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On the way home, Xue Ling and Huanhuan passed by several large and small beast tribes.

The first two tribes they encountered had died of blood disease, and none of them survived.

Xue Ling burned them all.

The few tribes at the back were fine.

There was no sign of dead blood disease for the time being, but Xue Ling and Huanhuan still found the leaders of those tribes and told them the news of the dead blood disease.

Among these leaders, only the leader of the yak beasts believed Xue Ling and Huanhuans words.

He immediately gathered the tribesmen of the yak tribe.

They were not allowed to go out alone again.

At the same time, unfamiliar beasts were forbidden to step into the tribe.

As for the leaders of the other tribes, they did not take Xue Ling and Huanhuans words to heart at all.

On account of Xue Lings strength, they were all respectful.

However, when Xue Ling and Huanhuan left, they looked disdainful.

“The dead blood disease is a disease that can only be spread by the demon race, but demons were chased out of the beast continent many years ago.

How can there still be dead blood disease now Those two must be deliberately using fake news to scare us!”

They ignored Xue Ling and Huanhuans warning and continued to live carefreely.

When the dead blood disease broke out in the tribe, they regretted it.

Of course, all of this took place in the future.

Huanhuan and Xue Ling flew for more than four days before finally reaching the rock mountain on the fifth night.

It was late at night, and the beasts were asleep.

The entire rock mountain was quiet.

Huanhuans body was already weak.

Coupled with the hard journey over the past few days, her legs went weak as soon as she landed.

She almost fell to the ground.

Xue Ling held her.

“Ill walk you up.”

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“No, I can go up myself.”

Huanhuan pushed his hand away expressionlessly and prepared to climb up herself.

A black python poked his head out of the creeper vines.

As soon as he saw Huanhuan, he leaned over and licked her face.

“Huanhuan, youre finally back.”

Huanhuan was very surprised.

“Sang Ye, why are you here”

“Bai Di said you would reach the rock mountain in the next two days, so I came to pick you up.”

As he could not be sure when they would arrive home, Sang Ye had been at the foot of the mountain almost every night for the past two days.

As soon as he heard anyone approaching, he would immediately look in the direction of the sound.

He was disappointed many times before he finally saw Huanhuan.

The python transformed into human form.

Sang Ye put on his clothes.

His black hair was like ink, and he almost became one with the night around him.

He picked Huanhuan up and strode into the fortress.

Xue Ling followed behind.

He looked at Huanhuan, who was completely dependent on Sang Ye, and felt a little upset.

Huanhuan was always gentle when facing Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye, but as long as she was with him, she would immediately become aggressive.

The difference in treatment was too obvious.

Bai Di and Shuang Yun were already asleep, but they werent in a deep sleep.

As soon as they heard the door open, they woke up and quickly opened it to go downstairs.

Huanhuan saw them and felt a lump in her throat.

She felt the urge to cry.

She was finally home!

In Bai Di and Shuang Yuns eyes, Huanhuan had not only lost a lot of weight but her face was pale.

She looked like she was about to faint at any moment.

Bai Di strode over and took her from Sang Yes arms.

He realized that she was indeed much lighter than before.

His heart ached.

“Why are you so thin You must have suffered a lot on the way here.”

Huanhuan hugged his neck and nuzzled his cheek.

“I missed you guys so much.”

Bai Di hugged her tighter.

“We missed you too.”

Shuang Yun took her hand and asked, “Why are your hands so cold”

She had been bleeding non-stop for five days.

Coupled with the fact that she was out in the sea before, it was no surprise her hands were cold.

Huanhuan said softly, “Maybe the weather is a little cold.”

A ball of flames rose from Xue Lings palm.

He sent the flames to Huanhuans side, and the air around her instantly warmed.

He asked, “Do you feel warmer like this”

Huanhuan still remembered that this guy had lied to her before.

She snorted and turned her head away from him.

Xue Ling was not angry.

He was still smiling, and his blood-red eyes were indulgent.

At this moment, Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye focused their gazes on Xue Lings ring finger.

The small contractual ring glowed in the firelight.

Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Yes expressions immediately became subtle.

Bai Di glanced at Xue Ling with a faint smile.

“Youre fast.”

Xue Ling said calmly, “Its alright.

Compared to the three of you, Im very slow.”

Shuang Yun patted his shoulder.

“From now on, were family.”

Previously, he had promised Xue Ling that as long as Xue Ling could bring Huanhuan back safely, he would help persuade her to accept Xue Ling.

Now that Xue Ling had already worn the contractual ring, it meant that Huanhuan had agreed to accept Xue Ling.

Shuang Yun naturally had no objections.

Sang Ye had no objections either.

After all, Xue Ling had taken the initiative to stay in the territory of the demon race to help cover their retreat.

He took the risk to protect the others and left.

Later on, he went deep into the territory of the demon race to save Huanhuan.

Xue Ling had done so much.

Even someone as cold as Sang Ye had to admit that he was a very reliable family member.

It was reasonable for Huanhuan to accept Xue Ling.

In the end, Huanhuan was dumbfounded.

“What are you talking about I dont understand.”

Bai Di said gently, “You must be tired after traveling for so many days.

Let me take you back to your room to rest.”

Huanhuan rubbed her tired eyes.

“But I want to take a shower first.”

She had been throwing a tantrum at Xue Ling throughout their journey back.

Besides, since she was on her period, she could only casually wipe her face and hands every day.

She had not taken a shower.

Now, she was desperate for a hot shower.

Bai Di replied, “Okay.”

Shuang Yun immediately went to the kitchen to boil water.

Although he was not good at cooking, he had no problems boiling water.

Xue Ling followed her into the kitchen.

“Ill help you boil the fire.”

While he was boiling water, Shuang Yun asked Xue Ling about their journey.

Xue Ling controlled the fire and chatted with him.

Sang Ye went to get clean clothes.

He had recently learned how to make clothes from Bai Di and tried to make a set of clothes for Huanhuan with shark silk.

When the hot water was ready, Bai Di picked Huanhuan up and placed her in the bathtub filled with hot water.

Usually, Huanhuan would definitely ask Bai Di to go out.

She didnt want a male beast staring at her while she was showering, even if he was her mate.

But she was too tired tonight.

Her body was submerged in the hot water, and she was lazy.

Her eyelids drooped involuntarily.

She fell into a half-asleep state, completely forgetting that there was someone beside her.


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