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Knowing that Huanhuan and the others were here for the hot spring, the pangolin said, “Theres indeed a hot spring deep in the cave.

It has a strange smell.

That should be the hot spring you mentioned.”

Huanhuan was happy.

“Can we go there to play”

“Of course.” The pangolin was always gentle and tolerant when facing her, like a doting elder.

“Ill take you there.”

They walked deeper into the cave.

Along the way, there were black crystals on both sides.

Huanhuan couldnt help but touch them.

There were so many black crystals.

If she sold them, she would definitely make a lot of money!

No wonder Ma Qing had brought his guards all the way here to mine.

Huanhuan asked, “Mr.

Chang Gu, did Dark Moon City send anyone here after we left”

The pangolin said, “After that, two more batches came.

They were certain that theres a crystal mine here and refused to stop until they dug up the crystals.

I was annoyed by them, so I was a little ruthless and killed many of them.

Thats why they were scared away and didnt dare to come again.”

Huanhuan was very puzzled.

“Ma Qing came here to mine because Yi Wu said theres a crystal mine here.

The question is, why is Yi Wu so sure that theres a crystal mine here”

Bai Di couldnt figure it out either.

“Exploring crystal mines is a very complicated process.

Yi Wu doesnt look like a female whod understand such a thing.”

It seemed that Yi Wu had many secrets.

They saw a large hot spring at the end of the cave.

Amidst the heat, the rich smell of sulfur filled the cave.

Shuang Yun sniffed.

“This smell is indeed strange.”

Bai Di walked over and touched the spring.

“The water is warmer than the hot spring on the divine mountain.”

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The pangolin transformed into a human form.

He gave Huanhuan the feeling that he was an elder.

Huanhuan thought that he was not young, but she was surprised to see him in human form.

He looked to be at most 30 years old.

He had neat dark green short hair, gentle eyes, and a tall, slender figure.

He was about 1.9 meters tall.

There was a dark green star pattern on his neck with nine full stars.

Huanhuan was shocked.

“Youre a nine-starred soul beast Youre so powerful!”

Chang Gu slowly put on a hide skirt.

“Its because Ive lived longer that I slowly rose to nine stars.

Your mates have good qualifications.

Their future achievements will definitely be higher than mine.”

The wolf cubs saw the hot spring for the first time.

While everyone was chatting, they couldnt wait to jump into the spring.

The water was hot, but it was nothing to them.

They waved their paws and swam around the hot spring in standard dog paddle strokes.

The male beasts went into the spring one after another.

Huanhuan found a corner where no one could see her and took out a swimsuit from her space.

She had made it before she came.

The material was snake skin.

The snakeskin was soft and thin, and it was waterproof.

It was best used as a swimsuit.

Huanhuan had also made two sets of underwear as a backup.

She originally planned to make a few pairs of underwear for Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye.

If they kept wearing animal hide skirts naked, not only would they expose themselves, but they would also hurt their balls.

How unhygienic!

In the end, all of them rejected the underwear she made.

Especially that bastard Shuang Yun.

He said that his balls were very strong and would definitely not be scratched!

In fact, he was just unwilling to wear Sang Yes snake skin on his body, and he had to wear it in such a secret and important place.

As a male beast with a strong dignity, he found it unacceptable!

Bai Di wasnt as direct in his rejection as Shuang Yun, but he tactfully made it clear that he didnt need underwear.

Only Sang Ye forced himself to wear it for a few days on account that it was his snake skin.

Then, he kept his underwear away and never planned to wear it again.

Huanhuan had no choice but to make and wear her own underwear.

She would let the three of them have itchy balls!

She tied her hair up and tied it into a bun with a leather band made of animal tendon.

Then, she changed into her swimsuit.

The thin snakeskin tightly wrapped around her breasts and small buttocks, outlining her shocking curves.

When she walked out of the corner, the male beasts who were chatting while soaking in the hot spring stopped talking and stared at her.

Huanhuan was embarrassed by their gazes.

Like a white rabbit, she darted into the hot spring.

When her body was submerged in hot water, their burning gazes eased a little.

Huanhuan took out 10 eggs from her interspatial ring and placed them in a small bamboo basket.

She fixed them to the rock wall of the hot spring.

It didnt take long for the eggs to be cooked.

Shuang Yun had moved over and extended his wolf claws at her.

He smiled especially foolishly.


Huanhuan peeled an egg and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Be good.

Dont disturb me.

Go play by yourself.”

Shuang Yun ate the egg and looked at her plaintively.

Huanhuan pretended not to see the dissatisfaction in his eyes and distributed the remaining nine eggs to everyone.

After soaking in the hot spring, everyone returned to the shore.

Bai Di built a fire.

He took out fresh meat and a pot to make a large pot of steaming broth.

Chang Gu took out all the fruit wine and dried meat.

Everyone drank and ate meat.

The atmosphere was harmonious.

It had been many years since it had been so lively.

Chang Gu was in a good mood.

He took out a leather drum from somewhere and began to beat it.

The brisk rhythm was pleasant.

Xue Ling extended his hand to Huanhuan.

“Give me the flute.”

Huanhuan took out a short flute made of polished bone and gave it to him.

He put it to his mouth and blew it gently.

The clear and cheerful sound of the flute rang out, rising and falling to the rhythm of the drums.

It was beautiful and pleasant.

Huanhuan had drunk some wine, so her face was red.

She pulled Sang Ye to his feet.

“Lets dance.”

Sang Ye looked down at her.

“I cant dance.”

“Ill teach you!” Huanhuan took his hand and put it on her waist.

Then, she jumped to the rhythm.

Sang Ye was always very careful at first, afraid of stepping on her feet.

Later on, he gradually grasped the rhythm and his movements became smoother.

He even held Huanhuans hand and turned her around.

Bai Di gave half of the roasted chicken to Shuang Yun, who was already drunk.

He hugged the wine jar and cried, “Huanhuan, although Im weaker than the two of them, my penis is thicker than theirs.

You cant favor them anymore!”

Bai Di was speechless.

He told himself not to argue too much with a drunk.

Then, he picked up a jar of powder ground from red leaves and poured most of it into the wine jar in Shuang Yuns arms.

Shuang Yun raised his head and took a big gulp of wine.

He had to drag his tongue across the ground from the spiciness, and tears streamed down his face.

Bai Di patted his shoulder.

“Although yours is thick, mine is longer than yours.”


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