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Huanhuan took out her bow and tied a mutated creeper seed to the tip of the bamboo arrow.

She scanned the battlefield and immediately found Han Yings location.

Capture the leader first!

Huanhuan drew her bamboo bow and aimed at Han Ying.

However, because her injuries had yet to heal, she could not use her arm to pull the bow to its maximum.

The skullcap extended a vine, wrapped it around her arm, and helped her pull back.

It was very strong.

The bamboo bow was immediately pulled to the limit, making a faint creaking sound.

Huanhuan glanced at it.

“Thank you.”

The petals of the flower turned a little red as if it was a little shy.

Huanhuan half-squatted in the tree house.

The window was only open by a crack, and the arrowhead quietly extended out of the window.

She chanted in her mind…

‘Three, two, one!


Her index finger released the bowstring, and the bamboo arrow shot out!

Han Ying was extremely sharp.

He immediately sensed danger approaching and instinctively took a few steps back.

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The bamboo arrow landed where he was previously standing.

The arrowhead stabbed deep into the grass, and the feather on the back trembled.

Han Ying immediately looked in the direction of the arrow and saw Huanhuan hiding in the bamboo house.

He flicked out his scarlet snake tongue.

The wound had healed.

“What a fearless little female!”

Han Ying planned to personally capture the little female who dared to attack him.

Just as he moved, the bamboo arrow in front of him suddenly swayed.

A huge mutated creeper broke out of the ground! More than 10 dark green vines as thick as arms danced crazily!

The vine closest to Han Ying immediately swept him up!

Han Yings reaction was very fast.

He immediately cut the vine with a wind blade and broke free.

However, the other demon beasts around them did not react so quickly.

They were swept up by the vines and thrown into the sky.

Then, they fell heavily to the ground and turned into puddles of mud.

Huanhuan, who was hiding behind the window, widened her eyes in shock.

“When did my creeper become so ferocious!”

The system said, “This is the power brought about by the awakening of the Divine Wood seed.

It can trigger the vitality of mutated plants and increase their attack power.

When the vitality of the mutated plants is exhausted, theyll turn to ashes.”

Huanhuan couldnt help but be stunned.

Such a powerful attack was actually at the cost of the plants life.

Even though it was only a plant, she still felt guilty.

She wanted to take out a few more seeds of the mutated plants, but she hesitated.

The system said, “Theres no benefit in this world without a price.”

The demons had powerful self-healing abilities and combat strength.

The price was that once they entered combat mode, they would easily lose control and become murderous lunatics who could even kill their own people.

The temple had a healing spell that could heal any injury at the cost of the lives of other living creatures.

Even the evolution of a soul beast required one to endure the immense pain of the soul beast awakening.

Once they failed, they might die!

The systems tone was abnormally calm.

“You dont have to think too much about it.

You just have to choose whats most beneficial to you.

Anyway, there are still many seeds of those mutated plants.

Even if you use them up, you can continue to exchange crystals for them.

You dont have to worry about running out of them.”

Huanhuan suddenly remembered what Mr.

Chang Gu had told her.

“If you manage to condense the heart of nature in the future, I hope you can still be kind.”

Perhaps Mr.

Chang Gu had known that she would face this choice.

Huanhuan tightened her grip on the bamboo bow in her hand.

“Im just a little afraid.

If I get used to fighting by sacrificing other lives in the future, then whats the difference between me and the bastards in the temple who absorb other peoples vitality and use healing spells”

The system said, “Plants are different from people…”

“Whats different Arent they all alive”

The system stopped talking.

After the mutated creeper vine finished off more than 30 demon beasts in a row, it finally burned its last trace of life force and exploded with a bang.

It turned into a fine dark green mist!

Huanhuan trembled in fear.

Xue Ling took the opportunity to shake off the demons and beasts.

He turned around, opened the window, and carried Huanhuan out of the treehouse.

Although he wanted to fight this group of demon beasts to his hearts content, protecting Huanhuan was more important.

Han Ying was already very puzzled about Huanhuans resurrection.

Coupled with the slender wooden stick she had just shot out, which was a weapon he had never seen before, and the huge plant that grew out of thin air and suddenly self-destructed… All of this must have something to do with Huanhuan!

This little female was not simple.

If he could capture her, he might be able to obtain many magical treasures from her.

Thinking of this, Han Ying immediately chased after them.

A powerful airflow condensed into a wind blade that slashed at Xue Lings back!

Xue Ling flapped his huge wings and swept away the invisible wind blades.

His red feathers were cut and came scattering down.

He slowed down, and Han Ying took the opportunity to catch up.

His snake body suddenly jumped up as he opened his bloody mouth.

He bit Xue Lings calf!

Xue Ling waved his hand and threw a fireball at the king cobras head!

The cobra let go of his mouth and fell to the ground.

Xue Ling sped up and flew away with Huanhuan.

They flew for a long time until it was almost dark.

Xue Ling found a big tree and stopped.

He lowered Huanhuan to the branch.

“Rest here.

Ill find some water nearby.”

Huanhuan took his hand.

“I have water here.”

Then, under the light of the setting sun, she realized that Xue Lings face was especially pale.

Her heart skipped a beat when she remembered how Han Ying had bitten him just now.

That was a king cobra.

His teeth must be poisonous!

Huanhuan quickly lifted Xue Lings clothes and saw that the wound on his calf had turned purple-black.

Black blood kept flowing out, and many thin purple-black patterns spread throughout his body with the wound as the center.

She skillfully cut her palm with the bone knife.

“Quick, drink my blood.

The poison in your body will be cured!”

Xue Ling only took a sip and stopped drinking.

Huanhuan quickly bandaged the wound on her palm.

She realized that after Xue Ling drank the blood, the black lines on his calf gradually faded, but he still looked pale and weak.

There was no sign of him getting better.

He said softly, “Im afraid Im going to die.”

Huanhuan was so anxious that her eyes turned red.

“No! You wont die!”

She wanted to bleed some more, but Xue Ling stopped her.

He said, “Im dying anyway.

Stop wasting blood.

Its not worth it.”

“I forbid you to say that! Ill definitely cure you!”

Xue Ling reached out his fingers and wiped the tears from her eyes.

He smiled very weakly.

“I can die without regrets now since Ive seen you cry for me.”


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