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Bai Di knew he was in a bad situation.

His rationality told him that it was best to find a deserted place to hide and wait until the effects of the medicine passed.

However, his body involuntarily pressed closer to her…

While Huanhuan was dizzy from the kiss, Bai Di had taken off her dress.

When she first returned from the territory of the demons, she was so thin that she was almost just skin and bones.

Bai Di tried his best to make delicious food and finally made her fatter.

Her fair skin was as delicate as pearls.

Bai Di hugged her and kissed her gently.

His big hands held her slender waist firmly so that she could only cling to him.

She couldnt escape.

Huanhuan cried out in pain.

Bai Di quickly stopped and kissed her shoulder gently.

There was a thin layer of barbs on the surface of the white tigers tongue.

When he licked Huanhuan, it was uncomfortable for her.

After being licked, a red mark was left on her fair and round shoulder.

She shivered slightly in pain.

His heart ached at the sight of her discomfort.

“Id better turn back into human form…”

Huanhuan stopped him.

“Its okay.

I just cant get used to it.

Just take it easy on me.”

He had already entered.

If he withdrew it now, all their previous efforts would be wasted.


In any case, this would happen sooner or later.

She just had to grit his teeth and endure it.

She closed her eyes and tried to recall the contents ofThe 10 Secrets to Reducing Pain During Labor.


Two, three, four!


Two, three, four!

Inhale again…

After repeating it five or six times, Huanhuan felt that it really didnt hurt as much anymore.

She slapped the bed and said readily, “Come on! Go on!”

Bai Di tried to move and quickly asked, “Does it hurt”

Huanhuans mind was filled with the contents of the book.

She had been trying to adjust her breathing rhythm and didnt notice if Bai Di had moved.

She shook her head randomly to show that it didnt hurt.

Bai Di relaxed a little.

Fortunately, Huanhuans physique had been greatly improved by the Divine Wood seed.

Coupled with the help of the Sourcing Leaf Fruit, she was not drenched in blood.

But the pain was still there.

She tried to relax, trying to keep her body in a relatively relaxed state.

Her mind kept going over the techniques she read in the book.


Bai Dis endurance was terrifying to begin with.

Coupled with the supplement, he was like a perpetual motion machine.

He never knew fatigue.

Huanhuan was tossed and turned all night.

After he got his release, Bai Di didnt move.

Instead, he lowered his head and nuzzled her cheek.

Huanhuans eyes were red, and her long black hair fell messily under her.

She gave him a weak look and sounded like she was about to cry.

“Youre bullying me.”

In contrast, Bai Di looked much more energetic.

When he saw how pitiful she looked after being ravaged, he immediately felt the urge again.

Huanhuan was so frightened that she shivered again and sobbed.

“I dont want it anymore.

I dont want it anymore…”

Bai Dis heart ached.

He transformed back into human form and scooped her into his arms.

He kissed her flushed face.

“Dont be afraid.

Were not doing it anymore.”

Bai Di got hot water and washed her down first.

Then, he rinsed himself with the rest of the water.

They lay down under the covers.

Huanhuan was so tired that her eyelids were twitching.

As soon as her head touched the pillow, she fell asleep.

Bai Di pulled her into his arms and looked down at her quiet sleeping face.

He really couldnt get enough of her.

Unable to resist, he kissed her forehead and spoke gently.

“I love you.”

‘Im loving you more and more.

The next day, Huanhuan just lay weakly in bed.

Her back ached, and her limbs were weak.

It was difficult for her to even sit up.

Her private parts were still burning.

This was the tragedy of their sizes not being compatible with each other.

Huanhuan looked hopeless.

“Little Brat, I feel like a broken rag doll.”

The system ignored her and rolled its cold eyes at her.

Huanhuan was filled with regret.

“I wont make that medicine again.”

The system said, “Bai Di isnt bad.

He restrained his desires after only doing it with you once.

If it were Shuang Yun, he would definitely suppress you for three days and three nights.”

Thinking of Shuang Yuns ferocious appearance in bed, Huanhuan couldnt help but shiver.

That guy always did what he wanted.

He had no idea what restraint was.

It was a blessing in disguise that Shuang Yun did not drink the bowl of medicine!

The system said, “Thats why you should be content!”

Huanhuan had an idea and suddenly said, “Little Brat, cant you block the pain for me I should have asked you to block the pain for me last night!”

However, the system said, “In order to protect the hosts privacy, when you mate, the system will automatically enter a dormant state.

It cant block the pain for you.”


Huanhuan was very surprised.

“Youre so humane!”

“Of course.

Im the most advanced system at the moment.”

Huanhuan asked, “Then why did you choose me to be the host”


Huanhuan blinked.

“Is it because Im cute”

The system said, “Your human faces are all sets of data to us.

Theres no difference between beautiful and ugly.”

“Then why was I chosen”

“Guess for yourself.

If you get it right, Ill tell you.

If not, I wont.”

Huanhuan shouted unhappily, “Youre so cunning! If Ive already guessed correctly, do I still need you to tell me the answer!”


Huanhuan was silent for a moment.

“Dont laugh like that,” she suggested sincerely.


“It sounds stupid.”


The stupid system got angry.

It hid and refused to talk to her again.

Bai Di pushed open the door and brought the hot broth to her.

Huanhuan drank it spoonful by spoonful.

After drinking her fill, Huanhuan felt better.

She asked, “Where are the others”

Bai Di said, “Shuang Yun and Sang Ye went down the mountain.”

The commotion last night was very loud.

Coupled with the fact that beasts were born with sensitive hearing, Shuang Yun, Sang Ye, and Xue Ling did not sleep the entire night.


No one knew how they had stayed up until dawn.

Anyway, after Shuang Yun woke up, he rushed down the mountain with a dissatisfied expression.

It seemed like he was planning to hunt to vent his excess energy.

Sang Ye still looked cold as if he was not too affected.

Before he left, he specially came to take a look at Huanhuan.

However, at that time, Huanhuan was unconscious and did not notice that there was someone else by the bed.

Not long after Sang Ye left, Xue Ling came.

He stared at Huanhuans sleeping face for a long time.

If his gaze contained warmth, Huanhuan would have melted from the heat.


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