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As the youngest tribe leader in the history of all the wolf tribes, not only was he powerful, but he was also handsome.

Li Wei had decided to take him as her 30th mate the moment she set eyes on him.


She was the best-looking female in the tribe.

Countless males had fought for her and she was confident in herself.

When she saw Shuang Yun walk in, Li Wei immediately leaned over, her huge breasts brushing against his arm.

Shuang Yun stiffened slightly.

Thinking he was being shy, Li Wei couldnt help but gloat.

“Are you here to help me vent my anger I knew you were a tough-talking but soft-hearted male.

Even though youre cold on the outside, youve always cared about me!”

Lin Huanhuan covered her face, not daring to look anymore.


Given how disgusted Shuang Yun was with females, Li Weis actions were suicidal!

Sure enough, in the next second, everyone saw Shuang Yun throw Li Wei to the side.

He was extremely strong and fast, not showing the female any respect.

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Shuang Yun aggressively rubbed his arm that had been touched.

His thick eyebrows were furrowed, and his expression was extremely ugly.

“If you touch me again, Ill chop off your hand!”

Li Wei froze.

The other males froze too.

No male had ever been so vicious and heartless to a female.

Shuang Yun was really a big weirdo in the beast world!

Li Wei looked at Shuang Yun in disbelief.

“How dare you do this to me Are you still a male!”

“Only my mate has the right to know if Im a male.

As for you…” Shuang Yun sneered, his dark green eyes devoid of emotion.

“Get as far away from me as you can! The sight of you makes me nauseous!”

Li Wei had never been so humiliated.

She was trembling with rage, and her eyes were red-rimmed.

“No one can bully me like this! Youll regret it!”

With those harsh words, Li Wei ran off in tears.

Her two dozen plus male mates looked at each other, then they all left as well.

Shuang Yun glanced at Lin Huanhuan with the same disdainful look.

“You were bullied at your doorstep.

Dont you know how to retaliate!”

Lin Huanhuan was already used to being despised by him, so she did not feel too angry.

She said, “You were here before I could fight back.”

When Shuang Yun found out that Li Wei had come to find trouble with Lin Huanhuan, he immediately abandoned what he was doing and rushed over.

Of course, he kept these things to himself.

He snorted.

“I just happened to be passing by and stopped by.”

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Lin Huanhuan nodded.

“I guessed so.”

She didnt think that Shuang Yun, who hated females so much, would come to her rescue.

She wasnt nearly as narcissistic as Li Wei.

After being rebuked by her, his expression immediately turned very ugly.

“Ive never seen a female as stupid as you!”

And with that, he stormed off.

Lin Huanhuan was puzzled.

“Why did this guy turn hostile just like that!”

Bai Di knew why Shuang Yun was angry, of course.

But he wasnt about to enlighten his little female.

He said casually, “Who knows”

Bai Di held up the wooden door that had been kicked to the ground.

“This door has been broken twice today.”

Lin Huanhuan realized it too.

In the eyes of these extremely powerful beasts, doors did not have any meaning at all.

In any case, they would just use force to open the door and completely ignore the function of the bolt.

She thought for a moment.

“Why dont we hang a piece of animal hide as a curtain like everyone else Its quite troublesome to always be fixing the door.”

“Its fine.

I dont mind the trouble as long as you like it.”

Bai Di had already reassembled the wooden door.

With the first snowfall, winter officially arrived in the forest.

As an out-and-out foodie, Lin Huanhuans first reaction after seeing the snow was to eat hotpot!

Excited, she set up the pot and placed the small pieces of meat into it.

She then poured in water and sprinkled some seasoning in.

It didnt take long before the pot was filled with a rich aroma.

Lin Huanhuan sent Bai Di down to the cellar to fetch some vegetables, while she went next door to look for Shuang Yun.

It was hotpot.

Of course, it would only taste good if there were many people eating it together!

She had thought of asking Mu Xiang to come, but her house was farther away.

She dared not go too far alone, so she dismissed the thought.

Just as Lin Huanhuan pulled open the door, she saw two male beasts walking out of the next cave.

The younger one of the two looked a little like Shuang Yun, but his hair was dark gray and his lips were thicker than Shuang Yuns.

He was more honest in appearance, but when he saw Lin Huanhuan, his honest face immediately revealed greed.

He was about to speak to Lin Huanhuan when he was interrupted by Shuang Yun, who had just walked out of the house.

Shuang Yun looked at him coldly.

“Ya Qiu, dont have any ideas about her, or dont blame me for being rude to you!”

The young male named Ya Qiu looked angry after hearing that.

His companion beside him coughed and advised him in a low voice, “Stay out of trouble.

This is the rock mountain.”

Grunting, he turned and walked away.

His companion was a middle-aged male with a strange pattern on his face and a black stick in his hand.

He was dressed rather strangely.

He gave a slight bow to Shuang Yun, then walked away.

When they were far away, Shuang Yun turned to look at Lin Huanhuan and frowned.

“Why did you come out Didnt Bai Di tell you not to go out alone for the time being!”

Lin Huanhuan blinked slowly.

“Did I hear you right Are you concerned about me”

The tips of his ears turned red as he retorted gruffly, “Are you kidding me How can I care about a female Stop dreaming!”

“Yeah, I think Im dreaming as well.”

Shuang Yun was speechless.

“Have you had dinner I made hotpot.

Would you like to join us”

Shuang Yun sneered.

“What the hell is hotpot Are you sure its edible!”

Lin Huanhuan rolled her eyes and turned to enter the house.

She left the door open, and a moment later, Shuang Yun joined her.

When he saw that there was a fire in the house, his first reaction was to pull Lin Huanhuan behind him and say nervously, “Your house is on fire! Its dangerous here.


Lin Huanhuan quickly held him back.

“Dont be nervous.

I lit this fire.

It wont hurt anyone.”

Bai Di placed the washed vegetables on a plate.

He saw that Lin Huanhuan had called Shuang Yun over.

Without asking anything, he smiled and said, “The meat is cooked.

Come and eat.”

Seeing Bai Di at ease as though he wasnt afraid of the fire in front of him, Shuang Yun immediately felt inferior.

He swallowed his fear of fire and sat down stiffly by the fire.

The hotpot emitted a rich fragrance.

The originally nervous Shuang Yun was distracted by the delicious food, and his body gradually relaxed.

Lin Huanhuan was already craving it.

She quickly ran over and sat down.

She used the homemade wooden chopsticks to pick up a piece of meat and put it into her mouth.

However, it was so hot that she cried out.

Bai Di took her face in his hands and blew on her lips.

When she was better, he advised her helplessly.

“Eat slowly.

No one is fighting you for it.”

Shuang Yun gently placed a cup of water beside Lin Huanhuans hand but still mocked her.

“You could even get scalded by eating a piece of meat.

Can you be any more useless!”


Lin Huanhuan glared at him.

“Hurry up and eat your meat!”

The three of them ate meat around the pot.

Bai Di always put the cooked meat and vegetables into Lin Huanhuans bowl to prevent her from being scalded again.

Shuang Yun would say a few bitter words from time to time, making Lin Huanhuan so angry that she raised her chopsticks and bickered with him.


Unknowingly, the atmosphere became a little warm.

Lin Huanhuan was soon full.

She looked at Shuang Yun who was still eating meat and suddenly asked, “Those two male beasts look unfamiliar.

Are they also from the Black River Wolf Tribe”


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