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Shuang Yun said leisurely, “Yes, Ya Qiu is the child of the leader of the Black Water Wolf Tribe.

Hes also my cousin.

He brought the witch doctor of the Black Water Wolf Tribe over to discuss business with me.

When Li Wei found out about this, she shamelessly wanted to follow.

I was so annoyed when I saw her!”

So, that strangely dressed middle-aged male was the witch doctor of the Black Water Wolf Tribe!

Lin Huanhuan was not interested in Li Wei.

She was only a little curious about the business he mentioned.

“What kind of business is it” She paused, then added.

“If its not convenient to talk about, then forget I asked.”

“Theres nothing I cant say.

They want to sell me some kind of water.”

“Water” Lin Huanhuan looked puzzled.

“Isnt there a water source nearby Why did they specially come to sell water to you”

“The water theyre selling isnt ordinary water.

Its the kind of water that makes your body heat up when you drink it.

With this magical water, we can go out hunting even in winter without having to worry about our blood freezing, rendering us immobile.”


When Shuang Yun saw Lin Huanhuans curious appearance, he suddenly narrowed his dark green eyes.

“Do you want to see that water If you beg me, I can consider showing it to you.”

Lin Huanhuan rolled her eyes.

“How childish!”

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“Who are you calling childish!”

“The person responding is the childish one!”

Shuang Yun pursed his lips, dropped his bowl and chopsticks, and ran.

Lin Huanhuan thought that Shuang Yun was angered by her and couldnt help but be surprised.

When did this guy become so petty and sensitive

A moment later, she saw that Shuang Yun was back.

He was holding a bamboo tube as thick as his arm.

Shuang Yun pulled out the stopper and handed the bamboo tube to Lin Huanhuan.

“This is the water they want to sell.”

Lin Huanhuan couldnt help but grin.

Shuang Yun asked angrily, “What are you laughing at!”


I just think youre kind of cute sometimes.”

Shuang Yun was speechless.

His ears turned pink.

Lin Huanhuan took the bamboo tube and sniffed it.

Her expression changed slightly.

“This is wine!”

Shuang Yun looked surprised.

“You know this water”

“Ive not only seen it, but Ive drunk it.

It does warm up ones body, but you cant drink too much.”

Ya Qiu had only said that this water could heat ones body, but he did not say that one should not drink too much of it.

It was either he didnt know of the effects, or he was deliberately keeping it a secret.

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Shuang Yun asked, “Why cant you drink more of it”

“Drinking too much makes you drunk.

Everyone behaves differently when theyre drunk, and I cant be sure what youll do when youre drunk.

Just to be on the safe side, its better to drink less, in case something bad happens.”

This was more important.

Shuang Yun agreed solemnly.

“I understand.”

Lin Huanhuan thought for a moment.

“If possible, youd better find out what they used to make this wine.”

This wine was not fruit wine.

It was probably brewed from some kind of grain.

If she could know what kind of food it was, she could grow it in the future.

Not only could she satisfy her stomach that way, but she could also make wine to sell.

Just thinking about it made her a little excited!

Shuang Yun said, “Ill try.”

Lin Huanhuan found wooden cups and poured two glasses of wine for Shuang Yun and Bai Di.

Then, she poured herself a small glass of wine.

She raised her glass.

“To the hotpot tonight.


Shuang Yun and Bai Di didnt know what a toast was.

They followed her example, raising their glasses and drinking from them.

The spicy wine flowed into their chests, startling both the strong male beasts.

It tasted a little strange, but it was good enough that they wanted to drink more of it!

Hence, the two of them drank several more glasses.

Although the concentration of alcohol in the wine was not high, it was their first time drinking it.

They accidentally got drunk.

The drunk Bai Di looked pretty normal.

He sat on the blanket and said nothing.

He just looked at Lin Huanhuan with a heavy gaze.

In contrast, Shuang Yuns drunken behavior was much more ferocious.

He sat on his knees and hugged Lin Huanhuans thigh with both hands.

Tears streamed down his face.

“Let me be your mate! I really, really like you!”


Lin Huanhuan: “…”

She wrenched his hands away.

“Youre drunk.

Ill send you back to rest.”

He took the opportunity to hold her hand and lick her palm with his tongue.

Then, he rubbed his head against her abdomen and acted like a big dog.

“I wont go back, Ill stay with you! I want to sleep with you!”

Lin Huanhuan couldnt push him away and could only glare at him angrily.

“If you continue to mess around, Ill leave you alone!”

Unexpectedly, Shuang Yun cried again when he heard this.

“Boo-hoo! Dont abandon me! Ill do anything you ask.

Ill do anything you want.

Please dont leave me behind!”

Lin Huanhuan slowly held her forehead.

If she had known that this fellow would become like this when he was drunk, she would not have let him drink no matter what!

She regretted it!

In desperation, she turned to Bai Di for help.

“Can you help send him back”

Bai Di rose silently and slapped Shuang Yun on the back of his head.

The unsuspecting Shuang Yun was knocked unconscious.


Bai Di grabbed Shuang Yuns ankle and turned to drag him out!

Lin Huanhuan was shocked and quickly advised him.

“Dont drag him out like this.

Youll hurt him!”

Bai Dis face was expressionless.

“Hes a tough beast.

He can take it.”

Lin Huanhuan blushed with shame and followed them worriedly as Bai Di dragged Shuang Yun into the next cave.

Shuang Yuns house was only about ten square meters wide.

There was only a stone bed inside, and there was no other furniture.

There were also animal hides and dried meat piled in the corners.

There was an astonishing amount of them.

Bai Di threw Shuang Yun to the ground and left him there.

Huanhuan hurriedly said, “At least put him on the bed.

Its cold.

Hell catch a cold lying on the ground!”

So, Bai Di pulled Shuang Yun up again.

He very impatiently threw Shuang Yun heavily onto the stone bed.

The stone bed shook from the impact.


Lin Huanhuan could imagine the pain Shuang Yun felt.

His back was probably bruised.

Lin Huanhuan found a thicker piece of animal hide and covered Shuang Yuns body.

She then filled a pouch with water and placed it beside the bed before leaving with Bai Di.

After returning home, Lin Huanhuan slowly cleaned up the house and then washed up to sleep.

While half-asleep, she felt something hard pressing against her body.

The familiarity of it jolted her awake.

Lin Huanhuan tried to move forward to avoid the hard, hot rod behind her, but Bai Di didnt give her the chance.

He tightened his grip on her slim waist, refusing to let her escape.

Lin Huanhuan felt the skin on her thighs burn from the friction of his rubbing.

She blushed.

“Bai Di, dont do this!”

He nuzzled close to her ear, his breath reeking of alcohol.

“I like you.

Let me in, will you”

Lin Huanhuan knew how thick it was.

If he penetrated her with it, she would definitely be torn apart!

She shook her head in horror.

“No! Dont put it in.

Im scared!”

Normally, he would have given in.

But Bai Di was drunk now.

He shed off his gentle appearance that was present during the day and revealed the inherent dominance of a male beast.


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