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After eating and drinking their fill, everyone lay down on a blanket and fell asleep.

Huanhuan, who was in Bai Dis arms, suddenly trembled.

The little bud raised its head and quietly moved to the ground.

Bai Di, who was sleeping soundly, sensed something and opened his eyes to look at it.

He saw it plant its roots into the ground, and its leaves quickly grew.

The petals bloomed layer by layer, and in the blink of an eye, it became a huge lotus more than half a meter wide.

There was a small green lotus seed pod in the middle of the stamen.

At this moment, Sang Ye had also woken up.

The wolf cubs opened their eyes and took a look.

They realized that there was no danger and continued to sleep.

Huanhuan and the drunk Shuang Yun were sleeping soundly.

They had no intention of waking up.

Bai Di looked at Xue Ling inquiringly.

Xue Ling lowered his voice and said, “Little Lotus should be maturing soon.”

The black crystals on the wall glowed brighter and brighter.

Dark gray balls of light flew out of the crystals and were sucked into the lotus flower, fusing into the small lotus.

The originally light pink petals gradually turned black, giving off the strange feeling of a demonic flower.

Bai Di, Sang Ye, and Chang Gu understood that the lotus was absorbing the energy in the black crystal.

In the past, they only knew that beasts could absorb the energy in crystals.

They didnt expect plants to be able to do the same.

This lotus was really magical.

When the surrounding black crystals were drained of energy, the lotus flower stopped sucking in the energy.

The lotus seed pod in the middle of the petals had already grown to the size of an adults fist.

The flower lowered itself and approached Xue Ling.

“Dad, quickly pluck it~”

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Xue Ling reached out and plucked the lotus seed pod.

He smiled and asked, “Is this for me What a filial child.”

But the lotus said, “No, I want to give it to Mom~”

Xue Lings smile froze on his face.

He was thinking too much!

If Shuang Yun was awake now, he would definitely laugh at Xue Ling for thinking too much.

Xue Ling tapped the petals of the lotus and said hatefully, “You biased little thing.

You only have eyes for your mother!”

The flower rubbed against his fingers and called out softly, “Dad~”

Not long after the lotus seed pod was removed, the petals of the lotus gradually returned to their pale pink color.

The flowers and leaves quickly returned to their original size as well.

It wrapped around Huanhuans hair again, and the little lotus flower leaned against her ear and obediently closed its petals.

Seeing that it was over, Bai Di and Sang Ye lay back down to sleep.

Only Xue Ling was still fiddling with the small lotus seed pod in his hand.

Chang Gu glanced at the black crystals that had their energy sucked dry and couldnt help but sigh softly.

“This lotus youre raising has a big appetite.

It sucked the energy of so many crystals in one go.”

Xue Ling said casually, “Its just a few crystals.

He can absorb as many as he wants.

Its not like I cant afford to raise him.”

“Youre really raising it as your son”

Xue Ling smiled but said nothing.

When they woke up the next morning, Xue Ling handed the lotus seed pod to Huanhuan and told her that the lotus seed pod was for her.

Huanhuan took the lotus seed pod.

“When did Little Lotus get this I dont even know.”

Bai Di explained gently, “Last night.

It bore fruit while you were sleeping.”

Shuang Yun leaned over curiously.

“Whats this lotus seed pod for”

Huanhuan shook her head, indicating that she didnt know.

The lotus bud raised its small bud and said, “Lotus seeds can be eaten.”

Huanhuan opened the lotus seed pod and found six green and plump lotus seeds inside.

They looked no different from ordinary lotus seeds.

However, Xue Ling said, “Theyre not ordinary lotus seeds.

If you eat them, you can become a plant at will.

The effects can last for about 10 days.”

That was amazing! Huanhuan was very surprised.

Chang Gu said, “The lotus seeds are very precious.

Its your blessing to have obtained them.”

Huanhuan carefully put the lotus seeds into her space.

She touched the lotus on her head.

“Thank you.”

The little bud rubbed against her palm and called out softly, “I like Mom so much~”

“I like Little Lotus too.”

The little bud was so embarrassed that its petals turned even redder.

Shuang Yun leaned over.

“I like Huanhuan too~”

Huanhuan pushed his head away with a cold expression.

“Go away.”

Shuang Yun was dissatisfied.

“Youre biased again! Now, Im not even comparable to this flower!”

Sang Ye went outside to take a look and confirmed that the snow had stopped and they could go home.

The family packed up briefly and walked out.

Chang Gu personally sent them out of the mine.

Huanhuan sat on the back of the Silvery Frost White Wolf and turned around to wave at Chang Gu.

“Well visit you again when were free.


Bai Di led the way.

The others followed as they headed for the rock mountain.

After traveling for half a day, they arrived at the place where they had rested the day before yesterday.

The family chose to rest here again.

They took out water and food to replenish their strength.

In a daze, Sang Ye smelled that faint stench again.

He put down his food and looked around, trying to find the source of the smell.

Huanhuan sat beside him.

She noticed his abnormality and quickly asked, “Whats wrong”

“I think I smell something strange…”

“Is that so” Huanhuan took a deep breath, and a faint fishy smell followed the cold wind into her nose.

She said quickly, “I smell it too!”

“I find this smell familiar.

I think Ive smelled it somewhere before…”

Before Sang Ye could figure it out, dozens of grayish-white figures suddenly appeared from the snow and pounced on Huanhuan and the others.

Sang Ye immediately wrapped his snake tail around Huanhuan, dodging the enemys fatal blow!

There were a total of 20 enemies who launched the sneak attack.

They were all gray-white lynxes.

They were much larger than the lynxes Huanhuan had seen on TV in the past.

They were more than two meters long.

Their gray-white fur was covered in black stripes.

Their eyes were red, and their fangs were sharp.

They were not ordinary beasts but demonized beasts.

In other words, they were now demons!

The faint smell of blood came from them.

It was a smell unique to the demon race.

No wonder Sang Ye found it familiar.

Five of the 20 beasts surrounded Sang Ye while the other 15 spread out to attack the rest.

Sang Ye was outnumbered.

Moreover, he had a weak little female with him.

In order to protect her from being injured, he had no choice but to temporarily evacuate with her and try to avoid the attacks of the beasts.

The python slithered on the snow.

He used his snake tail to hug Huanhuan tightly.

From time to time, he would look back.

Those beasts were chasing after them!

After escaping for an unknown period of time, Sang Ye still could not shake off those beasts.

It was as if they had installed a radar system.

They locked onto Sang Yes location exactly and chased after him.

Sang Ye knew that he couldnt shake them off, so he stopped and placed Huanhuan on a tree.

Then, he turned around and rushed toward the beasts!


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