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Shuang Yun leaned in front of Huanhuan and sniffed her lips, cheeks, ears, neck, and shoulders.

He looked like a wife checking her husband, who was coming home late, to make sure he wasnt having an affair.

Huanhuan pushed his head aside.

“What are you doing”

Shuang Yun stared at her face.

“You smell like Bai Di.”

Huanhuan coughed lightly and pretended to be calm.

“Do I I dont smell anything.”

“The smell is especially strong.

I smelled it as soon as you walked out the door.”


Shuang Yun was as aggrieved as a jealous wife.

“Youre so cold.”

“Am I”

“You are.”

Huanhuan agreed.

“Alright, I am.”


Seeing his pitiful look, Huanhuan couldnt help but smile.

She reached out and touched his short silver-white hair.

“The expression on your face now will make people think Im bullying you.”

Shuang Yun rubbed against her palm and snorted.

“You are bullying me.”

“I like you so much.

How could I bear to bully you”

“Do you like me”

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“I do.” Huanhuans cheeks were slightly red, but she sounded certain.

“I like you very much.”

Shuang Yun was immediately happy again.

He wrapped his arms around her and nuzzled her ear.

“Sleep with me tonight, okay”

Huanhuan rejected him without hesitation.

“No way.”

“Why You just said you like me.”

Huanhuan gently stroked her abdomen.

“I cant mate with anyone for the time being.

Your self-control is poor.

Im afraid you wont be able to control yourself and want to do bad things at night, so its safer for me to sleep with Bai Di or Sang Ye.”

Shuang Yun watched her expression and actions and quickly reacted.

“Did Bai Di mate with you in his beast form last night”

Huanhuan lowered her head in embarrassment.


Shuang Yun said with a strange expression, “No wonder you were so loud last night…”

This topic was too embarrassing.

Huanhuan decided to change the topic.

She told him about the childrens education.

“Its fine for you to dote on your daughter, but you cant bully your sons.

Look at how youve beaten up Dos, Tres, and Little Monster.

This isnt the way to be a good father!”

Shuang Yun said matter-of-factly, “Theyre male beasts.

Theyre thick-skinned and resistant to beatings.

Dont worry.”

Huanhuan was speechless.

“Theyre your biological sons.”

“Thats what happened to me back then.

Although I did suffer a little at first, I got used to it.”

Huanhuan couldnt convince him.

She could only glare at him.

She led the wolf pups into the kitchen and asked Bai Di for some freshly boiled eggs to rub the bruises on their bodies.

The wolf cubs felt comfortable with Huanhuan taking care of them.

They whimpered as they hugged their mothers wrist.

After massaging them with the eggs, she slowly peeled the eggs and gave them to the children.

Huanhuans breakfast was still the same bowl of fragrant egg custard.

The others had meat soup with meat pies and some crisp and refreshing pickled vegetables.

Huanhuan wanted to feed the children egg custard.

But Big Goody said, “Mom, youre preparing to give birth.

You have to eat more eggs.

Well just eat meat.”

Dos, Tres, and Little Monster nodded in agreement.

“The meat is delicious too!”

She did not expect the children who were usually the most gluttonous to say such considerate words.

Huanhuans heart warmed.

She leaned in front of Big Goody and asked with a smile, “Can I have a bite of your meat pie”

Big Goody generously tore off a large piece of meat pie and handed it to her mouth.

Huanhuan took a bite.

Bai Di was a very good cook.

The meat pie was fragrant and crispy.

It was not greasy at all.

It was indeed delicious.

Big Goody asked, “Do you want more”

Huanhuan stroked her head.

“I dont want anymore.

You can eat it yourself.”


After eating and drinking his fill, Shuang Yun was about to leave when Big Goody leaned over and asked, “Father, are you going hunting today”

“Thats right.”

Big Goody wagged her big fluffy tail, her eyes filled with anticipation.

“Can my brothers and I go hunting with you”

Shuang Yun was surprised and asked, “Hunting is very difficult.

Are you sure you want to go with me”

Big Goody nodded vigorously.


Dos, Tres, and Little Monster squeezed over and looked eagerly at Shuang Yun.

“Father, we want to hunt too!”

Shuang Yun thought for a moment and agreed readily.

“Alright, come down the mountain with me later.”

The children jumped and cheered in delight.

Huanhuan was more worried.

“The children are still young.

If you take them hunting now, what if they get injured”

Before Shuang Yun could speak, the children shouted in unison.

“Were not afraid of getting hurt!”

Shuang Yun also said, “Its good to bring them out to see the world.

When I was their age, I could already catch prey alone to feed myself.”

Huanhuan knew that he had suffered a lot when he was young.

Hearing him say this, her heart softened.

Shuang Yun pinched her cheek.

“Dont worry.

Ill watch from the side.

I promise I wont let them get hurt.”

Huanhuan muttered, “You said it.

If theyre injured, Ill hold you responsible.”

Shuang Yun picked her up and kissed the corner of her mouth.


This was the first time the wolf cubs had gone out hunting.

The four of them were very excited and kept circling Shuang Yun.

Shuang Yun led the children down the mountain.

Huanhuan went to teach the children in the tribe as usual.

Sang Ye followed her silently and said, “Ill send you there.”

“Id like that.”

Sang Ye picked her up and walked steadily toward the 11th floor.

Huanhuan wrapped her arms around his neck and said softly, “Bai Di told me everything.

Spiky bird beasts are dangerous.

Were you hurt when you went to get the eggs”

“No, when I went to look for eggs, I happened to encounter other ferocious beasts who wanted to snatch the eggs.

The thorn bird beasts were chasing after those ferocious beasts, so I took the opportunity to pick up these eggs.”

Huanhuans eyes widened.

“Youre so lucky!”

“Yes, its rare for me to be this lucky.”

Huanhuan said, “Youd better not look for thorn bird beasts eggs in the future.”

Sang Ye was puzzled.

“Why Dont you like them”

“Its too dangerous.

I dont want you to be in danger.”

Sang Ye said, “Its okay.

As long as you like it, I can get anything for you.”

Huanhuan shook her head and looked at him seriously.

“There are many delicious things in this world.

Even I dont eat the eggs of thorn bird beasts, there are many other delicious foods.

But youre the only Sang Ye I like.

If anything happens to you, Ill definitely die.”

Sang Ye lowered his dark eyes and didnt say anything else.

He just silently hugged her tighter.

Huanhuan leaned against his shoulder.

“So dont do anything dangerous again, okay”

Her voice was soft and sweet, revealing a hint of coquettishness that Sang Ye could not refuse.

He could only agree.

“All right.”

Huanhuan smiled happily and kissed him on the chin.

“Then we have a deal!”

Sang Ye looked at her helplessly.

There was a doting look in his dark eyes that even he did not notice.

“I really dont know what to do with you.”


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