, they had to work every day to earn work points.

Otherwise, their basic necessities wouldnt even be guaranteed.

This made them feel like it was very unjust.

Instead of staying in the Rock Wolf Tribe where they led difficult lives, it was better to give this a try.

If they followed Huai Shan to the temple, they might be able to have a good future.

It didnt matter even if they didnt become divine servants.

Just those colorless crystals were enough for them to live a carefree life!

Many beasts were moved by Huai Shans generous conditions and joined his camp to help him fight the wolf beasts.

There were originally only more than 10 people on Huai Shans side, but in the blink of an eye, there were more than 80 beasts now.

In addition, there were more than a hundred beasts standing not far away watching.

Most of them wanted to protect themselves.

At this moment, Meng Li rushed over with a few wild horse beasts.

As one of the elders of the Rock Wolf Tribe, Meng Li stood in front of the wolf beasts and bowed slightly to Huai Shan with a serious expression.

“Lord Oracle, there are only a few holes in the rock mountain where our tribesmen live in.

Theres nothing to see.

Please go back.”

The corners of Huai Shans mouth twitched into a cold smile.

“Old man, I kindly used a healing spell to treat the beasts of the Rock Wolf Tribe and am even helping them send the unconscious beasts home.

Instead of thanking me, youre refusing me at the door and even plan on attacking me.

Isnt that too unkind of you”

“Im sorry.

Before Patriarch Shuang Yun left, he instructed that outsiders are not allowed to enter the rock mountain.

Females and cubs live in the mountain.

Theyre timid and afraid of strangers.

Im afraid theyll offend you, Divine Oracle.”

“But I insist on going in and taking a look.”

Meng Li frowned slightly.

“Then please forgive us for being rude.”


Huai Shan rubbed the black crystal in his hand with a sinister gaze.

“Those who stand in my way will die!”

Both sides bared their fangs and claws.

A battle was about to break out!

Sang Ye was sewing at home.

Recently, the weather had gradually turned hot.

It would be very stuffy to wear a jacket made of hide, so Huanhuan planned to make a jacket out of cotton.

It would be more breathable and comfortable to wear.

Unfortunately, she was not good at making clothes, so she could only ask Sang Ye for help.

She told Sang Ye the style of the clothes she wanted.

Sang Ye made a long-sleeved coat with an upright collar according to her description.

He even made two exquisite buttons with bits and pieces of cloth.

Huanhuan was very impressed.

“My Sang Ye, youre so impressive!”

Sang Ye cut the thread and shook his coat twice.

“Come, try it.”


Huanhuan immediately took off her hide jacket and put on her new cotton jacket.

This jacket was longer.

The hem of the jacket could reach Huanhuans knees, and a little of the skirt could be seen below.

Her waist was also very well emphasized.

Coupled with the two small buttons at the collar, she looked unexpectedly exquisite and cute.

Huanhuan lifted her skirt and spun around.

“Do I look good”

Sang Ye said, “Its beautiful.”

Huanhuan hugged his neck and kissed his lips.

“Youre amazing!”

At this moment, Big Goody suddenly ran in and said, “Mom, Bei Chu is looking for you urgently!”

Huanhuan and Sang Ye immediately went downstairs.

Bei Chu was Meng Lis disciple.

He was tall, thin, and handsome.

He was a young man with a quick temper.

He had been sent by Meng Li to inform Huanhuan.

When Huanhuan appeared, Bei Chu was stunned by her beautiful face.

Although he had seen her before, for some reason, she had become more and more beautiful recently.

She was so beautiful that he couldnt take his eyes off her.

Huanhuan asked, “Why are you looking for me”

Bei Chu came back to his senses and quickly told her everything.

Huanhuan was shocked.

She knew that Huai Shan was restless, but she did not expect him to dare to barge into the rock mountain openly.

Wasnt he afraid that Shuang Yun would come back and settle scores with him

Or was he already prepared to completely fall out with the Rock Wolf Tribe



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