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Lin Huanhuan was woken up by a commotion.

She sat up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes.

“Whats happening out there”

Bai Di came in with hot water and wet a piece of hide.

As he wiped his little females face, he said, “The Black River Wolf Tribe is here.”

“Black River” Lin Huanhuan was curious.

“What is that place”

“The Black River is to the south of the rock mountain, where many large and small beast tribes live.

One of them is a tribe of wolves.

Theyre called the Black River Wolf Tribe.”

Lin Huanhuan was a little surprised.

So, there were several wolf tribes here.

She thought that only the rock mountain had a wolf tribe!

She thought for a moment.

“The wolf tribe that lives at the Black River is called the Black River Wolf Tribe.

Then is the wolf tribe that lives on the rock mountain called the Rock Wolf Tribe”

“Yes.” He stroked her head, his blue eyes full of praise.

“My little female is so clever!”

Lin Huanhuan: “…”


She felt as if she was being coaxed like a child.

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She continued to ask, “What is the Black River Wolf Tribe doing here”

“The leader of the Black River Wolf Tribe and Shuang Yuns father are brothers.

They must have come here for Shuang Yun.”

Lin Huanhuan understood.

“So, theyre here to visit relatives!”

Bai Di didnt think that they were here to just visit a relative.

They wouldnt come here for no reason.

They must be up to something seeing as how they chose this time to come to the rock mountain.

However, these were all internal matters of the wolf tribes and had nothing to do with him and Lin Huanhuan.

The weather outside had turned cold, but the temperature in the cave was still quite high.

Lin Huanhuan still wore her animal hide dress and did not feel cold at all.

Lin Huanhuan asked Bai Di to help make her a fanny pack.


Pockets made of animal hide were not only waterproof but sturdy.

She placed the cloth bag containing the sheepskin illustrated book and kindling inside the fanny pack.

If the pads werent so big, she would have stuffed them in her fanny pack too.

Lin Huanhuan wrapped her fanny pack around her waist and smiled at Bai Di.

“Youre really good with needles!”

Not only could he make leather boots, but he could also make underwear and fanny packs.

The stitches were dense and tight, and the workmanship was especially good.

He was simply the perfect homemaker in this era!


Bai Di was happy to be praised.

He liked doing things for his little female.

With a bang, the door was suddenly pushed open from the outside!

Lin Huanhuan was shocked.

She saw two tall and burly male beasts standing at the door.

They looked unfamiliar.

They must be wolves from the Black River Wolf Tribe.

They shouted gruffly, “Where are the people in this cave Come out!”

A chill flashed in Bai Dis eyes.

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He gently touched his little female on the back.

“Dont be afraid.

Im going to check on the situation.”

He walked over to the door.

“What can I do for you”

“The female in our family has taken a fancy to your cave.

Quickly move out.

This place will belong to our family from now on!”

Females were very rare.

As long as something caught their eye, the males would usually give in.

But Bai Di was different.

The only female who could make him give in unconditionally was Lin Huanhuan.

Other females were as worthless to him as weeds on the roadside.


He said calmly, “I refuse.”

“Huh What did you say How dare you refuse a females request!”

Not wanting to waste his breath, Bai Di turned to leave, but the two male beasts refused to let him go.

They actually swung their fists at him!

Bai Di would never be polite to punching bags that came to him.

He grabbed one of the beasts fists and twisted it, breaking the bones in the opponents hand!

The male beast howled in pain.

Bai Di sent the other beast flying with a kick.

“Get out!” he said coldly.

The two beasts couldnt beat him, so they could only slip away.

Bai Di fixed the door and said to Lin Huanhuan, “Things might get chaotic in the wolf tribe here.

Try not to go out alone in case you encounter danger.”

Lin Huanhuan replied seriously, “Alright.”

From the two fierce male beasts just now, it could be seen that the beasts of the Black River Wolf Tribe did not have the slightest awareness of etiquette.

Since they could forcefully occupy houses, they could definitely do more outrageous things.

After the two beaten male beasts left, they returned to the cave where they temporarily lived.

A large-breasted female was lying on a stone bed covered with animal hides.

She was enjoying the service of several males.


She saw the two males who had been beaten and immediately frowned.

“What happened I told you to find a cave near Shuang Yun.

Why did you come back looking like this”

“Li Wei, not only did that guy refuse to give us his cave but he even hit us!”


The female named Li Wei sat up straight, her face dark.

“How dare a male refuse my request!”

She was the most beautiful female of all the tribes on the banks of the river.

She had always been spoiled, and the males were always amenable to any request she made.

It was the first time shed been rejected, and she was furious.

Li Wei had stormed off with her two dozen plus male mates to make trouble for Bai Di.

But as soon as she slammed the door open, she saw him cuddling a small female.

Not only was she stunned, but so were the two dozen male mates around her.

They did not expect a female to be living in this house.

If they had known that a female lived here, they would never have come to occupy the house.

The males were all a little ashamed and didnt dare look at Lin Huanhuans face.

Only Li Wei stared at Lin Huanhuans face, her huge chest heaving with anger.

How could this females skin be so fair How could her hair be so smooth How could her waist be so slender!

How could this damn female be better looking than her!

Jealousy made Li Wei lose her mind.

Her face contorted.

“Where did you come from, wild female As the mate of the wolf tribes leader, Im now ordering you to get out! Youre not welcome in the wolf tribe!”

Lin Huanhuan thought about it slowly.

“I havent seen you before.

You should be a female of the Black River Wolf Tribe, right This is the rock mountain.

Even if youre the mate of the leader of the Black River Wolf Tribe, you cant interfere with the affairs of the Rock Wolf Tribe, right”

“Who said I was a mate of the Black River Wolf Tribes leader Im the mate to the Rock Wolf Tribes leader! Im the mistress here!”

Li Wei raised her chin, looking insufferably proud.

Lin Huanhuan was stunned.

“When did Shuang Yun have a mate Why havent I heard of it”

Li Wei announced imperiously.

“Ive taken a fancy to him today.

Hell definitely become my mate!”

“Oh, so its your wishful thinking,” Lin Huanhuan muttered softly.

“I knew it.

With Shuang Yuns temper, how could he accept a female as his mate”

“What are you calling wishful thinking Its his honor that Ive taken a fancy to him! He should be kneeling down in gratitude!”

“Who did you say should kneel down and be grateful” Shuang Yuns voice suddenly sounded.

The male beasts blocking the doorway backed away, clearing a path.

Shuang Yun walked over slowly.

His gaze swept over Li Wei with undisguised disgust.

This female was exactly like those he had seen before.

Selfish, greedy, cruel, and self-important.

They always thought the whole world should revolve around them.


Just looking at them made him feel disgusted!


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