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Huanhuan stood on the small hill and craned her neck while on tiptoe to look in the direction of Sun City.

When Bai Di came into view, she ran down the hill excitedly and raced toward him.

Bai Di spread his arms and caught the little female who pounced on him.

Huanhuan hugged his neck.

“Youre finally out.”

Bai Di smiled.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Bai Luo didnt bully you, right”


“No.” Bai Di carried her to Xue Ling.

“Thank you for helping to take Huanhuan out of the city.”

If Bai Di had brought Huanhuan along, they would have been more or less restrained.

It would have been worse if she were to get accidentally injured.

Huanhuan stuck her head out of Bai Dis arms as well.

“Thank you.”

Xue Ling glanced at them.

“Ive helped you more than once or twice.

If youre really grateful to me, stop showing off your affection in front of me in the future.

Its too annoying.”



Huanhuan: “…”

Her gratitude for him just now instantly shattered.

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows.

“Why do you look like that”

Huanhuan suggested sincerely, “In the future, when you see your sweetheart, you must speak less and do more.”


“With that mouth of yours, as soon as you open your mouth, itll definitely be over.”

Xue Ling: “…”

Bai Di smiled at them, then waved at Mayne.

“Lets get going while its still early and try to find a place to rest before it gets dark.”


Mayne had brought 19 male beasts this time.

They were all employees of the chamber of commerce.

They all transformed into their beast forms.

They carried hide bags of various sizes on their backs.

The bags were bulging.

It was unknown what they were filled with.

Bai Di transformed into a white tiger and carried Huanhuan to the front of the group.

Mayne followed with his men while carrying the bags.

Xue Ling spread his wings and flew high in the sky.

Huanhuan looked back at Mayne behind her.

She leaned down close to the white tigers ear and asked curiously.

“Why are you bringing the chamber of commerces men out of the city”

Bai Di explained, “When I went to the chamber of commerce to pay the bill, Mayne was very interested in the vegetables and fruits we plant.

He wanted to buy our vegetable fields and orchards directly, but I refused.

Hence, they had no choice but to settle for the next best thing.

They plan to sign a long-term supply agreement with us.

Im bringing them back this time to show them the way.

In the future, if they want to come to the rock mountain to collect goods, they can come directly.”

Huanhuan thought to herself that if this developed into a long-term business in the future, wouldnt the road from the rock mountain to Sun City evolve into theSilk Road equivalent in the beast world


No, it should be called the Path of Vegetables and Fruits!

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Huanhuan thought about it and was amused.

The journey was quite long and boring.

When Huanhuan was bored, she took out the Introduction to Alchemy Manual and opened it.

The words inside were all in simplified Chinese.

The sentences looked quite simple, but there were too many professional terms.

She felt dizzy after two pages.

She couldnt read anymore.

Huanhuan couldnt help but call out softly.

“Little Brat!”

System 438s voice said, “Yes”

Huanhuan asked, “I bought something in the Crystal Mall.

You should be in charge of after-sales too, right”

System 438 was stunned.

It had never seen a host who made after-sales requests.

After a while, it came back to its senses and said uncertainty, “I think so.”

Huanhuan immediately said, “Then help me translate everything in this manual.”

System 438 was surprised.

“The book is in simplified Chinese.

With your background, you should be able to understand it.”

“Its true that I can understand the words, but I dont understand what they mean.” Huanhuan casually pointed at a word.

“For example, crucible.

Ive only seen iron pots, stone pots, and stainless steel pots.

Ive never seen a crucible.

What exactly is it”

“Previously, you stayed in a beast city for three days and three nights.

After completing the mission, werent you rewarded with a set of crucibles”

Huanhuan froze.

Too many things had happened during this period of time.

After the mission was completed, the reward was automatically given to her.

At that time, she didnt even have the time to look at it before throwing it into the interspatial ring.

Hearing Little Brats words, Huanhuan immediately took out a set of crucibles from her ring space.

There were four of them in a set with a lid and a small spoon.

They were made of gold.

Huanhuan thought to herself that this set would definitely sell for a lot of money on Earth!

System 438 briefly introduced the use of crucibles.

After Huanhuan listened to it and referred to the description in the manual, she seemed to understand something.

“I feel that alchemy is a little similar to pharmaceuticals.”

However, if one were to investigate carefully, one would discover that alchemy encompassed a wider range than ordinary pharmaceuticals.

It could even be said that pharmaceuticals were only a small branch of alchemy.

In addition, alchemy could purify metal, change the structure of matter, and create countless magical works through various chemical reactions.

In the world of alchemy, there was nothing you couldnt think of.

It was possible even if you wanted to build a cannon!

Of course, that was assuming you were a powerful alchemist.

Huanhuan slowly opened the Introduction to Alchemy Manual again.

She read the entire manual in five days.

A famous scientist had said that practice was the only criterion for testing the truth!

Huanhuan decided to do a small experiment to test how well she had learned.

In order to avoid any accidents, she specially took the opportunity to run to a remote place alone while everyone was eating and resting.

She took out a crucible and put it over a fire.

She followed the sample formula in the manual and poured some water in first.

Then, she added a small stone, a small piece of animal bone, two dead insects, a piece of black mud, and finally, a green crystal.

Huanhuan closed the lid on the crucible, then took two steps back and stared at it without blinking.

Bai Di had finished roasting the chicken.

He looked back and saw that Huanhuan was gone.

He immediately asked, “Wheres Huanhuan Did any of you see her”

Mayne pointed upstream from the stream.

“I saw her run there alone.”

Everyone thought that the little female was just playful and did not take this matter to heart.

Anyway, she was not far away.

They could hear even the slightest movement.

Xue Ling had been staring at the roasted chicken for a long time.

When he was about to reach for it, Bai Di glanced at him.

“Dont move.

Eat when Huanhuan comes back.”

“Alright.” Xue Ling retracted his claws in boredom.

“Go and call her back.

The roasted meat wont taste good when it gets cold.”

Bai Di had only taken two steps when he heard a loud bang!

It was as if something had exploded!

The sound came from Huanhuans direction!


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