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Bai Di carefully cleaned Huanhuans body.

His movements were too gentle.

Huanhuan couldnt resist the temptation of sleep.

In the end, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

After the shower, Bai Di picked her up and dried her off.

He put her to bed and helped her get dressed.

The next morning, Huanhuan woke up in Bai Dis arms.

She looked up and smiled sweetly at him.

“Good morning!”

Bai Di lowered his head and kissed her lips.

His gaze was gentle.

“Did you sleep well last night”

Huanhuan nodded.

“Extremely well!”

“Good,” Bai Di said as he sat up and got dressed.

“Its early.

Why dont you sleep some more Ill make you breakfast.

What do you want for breakfast”

Huanhuan couldnt help but poke his waist.

“I want to eat buns.”

She hadnt eaten Bai Dis buns in a long time.

She really missed them.

Bai Di took her mischievous hand and kissed the back of it.

“Okay, well have buns this morning.”

Huanhuan noticed the clothes she was wearing.

It was a very simple white sleeveless dress.

The material was soft and smooth, and the stitches were very fine.

She was surprised.

“Is this a dress made of shark silk”

Bai Di said, “Some time ago, Mayne brought some shark silk from Sun City.

Later, they encountered an accident on the way and he ended up giving some shark silk to Sang Ye.

Sang Ye made this dress himself.”

It was quite a coincidence.

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A month ago, Mayne and the guys left Sun City with a shipment.

On their way to the rock mountain, they encountered a group of particularly ferocious red ants.

Just as Mayne and his guys were about to be defeated, Sang Ye happened to pass by.

Sang Ye was usually cold and unsociable.

He did not have much contact with the smooth-talking Mayne.

However, since they were acquaintances, Sang Ye took the initiative to help chase away the red ants.

As a gesture of gratitude, Mayne allowed Sang Ye to choose any of the goods they had.

Sang Ye originally refused, but when he saw the shark silk among the goods, he changed his mind.

There was only a little shark silk.

It could only be made into a top for a regular adult beast.

Fortunately, Huanhuan was very petite.

This bit of material was just right for her.

Hence, Sang Ye asked for those shark silk.

Although it hurt, Mayne reluctantly gave him the shark silk.

Even such a small ball of shark silk was very expensive!

Winter had just passed, and the weather was still a little cold.

This dress was suitable for sleeping, but it was too thin to wear alone.

Huanhuan wrapped a furry white shawl around herself, put on her deer hide boots, and ran to Sang Yes room.

There was no one in the room.

She ran downstairs again and realized that there was only Bai Di, Ni Ya, and the four wolf cubs at home.

Shuang Yun and Sang Ye were not there.

Bai Di brought the steamed buns to her.

There was steaming peanut soup beside them.

Huanhuan took a bite of the bun and soup.

She felt especially happy!

The wolf cubs also came over.

Their green eyes stared at the meat buns in her hand.

They were so hungry that their mouths were about to water.

Huanhuan found them extremely adorable.

She waved the buns in front of the children and tempted them.

“Do you want to eat this”

The wolf cubs eyes followed the bun as they nodded in unison.

Huanhuan smiled and said, “If you want to eat this, call me Mom~”

The wolf cubs howled in unison!

“No, youre supposed to call meMom!”

“Howl! Howl!”

Huanhuan had been busy raising them, but she still couldnt teach the four wolf cubs to call herMom.

Helpless, she could only hand them the buns.

“Eat, eat, you foodies.”

Bai Di knew that the wolf cubs liked to eat buns, so he had deliberately made more.

At this moment, Huanhuan fed all of them to the children.

The wolf cubs hugged the hot meat buns and ate them happily.

Ni Ya wasnt interested in buns.

He preferred fresh, crisp bamboo shoots.

After eating and drinking his fill, Big Goody picked up the bamboo ball and hung it around her neck.

She swaggered out with her lackeys and prepared to play soccer on the field.

At the same time, she would teach her new lackeys a lesson.

Huanhuan reminded her, “Dont stay out too late.

Remember to come back for dinner.”

Big Goody wagged her tail.

“Got it, Mom!”

Huanhuan nodded and was about to turn around when she suddenly stopped.

She stared at Big Goody in surprise.

“W-What did you just call me”

“Of course, I called you Mom~”

Huanhuan was in disbelief.

“You can speak”

Big Goody stuck out her chest.

“Of course!”

The three brothers behind her also puffed out their chests and called out in unison, “Mom!”

Huanhuan was so shocked that she stuttered.

“W-When did you learn to speak Why didnt I know about this”

Big Goody said, “We learned to talk a long time ago.”

“Then why did you keep howling just now!”

Big Goody said, “Because we wanted to surprise you, Mom.”

Her three brothers wagged their tails in agreement.

“Yes, yes! We have to surprise Mom!”

Huanhuan was indeed quite surprised.

The wolf cubs then went out to play.

On the way to the field, Big Goody asked with a smile, “Do you think its fun to see Mom helpless”

Her brothers nodded in agreement.

“Yes, yes.

Mom is always in a daze.”

“No wonder our fathers always like to tease Mom.

Its really fun.”

The wolf cubs wagged their big tails vigorously.

If Huanhuan saw their furry appearance, she would definitely find them cute.

Huanhuan had no idea that she was being teased by her children.

She was still immersed in the joy of her children knowing how to speak, especially since they had just called herMom.

This joy would last her all day.

Bai Di was meticulous and could naturally tell that the four little fellows were deliberately teasing Huanhuan.

He looked at Huanhuans happy face and decided not to tell her the truth.

He would let her continue to be happy.

In the afternoon, Xue Ling suddenly rushed into the house, picked Huanhuan up, and flew out.

Huanhuan shouted in fear, “What are you doing Put me down!”

Xue Ling said, “Dont move.

I need to talk to you.”

Bai Di came out of the kitchen when he heard the commotion.

“Where are you taking Huanhuan” he asked.

“To the birds.”

“Are you coming back for dinner tonight”


Before he could finish his sentence, Xue Ling had already flown away with Huanhuan in his arms.

Bai Di decided to make chicken stew tonight.

He turned to Ni Ya and said, “Peel some bamboo shoots for me.

Ill make chicken stew tonight.”

Ni Ya didnt like to move.

He just ate and slept every day.

Occasionally, he climbed the stairs and scratched his back on the stones.

It had only been half a year since he arrived at the rock mountain, but he had already gained a lot of weight.

He was as round as a big ball of fur.

He peeled and ate the bamboo shoots at the same time.

In the end, he ate more bamboo shoots than he peeled.

Bai Di picked up the peeled bamboo shoots and stroked his big head.

“You should lose some weight, or no female will like you.”

Ni Ya hugged the bamboo and turned to face him with his round buttocks.

To him, food was more important than a wife!

As for the future…


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