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Shuang Yun said calmly, “Seeing is believing.

I believe everyone should have an answer now as to whether those three koalas were infected with dead blood disease.

But for safetys sake, Ill lock them up and observe them in isolation.

After confirming that theyre not infected, Ill let them out.”

The beasts nodded, indicating that the leaders actions were appropriate.

Shuang Yun said, “Thats settled.

Everyone, get busy.”

The beasts dispersed in groups.

They all had their own work to do.

It had already taken them a lot of time to watch the commotion.

They had to work hard to complete todays mission and earn work points.

Soon, everyone was gone.

Shuang Yun turned and walked back.

Huai Shan shouted angrily, “Shuang Yun, stop!”

Shuang Yun stopped and looked back at him.

“What else do you need, Lord Oracle”

Huai Shan gritted his teeth.

“You did it on purpose just now!”


“Stop pretending! You deliberately did that to me!”

Huai Shan was exasperated.

He had clearly said that he wanted to execute the three koalas, but Shuang Yun suddenly jumped out.

Not only did his mean snatch away the three koalas, but he also overturned his decision, making all his previous words useless!

Shuang Yun had disrespected him!

Shuang Yun looked sarcastic.

“Do you think too highly of yourself I just did what I thought I should do.

It has nothing to do with you.”

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“How dare you speak to me like that!”

“Im sorry, but I have things to do.

I dont have time to argue with you.

Help yourself.”

Shuang Yun said these words coldly, then turned and walked away.

Huai Shan was so angry at his attitude that his features were distorted.

He wanted to rush forward and teach this arrogant guy a lesson!

Miu Wei stopped him.


“Dont lower yourself to his level.

Dont forget what our real mission is here.”

“Of course, I remember.

The high priest asked us to investigate the Rock Wolf Tribe and find Sang Yes whereabouts,” Huai Shan said angrily.

“But that Shuang Yun is too arrogant.

I really cant take this lying down!”

Miu Wei pressed down on his shoulder and said in a low voice, “Bear with it for a while.

Dont alert him until the mission is completed.

After the mission is completed, you can take revenge on him however you want.”

His palm was big and strong.

When he pressed it against Huai Shans shoulder, it felt like a thousand-pound rock.

Huai Shans heart skipped a beat, then he was suddenly much calmer.

Huai Shan closed his eyes and said heavily, “Alright, Ill listen to you.

Its more important to complete the mission given by the high priest first.”

Then, Miu Wei removed his hand.

“As long as you know whats important.”

Huai Shan looked at Shuang Yuns departing figure and said, “They all live in the rock mountain, but they dont let us step into it.

I keep feeling that theres something hidden in the mountain.

Why dont we find a chance to explore the mountain”

Miu Wei also looked in the direction of the rock mountain, his gaze lingering on the layers of creepers.

“Yes, Ill investigate tonight.”

Dinner today was hotpot.

Bai Di cut the prey the wolf cubs brought back into pieces and placed them in a large pot to cook.

He added many spices and ingredients.

The rich fragrance filled the air, making the wolf cubs drool.

The family gathered around the pot to eat.

Big Goody specially picked a few pieces of tender meat and placed them in Huanhuans bowl.

Her eyes lit up as she said, “Mom, this is the wild boar meat that my brothers and I got.

Try it and see if it tastes good.”

Huanhuan ate the meat.

It was cooked until it was soft and tender.

She could taste the spice mix in the meat, which made it even more delicious.

She smiled happily.

“Delicious! You guys are amazing.

You managed to hunt such a big wild boar on your first hunt.

Im proud of you!”

The wolf cubs wagged their tails and scrambled to say, “Well hunt more prey for you in the future!”

Huanhuan stroked their heads one by one and said in relief, “Youre all my precious babies.”

Shuang Yun shamelessly leaned over and asked, “What about me What am I to you”

“Youre my big baby.”

The tips of Shuang Yuns ears turned slightly red.

He snorted.

“Thats better.”

As they spoke, Xue Ling had already eaten half the pot of meat.

When Shuang Yun discovered this, he shouted angrily, “This the prey hunted by my daughter.

Youre not allowed to eat so much!”

Xue Ling ate the last bit of meat on the bone.

Even so, he ate the meat with grace.

It didnt feel barbaric at all.

Instead, it was indescribably beautiful.

In the end, it was because he was good-looking.

He chewed the bone and ate the marrow inside before reluctantly throwing it away.

“The meat tastes so good today!”

“No matter how tasty it is, youre not allowed to eat more of it!” Shuang Yun wanted to take the entire pot away, but it was too hot.

He couldnt even touch it.

Xue Ling ignored the furious Shuang Yun and continued to pick up the meat from the pot at a precise speed and stuff it into his mouth.

Shuang Yun wanted to rush up and fight him, but Bai Di stopped him.

Bai Di said calmly, “Let him eat if he wants.

Theres still a lot of meat in the space.

Ill cook it later.”

In any case, the hotpot made things convenient.

If they wanted to eat more, they could just add more ingredients.

It was very convenient.

Shuang Yun was especially angry.

“This is my daughters prey, but I didnt get to eat much of it as this bird person ate everything!”

For some reason, Huanhuan wanted to laugh when she looked at his indignant expression.

But she knew that if she really laughed, Shuang Yun would definitely explode with anger.

Huanhuan suppressed her laughter and said, “Then eat more before hes done.

Dont let him take advantage of you.”

Her words reminded Shuang Yun.

He stopped talking and quickly scooped up the meat in the pot.

This was the result of his precious daughters first hunt.

He had to eat more!

The last bit of meat basically went into Shuang Yuns and Xue Lings stomachs.

Bai Di took out some meatballs and meat pies that he had made during the day.

He added some vegetables and cooked them in the pot so that everyone could have a share.

After eating and drinking his fill, Bai Di was about to clean up the dishes as usual when Huanhuan stopped him.

She said, “You cant do all the housework alone.

There are so many people in our family.

Excluding the children, we have five adults here.

To be fair, we have to take turns doing the housework in the future.”

Bai Di didnt care much for such small matters.

“Ill do whatever you say,” he said with a smile.

Huanhuan looked at the other three.

“What about you”

Sang Ye said indifferently, “Ill listen to you too.”

Shuang Yun said, “Sure, Ill do as you say.”

Xue Ling smiled.

“Thats fine with me too.”

Huanhuan clapped her hands.

“Very good.

Its unanimous!”


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