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Shuang Yun was gone for a full three days.

Lin Huanhuan was restless every day.

Whenever she was free, she would run to the caves entrance and wait for them to return.

Lang Zhu had tried to persuade her several times but would fail each time.

In the end, he had no choice but to wait with her at the caves entrance.

Lin Huanhuan slowly curled up under the animal hide, her eyes staring blankly at the vast snow in front of her.

‘Theyll be back, wont they

Lang Zhus heart ached at the sight of her frozen face.

“Theyll be back for sure, because youre still at home waiting for them.

They cant bear to leave you behind.”

When Lin Huanhuan heard this, she felt a lump in her throat and wanted to cry.

“Its all my fault.

If I hadnt given them wine, Bai Di wouldnt have lost control of his emotions and his and Shuang Yuns lives wouldnt be at risk.

Its all my fault!”

Lang Zhu patted her shoulder and comforted her.

“Dont blame yourself too much.

You didnt do anything wrong.

They left the rock mountain knowing its dangerous because they want to protect you.”

“Im not worthy of their kindness!” Lin Huanhuan finally couldnt help but cover her face and cry.

“Shuang Yun is right.

Im stupid and useless.

I cant do anything.

They shouldnt be risking their lives for me!”

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It was so cold that when her tears came streaming down, they were quickly frozen.

Her face quickly frosted over.

Lang Zhu hurriedly pulled her into the cave and helped her remove the ice on her face.

He said helplessly, “Shuang Yun is just bad with his words, but his heart is not bad.

Dont take those words he said in the past to heart.”

Lin Huanhuan sobbed softly.

“He was telling the truth.

I dont blame him.”

“What truth He doesnt mean what he says.

He says he hates you, but he really wants to be your mate.”

Lin Huanhuan was very surprised.

“Thats impossible, right How could he want to be my mate Doesnt he hate females”

“Theres actually a reason why Shuang Yun hates females.

Since I have nothing to do now, Ill tell you the story.”

Lang Zhu stroked his big white beard and said slowly, “When Shuang Yun was very young, his father was killed by his mate.”

Lin Huanhuan was stunned.

“Isnt his fathers mate his mother”

“Thats right.

Shuang Yuns mother was once the best-looking female in the wolf race and there were a lot of male suitors surrounding her.

Shuang Yuns father was very good to her.

Knowing that she liked to eat Fire Dragon Birds eggs, he took the risk to find eggs for her.

Unfortunately, he was bitten by an adult Fire Dragon Bird.

Later, that female despised Shuang Yuns father for being too useless and abandoned him mercilessly.

Shuang Yuns father was so traumatized that he didnt survive it and died.”

Lin Huanhuan was puzzled.

“Even if he was abandoned by a female, Shuang Yuns father wouldnt have given up hope of surviving because of this, right Didnt he still have Shuang Yun He had to hold on for his son!”

Lang Zhu looked at her strangely.

“Dont you know Every male beast can only have one female mate in his lifetime.

If hes abandoned by the female, the male will suffer the backlash of the mate contract.

That extreme pain is unimaginable to ordinary people.”

Lin Huanhuan was not a native of this world and did not know much about this world.

She had originally thought that mating was similar to marriage.

The two beasts would be together for the rest of their lives.

If they didnt want to be together anymore, they would split up.

Anyway, divorce was no longer a rarity in modern society.

But divorce did not seem to exist in this world.

If a male beast was abandoned, it would be no different from dying.

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The consequences were too high.

Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but feel sad.

“Male beasts are too pitiful.”

Lang Zhu sighed.

“Theres no helping it.

There are too few females.”

He paused and reminded her seriously.

“If you mate in the future, dont abandon the male beasts.”

Lin Huanhuan nodded.

“I definitely wont.”

Lang Zhu continued.

“Like his father, Shuang Yun is a Silvery Frost White Wolf.

You must have seen Shuang Yun in his true form, right Isnt he beautiful”

Lin Huanhuan nodded slowly.

“Yes, hes very beautiful!”

“After Shuang Yuns father died, his corpse turned back into a Silvery Frost White Wolf.

The female who abandoned him took a fancy to his fur and wanted someone to peel it off him.

It made Shuang Yun go crazy with anger.

Shuang Yun guarded his fathers corpse and if anyone dared approach, he would bite them.

This continued until the corpse started stinking.

Only then did that female have no choice but to give up on getting her hands on the Silvery Frost White Wolfs fur.”

At this point, Lang Zhu couldnt help but let out a long sigh.

“He was still a child at the time, but he had to watch his fathers body rot in front of him bit by bit.

His temperament suffered a huge blow, which was why he became especially hateful of females.”

Shuang Yuns father had tried his best to take care of his female, but he was ultimately abandoned.

He could not even live in peace after his death and was almost skinned by the female.

The cruelty and ruthlessness of females were branded into Shuang Yuns heart, making him abhor all females.

Lin Huanhuan sympathized with Shuang Yun.

Anyone who encountered such a thing would go crazy.

She told herself silently that she had to be polite to him when she saw him in the future.

She had to stop bickering with him.

Thinking of this, Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but look out of the cave again.

Why werent Shuang Yun and Bai Di back yet

At that moment, Mu Xiang ran over in a panic.

“Huanhuan, this is bad.

Someone is stealing from your house!”

What! Lin Huanhuans expression changed, and she immediately ran back.

Lang Zhu said to Mu Xiang, “Go and get all the males in your family, as well as the other young males in the tribe.

Get as many as you can.

Send them to Huanhuans house to help!”

She answered, “Ok!”

Then, she hurried off to call for help.

Lang Zhu was about to chase after Lin Huanhuan when he suddenly realized that the rope hanging from the rock wall had moved.

His eyes lit up, and he immediately rushed out of the cave to look down.

Indeed, he saw two figures slowly climbing up!

They were finally back!

When Lin Huanhuan reached the house, she was just in time to see a few males moving things out.

The furniture she had made had been removed, and the tanned hide was piled on the ground.

Furious, she rushed forward and grabbed one of the males.

“What are you doing This is my home.

Put it down!”

The male blushed when he saw that she was a female, and a beautiful one at that.

“We came to borrow something from you.”

“What do you mean Did you ask for my permission Youre stealing without asking! Youre stealing!”

“I asked them to borrow something,” Li Wei said as she walked over with her big breasts sticking out.

“Since your males are gone and youre not going to finish all this alone, you might as well share some with us.”

When Lin Huanhuan saw that it was her, she immediately frowned and said angrily, “If you want food, go hunting yourself.

Dont even think about taking a single piece of meat from my house!”


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