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The skullcap was infected by Huanhuans emotions.

It lowered its petals and rubbed the back of Xue Lings hand.

It called out sadly, “Father~”

Xue Ling touched the small bud and said softly, “When I leave, you have to take good care of your mother in my place.”

Huanhuan looked at him with tears in her eyes, her small hands gripping his sleeve tightly.

Xue Ling asked helplessly, “Before I leave, can you promise me something”

Huanhuan nodded vigorously.

“Tell me.

Ill agree to anything.”

“I dont want to die alone.

Can I be your mate”

Huanhuan replied with tears in her eyes, “Okay!”

Xue Ling looked at her deeply.

“Really Dont you think I look too ugly now Youll definitely regret it in the future, wont you”

“No!” Huanhuan gripped his sleeve tighter, her eyes filled with tears.

“Ill never regret it!”

Xue Ling laughed softly.

He held out a necklace with a thumb-sized red feather at the end.

The feather was extremely red and even revealed a dazzling golden color.

“If we male beasts find a female we like, well give her the most beautiful feather we have.” Xue Ling shakily placed the feather necklace in her hand.

“Dont throw it away again, okay”

This was the third time Huanhuan had received a feather from Xue Ling.

The first two times, she had rejected him with extreme disdain.

She had no idea that in the feather tribe, the male beasts courted females by giving them their feathers.

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Huanhuan looked down at the red feather in her hand and couldnt help but cry.

“Im sorry.

I thought you liked someone else and you were just joking…”

“Its okay.” Xue Lings smile was extremely pale.

“I deliberately pretended to be joking so that you would misunderstand my intentions.

Its not your fault.

You dont have to blame yourself for this.”

With that, he frowned as if he was fighting back the sharp pain in his body.

Huanhuan quickly held his shoulder.

“Does it hurt Ill make you some medicine.

Wait a moment…”

“Dont go.” Xue Ling took her hand.

“I want to stay with you.”

“But youre—”

“I might die soon.

Until then, I just want to be with you.

Dont leave me, okay”

The usually domineering Xue Ling was actually pleading at this moment.

Huanhuans heart ached as she hurriedly nodded and agreed.

“Alright, Ill stay here with you.

Im not going anywhere!”

Xue Ling smiled happily.

“As long as youre by my side, I can die without regrets.”

Huanhuan felt terrible.

“Dont say such things…”

“Alright, Ill stop.” Xue Ling changed the topic.

“According to the customs of our feather tribe, after a female accepts a feather from a male beast, it means she has agreed to become mates with him.

At the same time, she has to give a gift back to the male beast.

Whats the gift youll give me”

His eyes were filled with anticipation, like an innocent child looking forward to a gift from Santa.

Huanhuan froze.

Where could she find a gift in such a short time

Out of habit, she touched the ring on her ring finger.

Suddenly, she remembered that she still had a contractual ring that was without an owner.

An idea came to her and she quickly took out the contractual ring.

“Didnt you always want this ring Ill give it to you as a gift now.”

Xue Ling raised his right hand with difficulty.

“Can you help me put it on”

Huanhuan held his ring finger with one hand and carefully put on the contractual ring with the other.

The ring was automatically adjusted to the most suitable size and was firmly lodged around his ring finger.

His well-defined fingers looked even more slender and beautiful.

Xue Ling smiled.

“Its beautiful.

I like it.”

He looked at Huanhuan and asked tentatively, “I wont be able to take this ring off after wearing it.

You wont regret it in the future, right”

Huanhuan didnt understand why he kept asking this question as if he was worried that she would regret it.

She said clearly again, “Ill never regret it.”

“Do you love me, then”

Huanhuan looked at him blankly, not knowing how to answer the question.

“Why arent you talking” Xue Lings gaze was bitter.

“Are you refusing to answer because you dont like me”

“Its not that I dont like—”

Xue Lings eyes lit up.

“So you like me”

“I dont know,” Huanhuan said, scratching her head in distress.

“Ive never thought about it.

I dont know how to answer you.”

She had never thought of becoming mates with Xue Ling, so she naturally did not think about their relationship in that direction.

Even if she had felt her heart race once or twice, it was only for a short moment.

After that, she returned to normal.

Therefore, she really could not answer Xue Lings question.

In terms of liking, her emotions for him seemed to be lacking a little.

But she couldnt say she didnt like him at all.

After all, she had really been tempted on a few occasions.

She couldnt lie to herself about this.

Xue Ling lowered his eyes in disappointment.

She saw that Xue Lings face was getting paler and paler as if he was about to faint at any moment.

She became even more nervous and uneasy.

No matter how she felt about Xue Ling, she could not accept his death.

Huanhuan risked being discovered by Xue Ling and called the system in a low voice.

“Little Brat, is there any way to cure the snake poison”

System 438 said, “Your blood can cure a hundred poisons, including snake venom.”

“But I just gave Xue Ling my blood.

It was completely useless.

He still looks like hes in pain.”

The system was calm.

“Oh, hes lying to you.”


“What!” Huanhuan was in disbelief.

“Thats impossible!”


Who would lie about such things for no reason!

The system said, “Silly girl, if you dont believe me, you can test him.”

Huanhuans bewildered gaze wandered over Xue Ling as if she was hesitating about what to do.

Xue Ling sensed her change in mood and asked, “Whos Little Brat Who are you talking to”

Huanhuan didnt know how to explain.

Suddenly, she had an idea.

She covered her head and said in pain, “A strange voice just entered my mind.

It said it can help you detoxify the poison in your body.

I dont believe it and want to get it out of my mind, but my head is starting to hurt! It feels like its going to explode! I feel terrible.

Am I going to die”

Xue Ling quickly held her shoulders.

“Calm down.

Dont be afraid.

Im here.

I definitely wont let anything happen to you!”

“My head hurts!” Huanhuan pushed his hand away and stepped back.

She slipped and fell down the tree.

Xue Ling immediately spread his wings and flew down.

He hugged her with both hands and landed steadily on the ground.

He was anxious.

“Bear with it.

Ill take you to a nearby tribe to find a witch doctor!”

Huanhuan struggled out of his arms and took two steps back to pull away from him.

She looked at him coldly.

“Arent you dying of snake venom Why can you suddenly fly and jump like normal!”

Xue Ling: “…”



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