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As winter this year was not very cold and the beasts were well-prepared, everyone looked very relaxed.

The beasts who had mates seized the opportunity to mate so they could try to get pregnant in winter.

The beasts without mates tried their best to please the females, hoping to find a female as a mate this winter and end their miserable single lives.

Shuang Yun was full of energy and wished he could tie Huanhuan to the bed and make her faint.

However, Bai Di and Sang Ye would not allow him to do so.

The three male beasts would take turns every night.

That way, no one had to worry about losing out.

It was just that when Huanhuan woke up every morning, it was as if she had just experienced a car accident.

Her entire body ached, and every bone hurt.

One day, Huanhuan finally couldnt take it anymore.

She announced loudly to her three male beasts, “I want to rest tonight.

None of you can touch me!”

It should have been Bai Dis turn to sleep with her tonight.

He only smiled at her words and said gently, “Okay.”

He agreed so readily that Huanhuan felt a little guilty.

She cleared her throat.

“Ill sleep alone for the next two days as well so that it wont be unfair to you.”

That meant that Shuang Yun and Sang Ye could not sleep with her either.

Sang Ye was a little disappointed, but he did not show it.

His face was still cold.

Shuang Yun shouted, “Huanhuan, you cant sleep alone!”

Huanhuan asked, “Why”

“Its not safe for you to sleep alone.

What if someone sneaks in and steals you in the middle of the night!”

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Huanhuan was speechless.

“This is our house.

Who can sneak in and steal me away Dont talk nonsense!”

“I dont care.

I just cant let you sleep alone.”

“I want to sleep alone!”

They both went rogue and argued like children.

Bai Di shook his head helplessly and said to Sang Ye, “Lets eat fish tonight.

Do you want steamed fish or boiled fish”

Sang Ye looked indifferent.


“Then Ill boil it.

Huanhuan will like it.”

That night, Huanhuan still managed to get the right to sleep alone.

Shuang Yun tried to protest, but his limbs went limp from Bai Dis electricity.

Then, Sang Ye wrapped him up with his snake tail and threw him into the next room.

Huanhuan could finally sleep in peace.

She slowly lay on the bed, feeling especially comfortable.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep quickly.

When she opened her eyes the next morning, Huanhuan saw Xue Ling sitting by the bed.

His red clothes were like blood, and his golden hair was dazzling.

The sparkling red crystals almost blinded her.

She rubbed her dazzled eyes and frowned.

“How did you get in”

She had clearly locked the door last night.

The lotus was already wrapped around Xue Lings wrist.

The bud nuzzled the back of his hand affectionately.

Xue Ling pointed to the window.

“I came in that way.”

Huanhuan walked over and saw that the window had been opened.

This guy could fly.

He flew in through the window without anyone noticing.

Huanhuan recalled what she had said to Shuang Yun last night and couldnt help but regret it.

She was wrong.

Even at home, someone could sneak in without making a sound.

For example, the bird person in front of her.

Huanhuan asked, “Why did you come into my house”

Xue Lings gaze swept across her round shoulders that were exposed above the animal hide blanket.

He asked calmly, “Do you want to go out and play”


Xue Ling gently stroked the small bud.

“Were going down the mountain to play in the snow.”

Huanhuans eyes lit up.

“Can we go and play Wont we catch a cold”

“With me around, that bit of snow wont freeze you.”

Huanhuan asked again, “Can I bring the others with me”

Xue Ling replied casually, “Whatever you want.”

“Go out first.

I need to change.”

Xue Lings gaze slid down her cheek and stopped at her chest.

“Little girl, whats there to see!”

Huanhuan: “…”

Xue Ling was finally gone.

When the door was closed, Huanhuan immediately pointed her middle finger at the door.

Huanhuan quickly changed and put on her deerskin boots.

After breakfast, Huanhuan called her family and followed Xue Ling down the mountain.

Xue Ling was like a walking heat source.

Wherever he walked, the ice and snow would quickly melt.

Even the water on the ground would dry.

It felt very magical to slowly step on solid ground.

It was the first time the wolf cubs had seen snow.

After getting their parents permission, they immediately ran out into the snow.

Huanhuan was wearing gloves and a hat, and her clothes were tightly wrapped around her.

Xue Ling was standing not far from her as well.

Warmth kept oozing from him, and she didnt feel cold at all.

She grabbed a handful of snow, rolled it into a snowball, and laughed loudly.

“Lets have a snowball fight, shall we”

Shuang Yun looked at her.


Huanhuan threw the snowball at his head and smiled especially happily.

“Lets play like this!”

With that, she ran off.

Shuang Yun immediately grabbed a snowball and chased after her.

The two of them threw snowballs at each other.

Shuang Yuns long legs were still very fast.

Huanhuan could not outrun him at all.

Soon, she was covered in snow from his snowballs.

She quickly ran to Xue Lings side to warm up.

At the same time, she shouted at the wolf cubs, “Your father is bullying me.

Hurry up and avenge me!”

The wolf cubs howled.

They pounced on Shuang Yun and threw him into the snow.

Unfortunately, the older one was, the wiser one became.

Shuang Yun easily pushed the four wolf cubs away.

But before he could steady himself, Sang Ye threw a big snowball at his face.

Shuang Yun shouted angrily, “You actually ambushed me!”

He grabbed a snowball and threw it at Sang Ye.

However, he accidentally threw it in the wrong direction and it hit Bai Di.

Bai Di waved the snow off his head and said helplessly, “Shuang Yun, are you planning to fight all of us alone”

Shuang Yun smiled especially ostentatiously.

“Come on! I can defeat all of you alone!”

In the end, as he wished, Bai Di, Sang Ye, and the four wolf cubs surrounded him and attacked him until he fled and shouted for help.

Huanhuan laughed until her stomach hurt.

‘Who asked you to pretend to be a big bad wolf This is retribution!

Xue Ling looked down at her.

“Is it fun”

“Its fun!” Huanhuan smiled and nodded.

She realized that Xue Ling was still clean.

His red clothes were like fire, making him look especially eye-catching in the snow-white world.

Huanhuan couldnt help but ask, “Dont you want to play together”

A flame ignited on Xue Lings fingertips.

He brought the flame to Huanhuan to warm her up.

He gave a half-smile.

“Im not playing.”

“Then you came for nothing”

“If I can let you have fun, I wouldnt have come for nothing.”


This was not the first time Xue Ling had teased her, but it was the first time Huanhuan blushed.


She looked away and said dryly, “You really are a weirdo.”


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