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Huanhuan slept until dawn.

She opened her eyes and realized that she was lying in Sang Yes arms.

She asked in surprise, “Why is it you Wheres Bai Di”

Sang Ye sat up.

“Something happened last night.

Bai Di went out.

He asked me to take care of you.”


Sang Ye brought her a coat to put on.

Huanhuan quickly said, “I can wear it myself.”

Sang Ye said, “I like the feeling of taking care of you myself.”


Huanhuan obediently raised her hand and let him dress her up and comb her hair like a doll.

After breakfast, Shuang Yun went down the mountain to hunt as usual.

This time, not only did the wolf cubs go, but even Bai Di went with him.

Xue Ling had also gone to the territory of the feather tribe.

Only Huanhuan, Sang Ye, and Ni Ya were left in the house.

Ni Ya just needed bamboo to eat.

He didnt care about anything else.

Huanhuan went to teach the children and went to the neighborhood committee to see how the females were doing with their weaving.

After this period of learning, the females were already familiar with using the cotton roller.

The cotton strips were clean and neat.

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Huanhuan pulled a piece of cotton cloth and began to make an apron.

The two aprons from before were for Xue Ling and Shuang Yun.

She had to make two more.

The females chatted as they worked, and there were peanuts and sunflower seeds provided by Huanhuan for them to munch on.

The atmosphere was very harmonious.

Lan Die stared at Huanhuan for a while before suddenly saying.

“I think Huanhuan looks prettier than last time.”

As soon as he said this, the other females immediately agreed.

Even Mu Xiang nodded and said, “I think Huanhuan has been becoming more and more beautiful recently.

Her skin is as fair as cow milk, and her eyes are big and bright.

Not to mention male beasts, even I, a female, cant help but be tempted.”

Huanhuan blushed.

“Stop teasing me.”

Mu Xiang took her hand and realized that it was unexpectedly soft.

She couldnt help but squeeze it twice.

“Were serious,” she said with a smile.

“Youve really become prettier recently.

Do you eat something that nourishes your face”

Huanhuan said slowly, “No, I eat with my family every day.

I have three meals a day.

Theres nothing different.”

“No, you must have eaten something good.

Otherwise, your skin wouldnt be so soft.

It makes me want to bite you.”

Huanhuan covered her face in fear.

“Dont bite me.

Im not delicious at all.”

Mu Xiang laughed loudly.

“No matter how greedy I am, I wont dare to really bite you.

Otherwise, your four male beasts will definitely not let me off.”

Under the repeated questioning of the females, Huanhuan could only say vaguely, “I havent eaten anything special recently.

I just ate some eggs of thorn bird beasts.

Sang Ye found those eggs, and they taste quite good.”

Mu Xiang slapped her thigh and came to a realization.

“It must be the eggs of the thorn bird beasts that made you even more beautiful!”

Lan Die echoed, “I heard that the eggs of the thorn bird beasts are very nourishing, especially for females.

They have a very magical effect.

It seems that its true!”

“But the eggs of thorn birds are especially difficult to find.

Even if you find them, you have to take a huge risk to get them.

In the past, many beasts lost their lives for the eggs of thorn birds.”

The females spoke one after another about the eggs of thorn bird beasts.

Huanhuan listened quietly.

She couldnt say that her change was because the Divine Wood seed had sprouted within her, so she could only attribute it to the thorn bird beasts eggs.

As for what this would do to the thorn bird beasts…

That was out of her control.

Although the females wanted the eggs of the thorn bird beasts, the birds were too ferocious.

They could not bear to let their mates risk their lives to get the eggs.

Although beauty was important, mates were more important.

Hence, they could only dismiss the idea of getting the eggs with regret.

In the past, this would have been impossible.

Females always got what they wanted.

If they wanted something, they would get it even if they had to step on other peoples corpses.

They didnt care about other peoples feelings or safety at all.

But ever since Huanhuan came, she had gradually changed their selfish habits, making their interactions with their mates more and more gentle and harmonious.

Especially after knowing that the mate contract could be broken, they were afraid of losing their mates.

They learned to respect and understand their mates.

The relationship between them and their mates was very deep now.

At noon, Sang Ye came to pick Huanhuan up and bring her home.

On the way back, Huanhuan couldnt help but ask Sang Ye, “Does my face look any different”

Sang Ye looked at her seriously and said, “No.”


Sang Ye saw that she was deep in thought and asked, “What are you thinking about”

Huanhuan touched her cheek.

“Mu Xiang and the others said that Ive become prettier, but you said that I havent changed, so Im thinking about who to believe.”

Sang Ye said, “Youve indeed become beautiful.”

“But you just said I dont look any different.”

He said seriously, “Whether you become beautiful or ugly, youll always be you in my eyes.

Youre unique, and that wont ever change.”

Huanhuan couldnt help but smile.

“Youre the same.

Youre unique to me too.”

The beasts passing by noticed her smile and couldnt help but stop in their tracks.

They looked at her in a daze, their eyes filled with undisguised amazement.

Huanhuan did not notice the change in her surroundings, but Sang Ye immediately sensed it.

He reached out and picked Huanhuan up, pressing her face into his arms.

The beasts could not see her face.

They could only look away in disappointment and leave reluctantly.

Sang Ye carried Huanhuan home, and Bai Di happened to return.

Bai Di had specially gone down the mountain to pick some purple leaves today.

He handed one of the clean leaves to Huanhuan and said, “Smell it.”

Huanhuan sniffed carefully and didnt smell anything strange.

Bai Di took back the purple leaves.

“Its probably not time yet.

Smell it again in a few days.”

Huanhuan nodded in agreement.

It was Sang Yes turn to cook today, but he was not good at lighting fires.

Bai Di helped watch the fire.

The two guys looked at each other, then tacitly walked up to Huanhuan and asked her for something.

What did they want

Of course, they wanted an apron!


Huanhuan looked puzzled.

“Didnt I give Xue Ling and Shuang Yun two aprons yesterday If you want them, they can just bring them to you.”

It was just an apron, not underwear.

They could be shared!

Bai Di said helplessly, “Xue Ling and Shuang Yun hid the aprons.

We cant even touch them, let alone use them.”

Huanhuan was speechless.

Why did they hide the aprons Those two guys behavior was too strange!


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