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Just as Bai Di had expected, after the City of 10,000 Beasts learned that the dead blood disease was wreaking havoc on the beast continent, they immediately closed all the entrances and exits to the city.

They strictly checked the entrances and exits.

They could not let the dead blood disease break into the city.

At the same time, the main citys temple also ordered the three temples in the medium-sized beast cities to control the spread of the dead blood disease as soon as possible!

The three temples each sent out a large number of oracles to leave the cities and head to the various tribes to help the beasts resist the corrosion of the dead blood disease.

At the same time, they taught these uncivilized beasts the will of God and made them believers of God.

As the largest tribe in this forest, the Rock Wolf Tribe naturally had to accept theassistance from the temple.

A team made up of oracles was on their way to the rock mountain…

At the same time, in the territory of the demons, a grand mysterious ceremony was being held.

The huge jellyfish floated above the lake, its countless thin and long tentacles dancing in all directions.

99 beasts knelt around the lake.

Some of these beasts were slaves, while some were captured prisoners of war.

They were all naked and kneeling on the ground.

In order to prevent any accidents, their tongues had been cut off in advance.

The same went for the tendons in their arms and legs.

Now, they were like fish on a chopping board, waiting to be slaughtered.

Behind them stood a dense army of demons.

They all looked at the huge translucent jellyfish with madness in their eyes.

Five beasts stood closest to the jellyfish.

One of the beasts was Han Ying.

The other four beasts were also distinctive.

They represented the highest level of power in the demon race.

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The oldest male beast among them was bald and had a long snow-white beard.

His gray-white eyes were half-closed as he muttered to the jellyfish.

No one could hear what he was chanting.

There was dead silence all around.

After the old male beast stopped muttering, a young male beast asked, “Wizard Tao Wei, how is it”

The white-bearded male beast named Tao Wei said slowly, “Father has heard our call.”

Hearing this, the others looked happy.

Only Han Ying was expressionless, and his eyes were cold.

Tao Wei said, “Well make an offering to Father.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the 99 beasts kneeling on the ground were all beheaded!

Scarlet sticky blood flowed to the ground.

99 heads were thrown into the lake, and the dark purple water was immediately dyed scarlet.

The big jellyfishs tentacles drooped down and reached into the lake to absorb the blood in the lake.

The scarlet color spread along the tentacles to the jellyfish.

When the blood in the lake was washed away, the jellyfish was still not satisfied.

It dug its tentacles into the corpses of the 99 beasts that had just been killed and absorbed their flesh and blood.

The gurgling sound lingered.

A lonely island floated in the Sea of Illusions.

The island was covered in green bamboo, potatoes, and peanuts.

A thin and slender young man walked out of the bamboo forest.

He had short, curly gray-white hair, and his amber eyes glowed in the night.

His skin was pale, and his lips were sickly red.

It had been a long time since Xue Ling burned his body with fire.

In any case, he would never be able to feel the change of time in this Sea of Illusions.

Xing Chen had already recovered his physical body, but his body was still a little uncoordinated.

His walking posture was quite awkward.

He was holding a stone slab in his arms.

The slab was engraved with a portrait of Huanhuan.

He walked around the vegetable field and came to a hill made of slabs.

He carefully took the slab out of his arms and touched it reluctantly before putting it on the “hill”.

There were a large number of stone slabs piled up.

Each stone slab had the image of the same person.

He had drawn all these.

He didnt know hunger and fatigue.

He didnt need to eat or rest.

Other than taking care of the bamboo forest and vegetable fields, he kept drawing.

Huanhuan said he could keep the portrait longer by engraving it on the stone slab.

Hence, each time he drew, he engraved the image on the stone slab.

That way, he could always remember her and never forget.

The originally dark night sky was dyed scarlet.

The bright stars became even more dazzling, and the entire Sea of Illusions was as bright as day.

Xing Chen seemed to sense something.

He looked up at the changing sky.

Someone was calling him.

This was not the first time Xing Chen had been summoned.

Someone had used a similar method to summon him before, but it had never succeeded.

It was not because the summoning was wrong but because Xing Chen didnt want to respond.

To him, the outside world was no different from the Sea of Illusions.

So what if he went outside

Xing Chen couldnt find a reason to leave.

But this time, he finally had a reason—

He wanted to go out and look for Huanhuan.

He wanted to find her and bring her back to the Sea of Illusions.

They would never be apart.

The jellyfish had absorbed enough blood, and its translucent body had turned a blinding bright red.

A black humanoid shadow appeared on the jellyfishs body.

It seemed that someone was standing inside the jellyfish and looking at the world outside.

Tao Weis expression changed drastically.

He knelt on the ground and shouted in a trembling voice, “Welcome, Father!”

Immediately after, all the beasts knelt down.

They knelt on the ground.

All the beasts lowered their heads, not daring to look at their Gods face.

A pale, slender hand emerged from the jellyfish.

Then, his arms, shoulders, chest, and head…

When Xing Chen walked out of the jellyfishs body, everyone present felt a cold aura spread out.

It made them almost unable to breathe.

None of the beasts dared to look up.

They sensed danger, and their muscles were tense.

They did not dare to relax.

As if it had found its master, the big jellyfish became obedient.

It extended its tentacles to Xing Chen and rubbed against the corner of his shirt affectionately and carefully.

At this moment, Xing Chen was no longer a thin youth but a slender adult male beast.

His slightly curly grayish-white short hair looked a little messy.

His amber eyes looked clear, but they emitted a faint chill.

Coupled with his overly pale face and almost sickly red lips, he looked extremely feminine.


He flew through the air using his wings that were as thin as cicada wings.

The clothes that were originally too big for the young man were now too small for him.

He simply took off his clothes and wrapped them around his waist, revealing his well-defined chest and long legs.

He casually touched the jellyfishs tentacles.

The big jellyfish was flattered and so happy that his tentacles were almost knotted.

Xing Chen asked, “Su Feng, where did the little female you ate last time go”

The jellyfish wiggled its tentacles and pointed at the exit of the demon territory.

“Shes already gone…”

Xing Chen glanced at the kneeling beasts.

“Did you summon me”

Tao Wei pressed his forehead to the ground and said in a trembling voice, “Yes.”

“Then do you know that it costs a lot to summon a demon”



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