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At this moment, all the beasts living in the outer city were hiding.

The street was empty.

The guards were all lying on the ground.

Only Bai Di and Xiong Shu were still standing.

Xiong Shu was injured in many ways.

His entire right arm was numb from the electricity.

He looked up at Bai Di, panting.

“Youve actually risen to five stars!”


Bai Di did not hide his strength anymore.

His sudden five-star strength caught Xiong Shu and the others off guard.

They were quickly knocked to the ground.

Bai Dis hair was a little messy, and he had some abrasions.

But overall, he was far better off than Xiong Shu.

Bai Di said calmly, “I dont want to kill anyone.

Stop getting in my way.”

Seeing that he was about to leave, Xiong Shu couldnt help but ask, “Why You clearly have the strength of five stars.

Why didnt you inherit the throne The late king clearly passed the throne to you before he died!”

But Bai Di said, “Father didnt pass the throne to me.”


Xiong Shu refused to believe him.

“How is that possible The late king thought so highly of you.

The last person he saw before he died was you.

No one is more suitable for that position than you!”

Without another word, Bai Di strode toward the inner city.

The guards struggled to their feet.

They were injured, but none of them was seriously injured or dead.

It was obvious that Bai Di had deliberately gone easy on them.

In the past, before Bai Di left Sun City, he was in charge of defense and military affairs.

The guards had followed him on the battlefield to kill enemies and risked their lives.

They trusted Bai Di greatly.

It was the same for Xiong Shu.

He actually hoped that Bai Di would inherit the throne.

But in the end, Bai Luo became the new king.

Now, they had to listen to Bai Luos orders to attack Bai Di.

It was really frustrating!

Xiong Shu rubbed his right arm that was numb from the lightning and frowned.

“How can we go after him! We cant beat him.

Even if we can, none of us can be ruthless to him!”

“Then what if the higher-ups pursue the matter”

Xiong Shu lay on the ground like a huge piece of meat.

“Im seriously injured.

Its not that I refuse to chase after him but that I cant move.”


The guards were speechless.

‘Boss, how did you become a general like this!

No one knew if it was because Bai Dis aura was too terrifying or because Bai Luo had given the order, no one stopped him on the way from the outer city to the palace.

He walked into the palace unimpeded and saw Bai Luo at the training ground.

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Bai Luo was the only one in the entire training ground.

The surroundings were frighteningly empty.

Instead of being surprised to see Bai Di, he smiled brightly.

“Second Brother, youre finally here.”


Bai Di stopped two meters away from him.

The brothers facial features were very similar, but Bai Di was always gentle and quiet, while Bai Luo was more outgoing and cheerful.

When he smiled, he looked like a sunny boy, full of vigor.

Bai Luo was still smiling brightly, but the gentleness on Bai Dis face had disappeared.

Bai Di said, “I want to spar with you again before I leave.”

Bai Luo agreed readily.


This time, they did not maintain their human forms.

Instead, they transformed into their beast forms.

The two white tigers stood on either side.

They looked almost identical, but if one looked closely, one could see that the white tiger on the left had blue-purple lightning in his eyes.

The one on the left was Bai Di.

This time, Bai Di didnt let his brother go.

He pounced on him without a word!

Bai Luo did not stand on ceremony and went forward without hesitation!

The two sides started fighting.

When the two tigers collided again, Bai Di suddenly asked, “Why did you bully Huanhuan”

“Bully” Bai Luo paused.

“Did I bully her Or did she say something to you”

“She didnt say anything.”

“Then why are you so sure that I bullied her” With that, Bai Luo scratched him!

Bai Di dodged his claws.

“You bit her mouth, didnt you”

“Heh.” Bai Luo chuckled and continued to attack.

“I bit her, but maybe she was willing”

“If she was willing, she would have told me the truth.

But she didnt say anything.

Shes in a hurry to get out of here because shes afraid of you!”

“Shes afraid of me Why Just because I kissed her Dont male beasts use this trick to pursue females they like!” Bai Luo caught him off guard and kicked his abdomen!

“Stop pretending.

You dont like her at all.” Instead of dodging, Bai Di caught his move.

Blue-purple electricity flowed out of Bai Dis body, numbing Bai Luos entire body.

He fell to the ground.

Bai Di took the opportunity to pounce on him.

His claws were pressed against his neck, his sharp claws only a hairs breadth away from cutting flesh.

With just a light poke, Bai Luos blood would splatter on the spot.

Bai Di looked down at him and said coldly, “You pursued her because you knew she knew medicine.

You wanted to keep her for your own use.

Of course, it would be better if you could use her to restrain me.”

Bai Luos lips twitched.

“I dont know what youre talking about.”

“Its not that I dont know about the things you do in secret.

I just pretend not to.”


Bai Dis eyes were filled with disappointment.

“Before Mother and Father died, they entrusted you to me.

Ive always tried my best to take care of you.

Even if you occasionally go overboard, Id just turn a blind eye.

I didnt expect you to even want to use Huanhuan.”

Bai Luo sneered.

“Dont mention Father and Mother to me! They only had you in their eyes.

I was always the one who was ignored! They didnt love me at all!”

“If Father didnt love you, he wouldnt have specially reminded me not to snatch the throne from you before he died!”

Bai Luo was stunned.

His eyes widened in disbelief.

“What are you saying Didnt Father pass the throne to you”

Bai Di told him what had happened that day.

“Father did ask me if I wanted to inherit the throne before he died…”


In the dim room, Bai Di looked at his aging father on the bed and suppressed his reluctance.

“I dont want to take the throne.”

Bai Mings voice was very weak.

“Why Very few beasts refuse the temptation of the throne.”

“When I left the rock mountain, I promised Shuang Yun and Sang Ye that I would bring Huanhuan back safely.

If I bring her to live in Sun City, those two guys will definitely not let me off.

They might bring a group of wolf beasts to kill me.”

Bai Di paused, then added, “And Huanhuan doesnt like it here.

The rock mountain is our home.”


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