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No one expected the three koala beasts to suddenly attack.

The two male wolves were bitten by them and risked their lives to protect Dong Ya.

When Feng Lang arrived with reinforcements, the two injured male wolves finally couldnt take it anymore and fell to the ground, unconscious.

Dong Ya only had to take a look to know that the two of them were also infected with dead blood disease.

Dong Ya immediately got someone to carry the two male wolves back to the rock mountain.

He wanted Huanhuan to help save them, but he was stopped by Huai Shan and his guards.

Huai Shan said loudly, “These two male wolves have been infected with dead blood disease.

They have to be executed immediately to prevent it from spreading to others!”

Of course, Dong Ya was unwilling.

These two male wolves were bitten to protect him.

He would never let them be executed!

Neither side was willing to back down.

Just as they were in a deadlock, the three koalas bit another squirrel beast!

Feng Lan had no choice but to get someone to kill the three koalas.

At this moment, the beasts in the temporary residence were all alarmed and ran out of their houses.

They were all shocked to see the koalas infected with the dead blood disease attack people crazily.

They only heaved a sigh of relief when the three koala beasts were killed.

Feng Lan got someone to burn the corpses of the three koala beasts, then got someone to carry the squirrel beast that had been bitten just now.

They strode toward Dong Ya.

Feng Lan, who had just killed someone, was covered in blood.

The surrounding beasts retreated in fear and made way for him.

Feng Lan asked, “Why arent you sending them to Huanhuan for treatment”

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Dong Ya was very annoyed.

“These guys are in the way.

They wont let us take them back.”

Feng Lan looked at Huai Shan and bowed slightly.

“Lord Oracle, were in a hurry to save them.

Please make way.”

Huai Shan sneered in disdain.

“Whats there to save The two of them are already infected with dead blood disease.

They cant be treated at all.

Theyll die sooner or later.

We might as well end them now so that they dont turn into monsters and hurt others.”

Dong Ya retorted, “Just because you cant cure them doesnt mean others cant!”

“The dead blood disease can only be cured by the temples healing technique.

Unless any of you know how to treat it, you cant treat dead blood disease!”

Huai Shan said firmly, his eyes filled with disdain.

Dong Ya wanted to say something, but Feng Lan stopped him.

Feng Lan gestured for Dong Ya to not be rash.

Then, he said to Huai Shan, “Since you were sent to the rock mountain to help suppress the spread of dead blood disease, I believe that you should know the healing technique.

Please help treat our people.

Well be forever grateful.”

However, Huai Shan said, “Theyre just two lowly ordinary beasts.

If they die, so be it.

Theyre not worth me using a healing spell to treat them.”

Dong Ya mocked bluntly, “Dont make excuses here.

You just cant cure them!”

Huai Shan was very unhappy.

“The temples healing technique can cure any illness and pain.

A mere dead blood disease is nothing!”

“Then show us your healing technique! Let us know that youre not bragging!”

Huai Shan looked around and realized that all the beasts were looking at him.

He had planned to kill a few of the Rock Wolf Tribes beasts to teach Shuang Yun a lesson.

But at this moment, Huai Shan suddenly had a plan.

He decided to change his plans.

Huai Shan raised his chin.

“The healing technique is very precious.

Logically speaking, we shouldnt use it so easily.

But seeing how youre begging me, Ill make an exception and let you country beasts, who have never seen the world, learn!”

Upon hearing him say that hell use a healing technique, all the beasts present widened their eyes and stared at Huai Shan without blinking.

They all wanted to see how powerful the legendary healing technique was.

Under everyones enthusiastic gaze, Huai Shan took out a black crystal the size of a pigeon egg.

He squatted down, covered the forehead of the unconscious wolf beast with one hand, and clenched the black crystal with the other.

He closed his eyes and chanted softly.

His chanting was very soft, and his tone was very strange.

No one present could understand him.

A moment later, the black crystal glowed coldly.

Although Dong Ya disliked Huai Shan, he was interested in the legendary healing technique.

He stood very close to Huai Shan and stared at him without blinking.

For some reason, Dong Ya suddenly felt very tired.

He couldnt muster any strength.

When the healing spell was finished, the injured wolf opened his eyes.

The wounds on his body had already healed.

Healing spells could really cure dead blood disease!

Everyone was in an uproar.

They were shocked and looked at Huai Shan with eyes of worship.

At that moment, Dong Ya fell to the ground with a thud.

He fainted, and his face was pale.

Feng Lan quickly helped him up.

“Dong Ya! Dong Ya, whats wrong”

Dong Yas eyes were closed, and his face was pale.

He looked like he had lost a lot of weight, and his cheeks were slightly sunken.

There were even a few strands of white hair in his black hair.

He looked like he had suddenly aged many years.

No matter how Feng Lan shook and called, Dong Ya could not wake up.

Even his breathing had become very weak.

However, Huai Shan seemed to have expected this and was not surprised at all.

He continued to treat the other two bitten beasts.

The black crystal was shockingly bright.

Feng Lan felt his vision go black, and the strength in his body quickly drained.

He couldnt help but fall to the ground.

When his gaze landed on Huai Shan, he saw the corners of Huai Shans mouth curl up into a smug smile.

“You…” Feng Lan only managed to say this before his vision darkened and he fell to the ground.

Like Dong Ya, he had become much older and haggard.

Not only Feng Lan, but even the two wolf beasts closest to him had fainted.

Four young and strong beasts fainted at once.

This change made all the beasts present bewildered.

At the same time, the other two bitten beasts had woken up.

The wounds on their bodies had been healed.

They looked awake and showed no signs of infection.

The healing technique was too magical!

The beasts who saw this scene with their own eyes were all shocked.

They looked at Huai Shan with burning respect.

Huai Shan felt the change in everyones attitude toward him and felt even smugger.

He slowly put away the black crystal and looked down at Feng Lan, Dong Ya, and the others who had fallen to the ground.

His eyes revealed a disdainful sneer.

A bunch of useless fools actually dared to go against him!

If not for his next plan, he would have sucked the vitality out of these four idiots!

Huai Shan got the guards to lift Dong Ya and the other three.

He turned to the three cured beasts and said, “I want to send these four home.

Help me lead the way.”

His final goal was to enter the rock mountain and investigate the true strength of the Rock Wolf Tribe.


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