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Huanhuan took out a mirror and placed it in front of Big Goody.

“Take a look.

Doesnt it look good”

Big Goody shook her head, and her two braids swayed with it.


Coincidentally, Xue Ling came downstairs and saw the mirror in Huanhuans hand.

His blood-red eyes immediately lit up.

He asked with interest, “What is this”

“Its called a mirror.

It reflects things.” Seeing that he liked it, Huanhuan handed him the mirror.

“This is for you.”

Xue Ling took the mirror and looked at his handsome face.

He praised in satisfaction, “Not bad.

It can clearly reflect my perfect face.

Its much better than red crystals!”

Huanhuan: “…”

She really didnt know whether to complain about his narcissism or about how extravagant he was to use red crystals as mirrors!

Xue Ling glanced at her and asked with a faint smile, “This mirror should be very precious, right I accepted such a precious gift.

What should I give in return”

Huanhuan waved her hand and said indifferently, “Its just a mirror.

Its not something precious.

Theres no need to return the favor.”

She had paid 20 green crystals to the Crystal Mall and could get as many mirrors as she wanted.

“A gift is a gift.

I have to return the favor.

Why dont I give myself to you”

Huanhuan shrank back in fear.

“I dont want you!”

Xue Ling chuckled.

“Why not Do you despise me”

“Hehe, youre so handsome and powerful.

How would I dare despise you I dont want to force you.

After all, you already have someone you like.

You cant force yourself.

I understand this.”


But Xue Ling said, “I dont think Im forcing myself.”

He said it seriously, but unfortunately, Huanhuan did not take his words seriously.

She said, “Okay, stop joking with me.”

Coincidentally, Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye were done discussing.

Bai Di was about to cook when Huanhuan ran over and smiled sweetly.

“Ill help you.”

Bai Di stroked her head.


Shuang Yun interrupted.

“Let me help you too.”

Huanhuan refused without hesitation.

“Dont go into the kitchen!”

She said to the children, “Come and pull your father away.

Dont let him enter the kitchen and cause trouble.”

The wolf pups immediately ran over and scrambled to push Shuang Yun aside, preventing him from approaching the kitchen.

Shuang Yun wanted Sang Ye to seek support.

Sang Yes face was cold.

“What are you saying The wind is too strong for me to hear clearly.”

Shuang Yun was speechless.

It seemed that this brother of his had betrayed him!

The happy scene of their family made Xue Ling feel lonely for the first time in his life.

He looked down at the mirror in his hand.

In the mirror, he had sharp eyebrows, red eyes, golden hair, and thin lips.

He looked perfect.

But she didnt think that way.

Xue Lings lips curled into a self-deprecating smile.

“Is she blind”

Early the next morning, Bai Di and Shuang Yun went to recruit workers.

With work points as payment, the beasts would definitely sign up.

In less than half a day, they had gathered enough manpower.

They headed majestically to the mountain beside and began to work.

It was late autumn.

Winter would be here soon.

Sang Ye went out to hunt every day, planning to prepare for winter.

Huanhuan was still teaching classes.

She taught students every day and occasionally went to the medical area on the 13th floor.

If there was a patient with a serious condition, she would help.

Now, the medical area was mainly managed by Dong Ya.

His sister also stayed here to help.

She had unexpectedly become a good nurse.

Huanhuan had wanted to recruit a few more females to be nurses, but unfortunately, the females in the tribe were not very willing to go out and work.

Especially for a job like nursing, where they had to serve patients.

Not only was it difficult, but they also had to deal with all kinds of illnesses.

They didnt think it was a good job.

Huanhuan was helpless about this, but she couldnt force anyone.

She could only temporarily find a few more reliable male beasts to help as nurses.

Sang Ye had hunted a large number of prey.

Huanhuan had an interspatial ring where the meat could be stored for a long time without worrying about the meat rotting.

However, the other beasts in the tribe did not have such a hack.

In order to have their food survive the winter, they had already begun to dry their meat and tan their hides.

Mu Xiang and Jiu Yuan were the only ones at home.

Jiu Yuan could not bear to let Mu Xiang work.

He could only go out to hunt in the day before coming home at night to deal with food and animal hides.

In addition, he had to manage the guards from time to time.

He was busy every day.

Even so, his family did not have as much dried meat as others.

That was the downside of having a small family.

Feng Lan, who lived next door to Mu Xiang, was a bachelor.

He had a good relationship with Jiu Yuan and often came to Jiu Yuans house to help out.

After a while, Mu Xiang and Feng Lan met.

Mu Xiang wanted to become mates with Feng Lan.

She told Jiu Yuan about this, and Jiu Yuan agreed readily.

Hence, Feng Lan officially moved into Mu Xiangs house and became a new member of their family.

After Huanhuan found out about this, she specially went to congratulate them with smoked meat and fruits.

Feng Lan was a little younger than Jiu Yuan.

He was very tall, had thick eyebrows, big eyes, and two cute canine teeth when he smiled.

He was a very sunny and cheerful young wolf beast.

When Huanhuan came to congratulate him, Feng Lan looked a little embarrassed.

His tone was respectful.

“Youre too polite!”

Although Huanhuan was a female, she was knowledgeable and knew witchcraft and medicine.

The entire tribe respected her.

Huanhuan smiled.

“I hope youll be a happy family.”

After she left, Mu Xiang and her family ate the smoked meat Huanhuan sent over.

They thought it tasted good, much better than ordinary dried meat.

The next day, Mu Xiang ran to Huanhuans house to ask about how the smoked meat was prepared.

Huanhuan didnt hide anything and explained the method of making smoked meat in detail.


This method quickly spread.

After that, almost every family started making smoked meat.

The rich fragrance of meat filled the entire tribe.


A new batch of sweet fruits had been harvested at home.

Huanhuan picked out some ripe sweet fruits.

After washing them, she placed them in clay pots and poured in a suitable amount of water.

Then, she sealed them with soil and placed them in the cellar.

Sang Ye was very good at hunting.

He brought back a lot of prey every day.

Once, he even brought back a live pheasant.

The pheasant might have been frightened.

As soon as it arrived home, it laid an egg the size of a fist.

Huanhuan was very surprised.

She picked up the egg and said to Sang Ye, “Go and catch a few more live chickens later.

When we want to eat fresh meat in winter, we can kill them right away.

If we dont wish to eat them, we can keep them so they can lay eggs.”

Sang Ye liked eggs.

He was very interested in Huanhuans suggestion.

The next day, he brought back more than 20 wild chickens.


Huanhuan raised them in the courtyard.

She just had to give them some vegetable leaves every day.

They were very easy to feed.

While everyone was busy preparing for winter, Mayne returned.


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