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Bai Ming understood.

“It seems that you really love her.”


Bai Di said frankly, “Because she deserves to be loved.”

Bai Ming smiled in relief.

“I was worried that you would fight with Little Luo for the throne after I left, but it seems that I was overthinking.”

He paused to catch his breath before continuing.

“In the past, because of Qing Yus death, I always had a grudge against Little Luo.

I always felt that he was the one who killed Qing Yu and deliberately neglected him for a long time.

Hes suffered a lot.

Now that I think about it, I was venting my anger on him.

Hes innocent, while Im the guilty one.

But my body has already become like this.

Theres nothing I can do to make it up to him except leave the throne to him.

Little Luo has always wanted to inherit the throne.

Hes done a lot for it.

Hell be very happy if he can take the throne.”

After saying this, Bai Ming was already very tired.

With all his might, he stretched out his right hand shakily.

“Bai Di…”

Bai Di quickly wished me luck with my hand.

“Im here.”

“Little Luo looks cheerful, but hes actually very sensitive.

Im worried about him.

After I leave, you have to help take care of him.

Dont let him be bullied, especially by the temple…”

He didnt finish, but Bai Di understood what he meant.

“I will!”


“Dont be sad.

Although my body will die, my soul is about to be reunited with Qing Yu.

“Qing Yu, walk slower.

Wait for me…”

Bai Ming closed his eyes bit by bit, and his right hand fell weakly.

Bai Di knelt down and covered his eyes with one hand.

His shoulders heaved.

Tears fell silently.

After hearing Bai Dis story, Bai Luo stood rooted to the ground for a long time.

He murmured involuntarily, “Youre lying, right Father has never liked me.

How could he leave the throne to me You must be lying to me, right”

Bai Di transformed into his human form.

He retracted his sharp claws and grabbed Bai Luo, who was still in shock.

“You keep thinking that all of us owe you, but have you ever wanted to trust us even once Youd rather take the word of an outsider than talk it out with me face-to-face.

You even targeted Huanhuan!”


Bai Di punched Bai Luos cheek.

Bai Luo turned his head, and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth.

But Bai Di didnt stop there.

He pressed him to the ground and continued to beat him up!

Bai Luos face was bruised, but he could not fight back.

On the one hand, he was still in shock.

On the other hand, Bai Di was beating him so hard that he couldnt fight back.

The strength of a five-starred soul beast was enough to make Bai Luo suffer.

Bai Di only stopped when Bai Luo was about to faint.

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He stood up and looked down at Bai Luo.

He cursed, “If you werent my biological brother, I wouldve broken your neck!”

Bai Luo had already returned to his human form.

He slumped to the ground, feeling as if several bones in his chest had been broken.

He wondered how long he would have to lie here until he recovered, not to mention his face.

He must have been beaten beyond recognition.

He was probably a tragic sight.

He raised his head with difficulty.

“Father said that he was angry at me because of Mothers death.

Didnt Mother die in that accidental fire”

Bai Dis face was expressionless.

“Mother couldve escaped that fire, but she died protecting you.”

Bai Luo was stunned again.

“How did—”

“You happened to be sick that day.

Mother was worried about leaving you in the care of the servants, so she stayed by your side.

When the fire started, you were still unconscious.

In order to protect you, Mother couldnt escape the fire and was burned alive.”

Bai Luos body trembled involuntarily.

“Why dont I remember anything…”

“You were very sick at that time and in a coma.

You had no idea what happened.

When you woke up, we could only say that Mother died in an accident so that you wouldnt be sad and blame yourself.”

Bai Luo was about to break down.

He covered his head and curled up into a ball.

“How did this happen How did…”

Bai Di closed his eyes as if he were remembering the fire.

The last thing their mother had said to them was—

“I love you! I love you!”

Bai Luo seemed to have completely lost his mind from the truth.

Only the words kept repeating in his mind.

“How did this happen…”

Bai Di was about to leave when he looked at Bai Luo one last time.

“Although I really want to ignore you now, I have to tell you something.

Mothers death might not be an accident, so you dont have to blame yourself.”

However, Bai Luo did not seem to hear him.

He was still immersed in his own world and kept repeating that sentence.

Then, Bai Di said something again.

“That fire could have been caused by someone.”

Bai Luo suddenly stopped talking to himself.

He looked up at Bai Di with wide eyes.

“Who did it Who set the fire!”

“After Mother died, Father and I secretly investigated this matter.

We suspected that it might be the high priest.

But we had no evidence.

He has the temple behind him.

We couldnt do anything to him.”


Bai Luo was like a drowning person who suddenly grabbed a piece of driftwood.

“Its him Why did he want to kill Mother” His heart was suddenly filled with hatred, and this hatred even suppressed his disgust for him.

“No matter what he did it for, I have to take revenge.

Ill take revenge!”

Bai Di took pity on him.

“Dont be rash.

The high priest must have seen that youre easier to control, which was why he wanted to put you on the throne.

You can take the opportunity to gain his trust.

In the future, when youve stabilized your power, you can slowly plan to capture them all.”


Bai Luo clenched his fists.

“I know what to do.”

Bai Di turned away.

He had only taken a few steps when he heard Bai Luos voice behind him.

“W-Will you come back after this”

Whether it was due to guilt or physical injury, his voice sounded weak.

Bai Di stopped but didnt look back at him.

“Well see.”

Then, he strode away without looking back.

Bai Luo watched his brother walk away.

That was his last family member in this world.

Now, even he was leaving.

In this huge palace, he would be the only one left to fight alone in the future.

Reluctance, sadness, regret, endurance…

All his emotions surged, causing him to fall into a daze.



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