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At this moment, Huanhuans family, who lived on the rock mountain, did not know what was happening in the territory of the demon race.

Shuang Yun led the beasts to work overtime.

Finally, a divine embassy was built near the temporary residence on the hill.

The two-story oracle temple stood out among a group of bungalows.

The first floor was supported by eight thick stone pillars.

There were no walls on all four sides.

The hall was completely open.

In the middle was a statue of the god of beasts.

It was a little like a medieval temple.

The second floor was the real residence.

The blankets and stove were ready, and the furniture was complete.

Bai Di even deliberately cut down all the trees near the oracle temple.

The surroundings were flat.

The oracle temple stood on the hil.

Coupled with the golden light that shone down on it, it really did look holy.

However, since the oracle temple had no walls, it was like living out in the open.

Outsiders could see the situation in the oracle temple clearly.

Xue Ling looked at the oracle temple and chuckled.

“Not bad, not bad.”

While the male beasts were busy building the divine embassy, Huanhuan was not idle either.

The cotton, peanuts, and radishes planted in winter had ripened.

The peanuts and radishes could be stored for a long time after drying.

There was no need to worry about these for the time being.

Huanhuan mainly wanted to use the cotton.

Cotton had many uses.

In addition to making cotton blankets and pillows, it could also be woven into cotton thread.

With cloth, one could make clothes, curtains, and sheets.

Huanhuan took out theWeaving Manual that she had exchanged for in the Crystal Mall.

It described the entire process of weaving cotton into thread.

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She busied herself at home for a few days before finally successfully knitting a cotton cloth that was two feet long.

As it was not dyed, the fabric was grayish-white.

It looked a little rough, but it was unexpectedly soft and comfortable to the touch.

Huanhuan guessed that this might be related to the cotton being mutated.

The mutated cotton fruits were especially big, and the cotton they produced was also very big.

The cotton was soft and fluffy, and the quality was very good.

Huanhuan took the cloth to Sang Ye.

When Sang Ye first saw the cloth, he thought it was shark silk.

Although he was expressionless, he was actually quite surprised.

Shark silk was very precious.

How did the little female get it

It wasnt until he reached out and touched it that he realized it wasnt shark silk.

Shark silk was thin and delicate, and the texture was closer to silk.

The fabric in front of him was thicker and tougher.

Sang Ye asked, “What is this”

“Its called cotton cloth.

I knitted it out of cotton.

What do you think of it”

Sang Ye answered truthfully, “In regards to clothing, shark silk will definitely be more comfortable.

However, shark silk is too expensive to make.

In comparison, this cotton is more practical.”

After obtaining Sang Yes approval, Huanhuan finally felt relieved.

She found Shuang Yun and prepared to teach the Rock Wolf Tribe how to weave.

Shuang Yun had always been very tolerant of the little females requests.

When he heard that she wanted to teach the tribe to weave, he nodded without hesitation and said, “Yes, do whatever you want.

Let me know if you need help.

Ill cooperate with you!”

Huanhuan stroked his hair and smiled.

“You dont even ask what weaving is, yet youre giving me your support to do it.

Arent you afraid Ill screw you over”

“It doesnt matter.

Even if you set me up, Ill be able to get out of the mess.

You have to believe me.

Im very good!”

Seeing how confident he was, Huanhuan couldnt help but pounce on him and kiss him.

“I realize youre getting cuter!”

Shuang Yun hugged her and said arrogantly, “You should praise me for being handsome, mighty, and powerful! What the hell do you mean by calling me cute Thats a word to describe females and cubs.

I dont accept it.”

Huanhuan couldnt help but chuckle and say indulgently, “Okay, okay, youre the most handsome!”

Shuang Yuns ears turned red from the praise.

“Thats more like it.”

In order to let the beasts understand the benefits of cotton, Huanhuan made a sleeveless dress with cotton and specially enlarged the size of the dress.

She took the dress to Mu Xiang and let her try it on.

Mu Xiang boldly put the dress on.

Then, she refused to take it off.

She had never worn such a comfortable and soft dress! The feeling of the dress fluttering made her feel extremely beautiful!

Huanhuan was not surprised.

Women were the same as female beasts.

They could never resist the temptation of lipsticks, dresses, and high heels.

Mu Xiang pleaded, “How is this dress made Can you tell me I promise I wont tell anyone!”

This was what Huanhuan wanted.

She smiled.

“This dress is made of cotton.

I came to you to teach the females in our tribe how to weave cotton thread.”

Mu Xiang jumped up excitedly and hugged Huanhuan.

“Huanhuan, youre amazing! Youre a gift from God to us Rock Wolf Tribe!”

Huanhuan was shorter than her.

When she hugged her, Huanhuans head was buried in her chest.

Huanhuan, who was forced to bury her head in Mu Xiangs chest, sighed to herself.

Mu Xiangs breasts were really big!

Huanhuan generously gave the dress to Mu Xiang.

Mu Xiang was very enthusiastic.

She immediately gathered the females in the tribe and organized a weaving class.

The class was held in the office of the neighborhood committee.

The females were originally uninterested.

They were already used to a comfortable life where food and clothing were readily available.

They did not want to work.

However, the dress Mu Xiang was wearing was too beautiful.

The females could not resist the temptation and walked out of the house to join the class.

For a beautiful dress, it was acceptable even if they had to tire themselves out a little!

Propelled by Huanhuan and Muxiang, the news of cotton quickly spread among the Rock Wolf Tribe.

At this moment, the escort team finally arrived at the rock mountain.

There were a total of two oracles sent to the Rock Wolf Tribe this time.

One was a male snake beast named Huai Shan from the Dark Moon Temple.


The other was a female feathered beast called Xue Hui.

She was from the Divine Wood Temple.

Huai Shan was wearing a grayish-white robe made of shark silk.

He looked young and handsome.

Unfortunately, he was too arrogant.

When he looked at others, he always raised his chin up high.

His attitude ruined his good looks.

In terms of appearance, Xue Hui was also extremely outstanding.

She wore a shoulder-length dress made of shark silk.

Her long golden-brown curly hair fell to her chest.

She was tall and voluptuous.

Her facial features were very three-dimensional and deep.

Coupled with her honey-colored skin, she had a unique Western appearance.

Shuang Yun, who had come to welcome the oracles, did not expect there to be a female.

He could not help but be slightly stunned.

He had never heard of a female becoming an oracle!


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