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Huanhuan was speechless.

“Youre really seizing every opportunity to take advantage of me!”

“Who asked you to only care about getting close to the other three and never care about me I have no choice but to take the initiative to fight for a chance.”

Huanhuan grabbed his collar, pulled him to her, and kissed him.

She was about to retreat when Xue Ling suddenly reached out and pressed the back of her head.

He threw away the kitchen knife with his other hand and quickly grabbed her chin.

He aimed at her lips and kissed her hard.

Huanhuan was shocked and wanted him to let go of her.

However, as soon as she opened her mouth, he took the opportunity to slide his tongue into her mouth.


Huanhuan couldnt close her mouth from the kiss.

His tongue wrapped tightly around hers, and her nose was filled with the scent of blood.

She glared at the guy in front of her with wide eyes and pushed his chest with both hands.

‘Bastard, let go of me!

Shuang Yun, who was squatting in the corner, immediately objected.

Why could Xue Ling be intimate with Huanhuan while he could only squat in the corner and wash the vegetables!

It wasnt fair!

Shuang Yun threw the vegetables in his hand into the basin and rushed over.

He pulled Huanhuan and Xue Ling away.

Huanhuan, who had regained her freedom, quickly hid behind Shuang Yun.

She wiped her lips.

This bastard birdman had kissed her lips until they were swollen!

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Xue Ling licked the corner of his mouth as if he wanted more.

His eyes narrowed as if he was still reminiscing about the kiss.

She tasted so sweet!

Shuang Yun was furious when he saw that he was not satisfied.

He said angrily, “How dare you bully Huanhuan in front of me!”

Xue Ling glanced at him with a faint smile.

“If youre unhappy, you can bully her in front of me.”

Huanhuan immediately stuck her head out from behind Shuang Yun and said angrily, “Shuang Yun is not as shameless as you!”

“Really” Xue Ling touched the corner of his mouth.

“Thats a pity.

Its especially exciting to bully Huanhuan in front of others~”

Shuang Yuns dark green eyes flashed when he heard this.

He looked down at Huanhuan.

“Why dont we try it too”

Huanhuan had a bad feeling.

“What do you want to try”

Shuang Yun stared at her red lips and gulped unconsciously.

“Just like how Xue Ling kissed you just now… Let me kiss you too…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Huanhuan retreated far away.

“Im not playing such a perverted game with you!”

With that, she fled the kitchen.

Bai Di collected the dried clothes into the house.

He was surprised to see Huanhuan running out of the kitchen as if she were running for her life.

“Why are you running so fast”

As soon as Huanhuan saw him, she ran over and hugged his waist as if she had seen her savior.

“That bastard Xue Ling actually instigated Shuang Yun to bully me.”

Bai Di freed a hand to stroke her head.

“Dont be afraid.

Im here.

No one can bully you.”

Huanhuan nuzzled her chest.

“Youre the best.”

Bai Di smiled indulgently at her childish behavior.

“I need to take the clothes upstairs.”

“Ill go with you.”

Bai Di picked her up with one hand and strode upstairs.

They went into the bedroom.

Bai Di placed Huanhuan on the bed.

He opened the closet, folded the clothes one by one, and put them in the cabinet.

Huanhuan swung her slender legs as she watched him work.

She suddenly asked, “Are you going to the forest tomorrow to deal with those beasts infected with dead blood disease”

Bai Di affirmed.


The sooner they resolved those hidden dangers, the sooner they could feel at ease.

Huanhuan was a little worried.

“Will you be in danger”

“Therell be danger, but I can promise you that well return safely.”

Huanhuan didnt want them to be in danger, but she knew that the matter of the dead blood disease had to be resolved.

She couldnt help but feel a little depressed.

If only she could help.

The system suddenly appeared.

“Do you really want to help them”

Slightly startled, Huanhuan glanced at Bai Di.

It wasnt appropriate to talk to the system in front of him.

She could only nod very slightly in answer.

The system said, “Do you remember the introductory manual for alchemy”

Huanhuan continued to nod.

“Theres a branch of alchemy thats related to beast patterns.

You can study it.

You might find something.”

Huanhuan was still thinking about what the system had said when Bai Di was done folding the clothes.

He carried Huanhuan downstairs.

Dinner was ready.

Xue Ling only made roasted chicken.

Fortunately, this roasted chicken was especially big.

It was enough for everyone.

Huanhuan leaned closer and smelled it.

“It smells pretty good.”

Xue Ling used a bone knife to cut off the most tender meat.

He then took out some cooked vegetables from the chickens stomach and placed them on a plate that he had prepared in advance.

He personally carried the plate full of food to Huanhuan.

“Try it and see how it tastes.”

In addition to the food, there was a large flower carved from a carrot on the plate.

Huanhuan couldnt help but praise, “I didnt expect you to know how to carve flowers out of carrots.

Your skills are not bad!”

Xue Ling kissed her cheek.

“I specially carved this flower for you.

Do you like it”

“Not bad.

I quite like it.”

A flower made out of carrot wasnt particularly precious, but his efforts were.

Huanhuan ate some of the chicken.


Xue Lings lips curled up, and his red eyes were filled with amusement.

“As long as you like it, its fine even if I smell like oil and smoke.”

At this moment, everyone had already started eating.

Xue Lings culinary skills were unanimously acknowledged by everyone.

Huanhuan said as she ate, “If you had put in this much effort to coax other females, it wouldve definitely been easy for you to find a mate.

You wouldnt have been single for so long.”

Xue Ling said slowly, “Im very picky.

I only know cook for the females I like.”

What he meant was that no one else was qualified to taste his cooking.

He was as arrogant as ever.

However, Huanhuan didnt find him annoying.

Instead, she felt that he was a little cute like this.

She said, “Since youre so good at cooking, youll be in charge of cooking in the future.

Shuang Yun will be in charge of washing the dishes and vegetables.”

Before Xue Ling could speak, Shuang Yun spoke first.

“On what basis Im the leader of a tribe, but youre asking me to be someones assistant.

How embarrassing is that!”

Huanhuan stroked his head and smoothed his fur.

“None of us will tell anyone.

I guarantee no one will know that youre working under Xue Ling.”

Shuang Yun snorted.

“I know.

You just dislike my cooking!”

“Im not despising you.

I just think that you still have room for improvement.

You can learn more from Xue Ling.

When your culinary skills reach the standard in the future, you can be the chef.”

Shuang Yun asked, “What do I have to do to pass”

Huanhuan couldnt answer for a moment.

Sang Ye, who was beside her, calmly continued, “As long as you can eat your own dishes and say that theyre delicious, youll pass.”

Huanhuan quickly nodded in agreement.

“Yes, Sang Ye is right.”

Shuang Yun was very confident.

“Thats too easy.

Its a piece of cake for me!”

Everyone fell into silence.

Shuang Yun raised his eyebrows and asked, “Dont you believe me!”

Huanhuan lowered her head and ate the chicken.

“This chicken is really delicious!”

Bai Di said, “Its not bad, indeed.”

“Everyone, enjoy!”

Hence, everyone continued to eat the chicken happily and pretended not to hear Shuang Yuns words.

Shuang Yun refused to believe it.

After everyone had eaten and gone back to their rooms to rest, he hid in the kitchen and made a pot of meat soup.

He tasted it.




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