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Mayne was in high spirits.

He was glowing.

The vegetables and fruits hed brought from the rock mountain to the beast city had sold very well.

Hed made very good profits.

This time, he brought back a lot of things that were very popular in the beast city.

There were more than 10 wooden boxes of various sizes.

Mayne handed the boxes to the men to sort through, leaving only the largest one behind.

He personally brought it to Huanhuan.

“This is a gift from the beast king of Sun City.

Please check it.”

Bai Luo gave her a gift Huanhuan was very surprised.

She raised her hand to open the wooden box and realized that there was a sleeping red panda lying inside!

The little guy was in a deep sleep.

His furry body was curled up into a ball.

He looked like a big black and white furball.

As if sensing Huanhuans gaze, the little panda woke up.

He opened his sleepy eyes and yawned.

“Youre the little female my king mentioned”

Huanhuan nodded in a daze.

“Im Huanhuan.

May I ask who you are”

“Im Ni Meis brother.

My name is Ni Ya.”

“Oh, hello.”

Ni Ya awkwardly climbed out of the box and stood in front of Huanhuan.

Although he was young, he was not small.

He was almost as tall as Huanhuan when he stood up straight.

“My king said that he wanted to pick a little bamboo bear from our family to play with you.

My sister wanted to come, but my parents were worried, so they sent me over.

They asked me to play with you well and be your mate in the future so that you can help me give birth to babies.”

At the last two words, Ni Ya twisted his round, fat body shyly.

Huanhuan asked tentatively, “How old are you”

“Im already 10 years old.

In another 10 years, Ill be an adult.

At that time, Ill be able to transform into a human form.

Sister said that Im the best-looking cub among the bamboo bear beasts.

Ill definitely be handsome in human form in the future.

Youll definitely like me very much!”

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Ni Ya covered his face with his paws, looking shy.

Huanhuan silently held her forehead.

What a sin! This child was sent out to be a child groom at the age of 10.

Wasnt this harming children!

No, she had to help him change his worldview.

She couldnt let his cute national treasure be ruined!

Mayne left after delivering the bamboo bear to Huanhuan.

There were no more rooms at home.

Huanhuan could only let Ni Ya stay in the same room as the wolf cubs for the time being.

The wolf cubs were very interested in this fat little bamboo bear.

They all circled him and rubbed against him from time to time.

Ni Ya was very calm.

He sat down on the ground and started to nap.

Perhaps he was sleeping too soundly, the wolf cubs couldnt help but fall asleep one by one.

Huanhuan looked at the sleeping fur balls, and felt her heart melt.

She found hides and gently covered them.

When Bai Di returned, he realized that there was a new member at home.

Before coming, Ni Ya had already learned from his sister that Huanhuan had three mates.

One of them was the second prince of Sun City.

His sister told him to build a good relationship with the second prince.

As soon as he saw Bai Di, he got up and stood up.

He displayed the standard etiquette of the nobles in beast cities and greeted him politely.

“Hello, Your Highness.

Im Ni Ya.

Ill be Huanhuans mate in the future.

I seek your kind guidance!”

Huanhuan: “…”

Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye all looked at her with strange gazes.

Huanhuan extended her hand.

“Its not what you think.

Ni Ya is just a child.

No matter how beastly I am, I cant do anything to a child, right!”

Ni Ya argued defiantly, “Ill be a grown-up soon!”

“That wont do either.

I cant possibly think that way about you.

Youre a junior in my eyes.

Youre just like my children.”

Ni Ya stared at her for a long time.

Finally, he burst into tears.

He rolled on the ground as he cried.

“You despise me! You wont have me! Boo-hoo!”

Huanhuan stared at him, dumbfounded.

This was the first time in her life she had seen a panda act shamelessly!

It was a pity she didnt have a camcorder.

Otherwise, she would have recorded this scene!

In the end, Bai Di couldnt stand it anymore and said, “Stop fooling around.

Wash your hands.

Ill make dinner now.

Prepare to eat later.”

At the mention of food, Ni Ya got up and washed his hands while crying.

“I dont like meat,” he said to Bai Di.

“I want bamboo shoots.”

Huanhuan was convinced.

Like his sister, this guy was a veritable glutton.

Dinner was bamboo shoots stew.

Ni Ya picked out all the bamboo shoots from the pot and ate them.

After eating them, he was not satisfied and couldnt help but eat two more pieces of meat.

The meat was stewed until it was tender.

The fragrance of bamboo shoots was mixed in.

The taste was superb!

After eating and drinking, Ni Ya looked at Huanhuan.

As he touched his round belly, he said pitifully, “Sister said that you females dont like male beasts that are too fat.

I know I might be too fat now, so you dont like me.

But Ill try my best to lose weight.

When I become human in the future, Ill be very handsome.

You have to wait for me!”

With that, he burped loudly.

Huanhuan didnt know what to say.

In the end, she could only pat his head lovingly.

No more words were required.

Ni Ya went to bed early.

The wolf cubs were sleepy and returned to their rooms early to sleep.

Shuang Yun asked about the bamboo bear beasts background.

“Bai Luo asked Mayne to send it to me.

He said its a gift to apologize to me.” Huanhuan paused and explained what had happened in Sun City.

However, she deliberately glossed over the scene of Bai Luo kissing her.

However, Shuang Yun and Sang Ye were not stupid.

They immediately understood the inside story.

Bai Luo must have done something wrong to Huanhuan.

Otherwise, why would he send a gift to apologize

There were only a few things male beasts were most likely to do to females!

They were all male beasts, so they knew very well.

Shuang Yun was very angry, but Bai Luo was far away in Sun City.

Even if he wanted to take revenge for Huanhuan, it was too late.

He could only say angrily to Bai Di, “Your younger brother is too bothersome! If it were my brother, I would have broken his legs!”

Huanhuan tugged on Shuang Yun.

“Dont take it out on Bai Di.

He has nothing to do with this.”

Shuang Yun snorted unhappily.

“Youre protecting Bai Di!”

Huanhuan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Of course, I have to protect him.

Hes my mate.

In the future, I have to protect you and Sang Ye in front of others too.

Its the same!”

His last sentence appeased Shuang Yun.

His expression softened, but his tone was still firm.

“If anyone bullies you in the future, tell me.

Ill help you beat them up!”

“Okay, okay.

Ill definitely tell you everything.”


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