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Fortunately, Huanhuan had the habit of hoarding sanitary pads.

She quietly ran to the beach and washed the blood off her hands.

Then, she took a pack of sanitary pads from her space and padded them into her underwear.

Only then did she feel safe again.

Huanhuan returned to the fire and found that Xing Chen had woken up.

His amber eyes widened as he looked at her blankly.

“Where were you”

“I just went to the beach to take care of my biological needs.”

“What biological needs”

Huanhuan coughed lightly.

“I drank too much water and my stomach was bloated.

I wanted to settle it.”

Xing Chen understood.

“Oh, you went to pee.”

Huanhuan was speechless.

Although Xing Chen was still a child, there was still a difference between men and women.

It was a little awkward for her to mention peeing in front of someone of the opposite sex who was not related by blood.

Because her stomach was uncomfortable, Huanhuan didnt want to lie down.

She planned to sit for a while before sleeping again.

Xing Chen suddenly asked, “Are you injured”


Xing Chen looked at her in confusion.

“But you smell of blood.”

The beasts nose was really sharp! Huanhuan touched her nose and said in embarrassment, “Maybe I accidentally cut my finger when I was digging potatoes during the day.”

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“Show me your fingers.”

Huanhuan quickly hid her hand behind her back.

“Its just a scratch.

Ive already applied medicine.

Itll heal soon.”

Xing Chen saw guilt in her eyes and knew she must be lying.

His expression darkened, but he didnt pursue the matter.

In order to change the topic, Huanhuan said, “Shall I tell you a joke”

Xing Chen looked at her expectantly.

“Two dumplings got married.

After sending the guests away, the groom returned to the bedroom and found a meatball lying on the bed! The groom was shocked and quickly asked where the bride was.

The meatball said shyly,Youre annoying.

How can you not recognize me once I took off my clothes!\'”

With that, Huanhuan slapped her thigh and laughed.

“Hahahaha, isnt it funny!”

Xing Chen was silent for a moment, then asked carefully, “Whats the relationship between Dumpling and Meatball Are they all peoples names”

Huanhuan: “…”

She had forgotten that this child had never seen dumplings and meatballs.

He couldnt get the joke.

She stopped smiling and coughed awkwardly.

“Meatballs and dumplings are both foods.

If the meatballs are wrapped in a layer of skin, theyre dumplings.

Alright, I know youre gonna ask whats the skin.

The skin is made of flour.

Its a thin layer.

Flour is also a food…”

She explained until her mouth went dry.

Xing Chens eyes were filled with admiration.

“You know a lot.”

Huanhuan chuckled.

“After we leave here, Ill take you to my house.

Ill make you dumplings.”

Xing Chen neither said yes nor no.

He thought about it.

“Let me tell you a story too.”

“Sure, sure!”

Xing Chens voice was soft, and his tone was slow.

It rippled gently with the night wind.

It contained bewitching power.

“A long time ago, a demon was sealed in a dark dungeon.

He made a wish that if a kind person was willing to let him out, he would give them countless treasures.

“10 years passed, but no one had come to let the demon out.

“The demon made another wish.

If a kind person was willing to let him out, he was willing to fulfill any wish.

“A hundred years passed, but still no one came to release the demon.

“The demon made another wish.

If a kind person was willing to let him out, he was willing to give everything for them.

“A thousand years passed, but no one came to release the demon.

“The demon stopped making wishes.

“Before long, someone finally undid the seal and released the demon.

“The demon was free.”


Huanhuan was engrossed and couldnt help but ask, “What happened then”

Xing Chen smiled.

“Take a guess.”

“Im sure the demon is grateful to that kind person and gave them a lot of rewards.

After all, they helped the demon regain his freedom.

That person is the demons benefactor.”

“Youre right.

That person is a good person and a benefactor of the demon.”

Xing Chens amber eyes glowed faintly in the night as he said this.

Huanhuan felt a little scared by his gaze and quickly said, “Its getting late.

Hurry up and sleep!”

However, Xing Chen said in embarrassment, “I want to pee.”

“Then go ahead.”

Xing Chen looked at her pitifully.

“Cant you come with me”

Huanhuans heart softened, and she could only agree.


Glad, Xing Chen took her hand and led her to the beach.

When Xing Chen found a place, Huanhuan consciously turned her back to him.

She didnt want to be the weird aunt who peeped at little boys peeing.

After hearing a stream of water, she heard Xing Chen say he was done.

Huanhuan turned around and saw that Xing Chen was already dressed.

He took Huanhuans hand.

“Lets go back.”


The two of them had only taken a few steps when they suddenly heard a loud bang!

Huanhuan stopped in shock and looked in the direction of the sound.

She saw a red light flash in the sky.

Then, there was another loud bang!

Was this thunder

But why was the lightning red

Huanhuan was very puzzled.

Then, something even more magical happened.

The bright galaxy hanging in the night sky seemed to be disturbed by a huge hand.

The galaxy twisted into a ball, and countless meteorites fell from the sky.

In an instant, flames and meteors flew everywhere.

The entire sea was shaken by the impact, and waves surged toward the island!

Huanhuans expression changed drastically, and she quickly ran forward with Xing Chen.

However, she still couldnt escape.

The waves swallowed the island, the fire was extinguished, and the bamboo, peanuts, and potatoes were all washed away.

Huanhuan and Xing Chen fell into the sea, and the cold and dark water surrounded them.

Huanhuan desperately grabbed a bamboo stick, but unfortunately, it was useless.

She still couldnt steady herself and could only be pushed around by the waves.

Xing Chen raised his pale face and said, “Let go of me.”

Huanhuan was still struggling.

“Why would I let go of you To let you die!”

“Ill be a burden to you.

Go alone.”

Huanhuan hugged him tighter.

“Little brat, dont talk nonsense.

Am I the kind of person who would leave others behind!”

Besides, in this situation, she definitely wouldnt be able to escape even if she abandoned the brat.

If she kept him by her side, at least she would have a companion to cheer her on.

She wouldnt fall into despair alone.

Xing Chen stared at her face, his amber eyes filled with starlight.

“Youre such a good person.”

Ever since Huanhuan got to know Xing Chen, this brat had called her a good person countless times.

She now felt that she was emitting the glory of a saint.

If she turned around and stomped her feet, perhaps she could directly ascend to heaven.


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