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Unsurprisingly, Ma Qing was captured alive.


He was forced to reveal his baboon form.

Xue Ling looked at his ugly face and felt his eyes sting.

He wanted to kill him immediately.

But Bai Di stopped Xue Ling.

“Lets bring him back first so we can see if we can get any information about the Dark Moon Temple from him.”

To prevent Ma Qing from escaping again, Bai Di broke his limbs.

He then took out a hemp rope from his interspatial ring and tied him up tightly.

Ma Qing gritted his teeth in pain.

His ugly face became even uglier and more disgusting.

While Bai Di was dealing with Ma Qing, Huanhuan walked to the mine alone.

She looked at the huge monster in front of her.

He looked like a pangolin, but he was dozens of times larger than a normal pangolin.

The pangolin suddenly asked, “Little female, you have the aura of the Divine Wood.

Whats your relationship with the Divine Wood clan”

Huanhuan was stunned.

“What Divine Wood clan”


“The tribe that has protected the Divine Wood for generations.

They call themselves the Divine Wood clan.” The pangolin glanced at her.

“From your silly appearance, you shouldnt be from the Divine Wood clan.

But why do you have the aura of the Divine Wood”


Xue Ling walked over and said with a smile, “Because she has the Divine Wood seed.”

The pangolin was a little surprised.

“Hasnt the Divine Wood been destroyed How can there be seeds left”

“Youll have to ask her.”

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Xue Ling and the pangolin looked at Huanhuan at the same time.

She was nervous and uneasy.

“I-I cant say.

Its my secret.”

She said it so bluntly that the pangolin and Xue Ling couldnt get to the bottom of it.

The pangolin slowed down his voice.

“No matter what the reason is, since you could obtain the Divine Wood seed, it means that youre fated with the Divine Wood.

I hope you can treat it well.”

Huanhuan nodded in agreement.

“I will.”

Xue Ling and Bai Di worked together to dig open the mine.

The pangolin could finally move its body and squeeze out of the narrow mine.

His body was much larger than she had imagined.

His huge body was more than ten meters long.

If he moved slightly, the ground would tremble.

His dark green skin was covered in thick scales.

It was obvious that he was extremely strong.

Huanhuan was stunned when she saw such a huge pangolin for the first time.

Ever since she came to this world, she had really learned a lot!

Through introductions, everyone learned that the pangolins name was Chang Gu.

Huanhuan couldnt help but ask, “Cant you take on a human form”

If he had turned into a human, he wouldnt have been stuck in the mine just now.

Chang Gu was slightly stunned.

Huanhuan looked at his expression and asked tentatively, “Dont tell me you didnt think of that”

Chang Gu: “…”

He truly didnt think of that.

Xue Ling couldnt help but laugh.

“Hahahaha! You were asleep for so many years.

Did you end up losing your mind How could you forget such a thing!”

Chang Gu looked at him coldly.

“Why are you still so noisy!”

“I can laugh at this joke for a year! Hahahaha!”


Huanhuan couldnt help but ask, “Do you two know each other from before”

Chang Gu said coldly, “I met him a few times many years ago.”

“Many years ago It sounds like a long time ago…”

“Its been quite a while.”

Huanhuan lowered her voice mysteriously, “Then do you know how old Xue Ling is”

It was said that Xue Ling had a high status in the feather tribe.

Even Patriarch Shen Yan acted like a junior in front of him.

Huanhuan felt that Xue Ling was definitely not young, but she couldnt guess how old he was.

In the past, when she asked the feather tribe, they didnt know either.

This was almost an unsolved mystery in her heart.

The pangolin in front of him seemed to have known Xue Ling for a long time.

Perhaps he knew Xue Lings age.

Chang Gu said succinctly, “I dont remember how old he is.”

“Y-You dont remember!” Huanhuan was shocked.

How old was he that he couldnt even remember!

She continued to ask, “Then do you know what the female Xue Ling likes looks like”

Chang Gu said, “Does he have a female he likes Ive never heard of her.”

“But he told me that he has a female he liked.”

Chang Gu still looked cold.

“Oh, then the female he likes must be very beautiful.”

“Really How do you know that”

“Xue Ling thinks hes the most beautiful beast in the world.

He once said that the person hell like in the future has to be prettier than him.

Otherwise, he might as well like himself!”

Huanhuan said, “How narcissistic.”

Bai Di walked over and said to Huanhuan, “I just checked the mine.

Its very deep.

I plan to go down and take a look.”

Before Huanhuan could speak, Chang Gu asked, “You want to mine it ”

Bai Di admitted frankly, “Yes.”

“No, you cant dig up the crystal mine here.”

Chang Gus tone was extremely certain.

Bai Di and Huanhuan were stunned.

Even Xue Ling looked at him.

Xue Ling knew Chang Gus temper very well.

If there was no special reason, he would not have said such a thing.

“Why not”

Chang Gus expression was solemn.

“This mountain range is an active volcano.

The bottom of the mountain is filled with magma.

Its all thanks to the crystal mine that the volcano hasnt erupted in so many years.

If you dig up the crystal mine and the volcano erupts, everything within a thousand miles will be burned to ashes.”

Huanhuan looked up.

She did not expect this majestic mountain range to be an active volcano.

Xue Ling asked with a faint smile, “Is that why youve been guarding this spot and not letting anyone else mine the place”

Chang Gu neither said yes nor no.

“Its warm here.

I can sleep very comfortably.

I dont intend to change places.

I hope youll give up this crystal mine.” He paused and added, “As compensation, I can give you a small gift.”

Chang Gu extended his claws and took out a black stone from the mine.

He placed it in front of Bai Di.

Bai Dis and Xue Lings expressions changed when they saw the stone.

Only Huanhuan did not understand what was so special about this stone.

She could not help but ask, “What is this”

Bai Di explained, “This is the black crystal essence.

Its the essence with the highest black crystal energy.

Only a large crystal mine that has been around for tens of thousands of years can produce such a piece of crystal essence.”

‘That sounds impressive!

Huanhuan blinked.


Chang Gu, are you going to give us this essence”

Chang Gu said yes, then asked, “Did you call me mister”

Huanhuan said, “Mister is an honorific.”

Chang Gu nodded slightly.

“Yes, I like this title.”


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