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The system did not lie to Huanhuan.

Her blood did work.

Three days later, the patients in the temporary residence woke up.

Although they were still very pale, their spirits were much better.

They could get up and walk around.

Huanhuan wrote a prescription for recuperation and asked Dong Ya to prepare the medicine.

After it was brewed, she would send it to the patients.

After this incident, Huanhuans reputation spread in the temporary residence.

All the beasts knew that the Rock Wolf Tribe had a powerful female.

Not only was she fair and cute, but her medical skills were also very good.

She could even save a dying beast from death.

Huanhuan had no idea that she had become a great person who dared to interfere in the Grim Reapers work.

She was checking the Crystal Mall.

After the mission to treat the patients with dead blood disease was completed, the system sent the reward directly to Huanhuan.

The prize was wrapped in animal hide and looked bulging.

It was also relatively light.

Huanhuan opened the animal hide curiously and saw three sets of lingerie neatly arranged inside.

Huanhuan was shocked.

“Little Brat! I didnt expect you to be such a system!”

System 438 was wronged.

“The mission system automatically refreshes the most suitable prizes according to the hosts living environment.

This has nothing to do with me!”

Huanhuan looked righteous.

“Am I the kind of person who needs sexy lingerie!”

System 438 muttered softly, “Maybe your male beast mates need it…”

Huanhuan was speechless.

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Forget about Bai Di and Sang Ye, but that big pervert Shuang Yun would definitely like lingerie like this.

That guy had always been very open in bed.

He had no bottom line!

If he got his hands on this evil sexy lingerie, he would definitely have her wear them.

Just thinking about that scene made her feel a faint pain in her lower body.

Huanhuan quickly wrapped the three sets of lingerie and stuffed them into her ring space.

She couldnt let them reappear in the world.


Her mission points had reached the upper limit, and the Crystal Mall was upgraded again.

There were a few new items in the mall.

There were seeds for radish, carrot, cotton, and peanuts.

In addition, there was a tutorial on weaving.

Some daily necessities appeared in the mall as well, such as sanitary napkins, toilet paper, mirrors, and lingerie.

Huanhuan got all the seeds for 300 crystals, as well as the tutorial on weaving, sanitary pads, toilet paper, and mirrors.

Compared to the seeds of mutated plants, the price of daily necessities was much higher.

She only needed colorless crystals to exchange for seeds, but she needed green crystals to exchange for daily necessities.

Two bags of sanitary pads, 10 rolls of toilet paper, and a small mirror cost nearly 100 green crystals.

The price was really not cheap.

Fortunately, Huanhuan had accumulated enough green crystals.

Otherwise, she definitely wouldnt be able to afford such squandering.

Huanhuan touched the toilet paper lovingly.

Ever since she came to this world, she could only use leaves when she went to the toilet.

She had almost forgotten what toilet paper looked like.

Now that she touched it again, the familiar touch was really touching!

She told her mates and children at home how to use the toilet paper.

They all hesitated.

Shuang Yun asked, “This thing looks very precious.

Isnt it too wasteful to use it to wipe your *ss”

Huanhuan felt sad.

It was just a roll of toilet paper, but it was very precious to the beasts.

In the end, it was because the living conditions here were too difficult.

She couldnt do much but do her best to make her family live a more comfortable life.

Huanhuan smiled and said, “Theyre not precious.

I still have a lot of them.

You can use them!”

Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye were relieved to hear that.

They knew that the little female had many secrets.

They were even used to her taking out one or two strange things from time to time.

They tacitly did not pursue the matter.

No matter where the little female came from, she was already here.

She could forget about leaving again.

They would spoil her and love her and make her happy.

Huanhuan handed the mutated plant seeds she had exchanged to her three mates.

“The weather has turned cold.

Hurry up and plant these seeds before winter comes.”

Bai Di asked, “Its cold in winter.

Will these seeds freeze”

“They wont.

These are all winter crops.

Theyre very resistant to the cold.”

Bai Di nodded.

“Okay, thats good.”

Sang Ye said, “The land at the foot of the mountain that can be reclaimed has already been planted with vegetables and fruit trees.

If we continue to reclaim the land, we can only plant these in the forest.”

Bai Di said, “The terrain in the forest is complicated.

Its not suitable for growing vegetables.”

Huanhuan had an idea.

“Arent there a few barren mountains beside the rock mountain Why dont we pick a nearby barren mountain and plow it to grow crops”

Shuang Yun was puzzled.

“Can we grow vegetables on the mountain The terrain is so steep.

Its very inconvenient to go up and down.

Its also troublesome to water the plants.”

“We can build terraces,” Huanhuan said as she gestured with her hands.

“We can split the mountain into two parts.

We can plant fruit trees on the upper half and dig the lower half into layers of terraces.

The problem of watering them can be solved easily.

Lets see if theres a stream or pond on the mountain first.

We can guide the water into the vegetable fields from those places.”

Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye were all smart beasts.

After her description, the three of them immediately imagined terraces in their minds.

Bai Di nodded in agreement.

“Thats a good idea.”

Sang Ye also said, “While theres still some time before winter, lets quickly make the terraces.”

Shuang Yun rubbed his palms together.

“Ill get my tribesmen to work tomorrow!”

Bai Di made a timely suggestion.

“We can hire people from the rabbit and wild horse tribes and pay them with work points.

Im sure theyll be willing to help.”

Sang Ye added, “We can also get the beasts in the temporary residence to help us out.

Those who perform well can sign long-term employment agreements with us.

Anyway, our family will have more and more vegetable fields and orchards, so well need more and more people as well.”

The three male beasts were discussing enthusiastically, so Huanhuan did not disturb them.

She touched the wolf cubs beside her.

The children were now very tall, and their heads almost reached her chin.

There was nothing more to say about a Silvery Frost White Wolfs appearance.

Their silver-white fur was as bright as the moon.

It was as soft and smooth as the finest silk.

The wolf cubs felt comfortable under her touch and craned their necks for her to touch.

Huanhuan realized that Big Goodys fur was longer than her three brothers, especially the hair behind her ears.

It was almost hanging to the ground.

She was playful and asked with a smile, “Good girl, Ill braid your hair, okay”

Big Goody didnt know what braids were, but she agreed to anything her mother asked.

This time was no exception.

Seeing Big Goody nod, Huanhuan immediately started working.

After a while, two long braids appeared on either side of Big Goodys head.


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