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Although it was a happy thing to be reunited with Huanhuan, Sang Ye felt very complicated when he saw his cute little wife turn into a malnourished tree.

He extended his snake tongue, rolled up the small tree, and placed it on his snake body.

“Why are you here And in this state too.”

Huanhuan reached out with the branch and hugged Sang Yes tongue, rubbing it affectionately.

The fatigue she felt from the past few days of hard work all disappeared at this moment.

Now that she had found him, it was worth it.

“I chased you here.

In order not to be discovered by your uncle, I ate a lotus seed and turned into a small tree.

Fortunately, I can still speak.

Otherwise, I wouldnt know how to catch your attention.”

Although he couldnt see her expression, he could tell from her brisk tone that Huanhuan was in a very good mood.

However, Sang Ye was not in a good mood.

He focused on the small tree in front of him and said in a serious tone, “Do you know its dangerous for you to do this What if you had encountered an accident on the way”

Huanhuan lowered her head and poked the branch at him.

Her voice was aggrieved.

“I was worried about you.

I was afraid you wouldnt be able to come back after you were taken away.”

At that time, she couldnt think too much.

She just wanted to catch up to Sang Ye and bring him home.

Sang Ye wanted to be angry, but in the face of the little females sincere worry, he couldnt get angry.

In the end, he turned into a warm pool of spring water.

He really couldnt do anything about this woman.

He couldnt scold or hit her.

He could only hold her in his palm and gently coax her.

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“Dont be so impulsive in the future, alright”

He actually said those warning words with a tired and gentle tone.

Huanhuan nodded obediently.


Seeing how obedient she was, Sang Ye couldnt help but want to kiss her.

However, the little female was a tree now, and a skinny dead tree at that.

He looked around for a long time but could not find a place to kiss.

In the end, he could only stick out his snake tongue and lick the trunk as consolation.

The unsatisfied snake asked, “How long will it take you to return to your human form”

Huanhuan counted her fingers, but she had no fingers now, so she could only count her branches.

She said, “I should be able to turn back into a person tomorrow.”

“Then well leave tomorrow.”

It was too dangerous for the little female to stay here.

He had to get her out of this place quickly.

Huanhuan agreed.


After resting for another night, Sang Yes body had basically recovered.

He transformed into his human form, and his naked body was revealed in front of Huanhuan.

Even though she had seen him like this many times, Huanhuan still couldnt help but feel shy.

She shook her branch.

“Hurry up and put your clothes on.”

Sang Ye casually pulled a robe over his body.

He sat cross-legged on the carpet and stared at the small tree in front of him.

“Why havent you turned back into a human”

This guy didnt wear his clothes properly.

His robe was casually draped over his back, revealing his beautiful chest muscles and abs.

Even the huge thing between his legs could be seen clearly.

This guy didnt wear his clothes properly.

His robe was casually draped over his back, revealing his beautiful chest muscles and abs.

Even the huge thing between his legs could be seen clearly.

She said vaguely, “Soon, I think.”

“Will you be wearing clothes when you go back to human form”

Huanhuan thought for a moment.

“I was wearing clothes when I turned into a tree, so I should be wearing clothes when I turn back into a human.”


He sounded a little disappointed.

Huanhuan questioned him, “Do you really want me to be naked after turning back into a human”

“Yes,” Sang Ye admitted frankly.

“You look beautiful naked.

I cant get tired of you.”

Huanhuan: “…”

He said it so matter-of-factly that she couldnt accuse him of anything!

Sang Ye touched the branch and said thoughtfully, “I wonder if youll still have those sensations after becoming a plant”

“What sensations”

“The sensations when mating.” Sang Ye paused and suddenly remembered.

“I remember that plants mate with pollen, right Can you bloom”


Huanhuan refused to answer the question.

The effect of the lotus seed finally disappeared.

The little tree turned back into a human.

Before Huanhuan could steady herself, Sang Ye scooped her up and carried her in his arms.

Her lips were blocked, and the tip of Sang Yes tongue entered her mouth.

When the kiss ended, their breathing rhythm was a little erratic.

Sang Ye retreated a little.

He looked down and saw that her lips were slightly swollen from the kiss.

Her red lips were like ripe red berries.

They were full and juicy, making him want to take a bite.

He gently stroked the tender skin of her waist.

“Shall we go now”

“Yes.” Huanhuans face was red.

“Do you want me to eat another lotus seed and turn into a plant It wont be easy for me to be discovered if I do that.”

“Sure, but dont turn into a withered tree again.

It wont look good.”

Huanhuan couldnt help but laugh.

“Then what do you want me to become”

“Turn into a flower.

A small one.

I can hold it in my arms.”

Huanhuan ate the lotus seed and turned into a daffodil.

A small white flower bloomed at the top of the long stem.

Sang Ye held the daffodil in his palm and gently stroked the petals.

“Not bad.

It looks much better than the previous tree.”

Now that she had become a flower, she realized that her petals were very sensitive to touch.

They were equivalent to certain human parts.

When Sang Ye touched her petals, it was as if he was touching her private parts.

This feeling was really, really strange!

Huanhuan couldnt help but whisper, “Stop touching me.”


Sang Ye obediently stopped, then lowered his head and kissed her stamen.

Intense shame surged through her, and she almost went crazy.

If she could change color like the skullcap, she would have gone from a little white flower to a big red flower!

Huanhuan couldnt avoid it, so she could only beg softly, “Dont be like this…”

She felt that she had been teased enough.

If Sang Ye continued, she would probably explode.

Sang Ye knew when to stop and finally let go of the pitiful daffodil.

He got dressed and put Huanhuan in his arms.

“Lets go.”

Sang Ye had just reached the door when he heard footsteps outside.

He couldnt help but stop.

The next moment, the door was pushed open from the outside and Han Ying walked in.

He was in human form now.

He was tall, slender, and unexpectedly handsome.

He was wearing a black robe made of shark silk.

His long golden hair was slightly curled, and his black eyes were very similar to Sang Yes.

“Youre going out”

Sang Ye said casually, “I plan to walk around.”

Han Ying looked him up and down.

Seeing that he was looking good, he nodded slightly.

“You seem to be recovering well.”

Sang Ye said nothing.

Han Ying did not take his coldness to heart and said leisurely, “Can I go in I want to talk to you about something.”

Sang Ye had no choice but to turn around and let Han Ying into the room.


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