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Huanhuan hoped that she could go home quickly.

As for being bullied by Bai Luo, she would treat it as if she was bitten by a dog.

Although she felt a little disgusted, she just had to not think about it.

But Bai Di refused to be fooled.

He looked at Xiong Shu.

“Wheres Bai Luo”

Xiong Shu lowered his head.

“His Majesty is in the palace.”

Bai Di handed Huanhuan to Xue Ling.

“Take her out of the city first.

There are beasts from the chamber of commerce waiting outside the city.

Go and meet them.

Ill talk to Bai Luo.”

Xue Ling agreed.

Huanhuan quickly grabbed Bai Dis wrist.

“Come with us!”

The palace was filled with Bai Luos and Wen Qians men.

Bai Di would definitely suffer if he rushed back alone!

Bai Dis thumb brushed her lips.

The bite was blinding.

“Im his brother,” he said in a low voice.

“Im his only family in the world.

There are some things I have to teach him.”



Bai Di interrupted her, “Stay with Xue Ling.

He can keep you safe.

Ill look for you when Im done.”

Huanhuan looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“But Im worried about you.”

“I promise Ill find my way back to you,” Bai Di said to Xue Ling as he pulled her hand away.

“Ill leave Huanhuan to you for now.

I hope youll be a little more reliable this time.”

Xue Ling chuckled.

“Alright, alright.

Stop talking nonsense.

Youre her mate, not her father.

Do you have to worry so much!”

Bai Di thought to himself,Even if I were to raise a daughter, she wouldnt be as precious.

Seeing that Bai Di was about to ask Huanhuan to leave, Xiong Shu had no choice but to bite the bullet and interrupt, “His Majesty has already given the order that the second prince and his mate cant leave Sun City…”

Before he could finish, he saw Xue Ling suddenly spread his wings.

His blood-red wings could almost cover the sky.

Under everyones gazes, Xue Ling flew into the sky with Huanhuan in his arms.

He looked down at Xiong Shu and the other guards with a sneer.

“You want to catch me with just you bunch of ugly people Dream on!”

There was a team of eagle beasts in Sun City who was in charge of aerial patrol and defense.

Xiong Shu roared and called for the eagle beast team to come and help.

They stopped Xue Ling and Huanhuan from leaving.

The eagle team quickly flew over.

But when they saw the huge fiery wings in the distance, they stopped.

They looked frightened and gathered to discuss softly.

“Am I seeing things Thats Elder Xue Ling of the feather tribe, right!”

“In the entire feather tribe, hes the only one with flashy red wings.

Thats right, it must be him!”

“F*ck, why is he here instead of staying in the feather tribe!”

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“Then should we go over”

“Why should we go over To sacrifice ourselves to him!”

“But were already here.

If we dont go over and make it seem like were doing our jobs, well be investigated by General Xiong.

Our bonuses will definitely be deducted.”


In order to keep their monthly bonus of two crystals, the eagle team finally decided to take the risk.

When they were about ten meters away from the red feather beast, they stopped collectively.

Xue Ling looked back at them and asked casually, “Are you trying to stop me Its been a long time since I fought.

Lets practice together.”

The eagle team immediately retreated ten meters.

The captain was pushed out.

He looked at Xue Ling from afar with a fawning smile.

“We wouldnt dare to fight you.

Were just here to greet you.

Please help us greet Patriarch Shen Yan.”

Logically speaking, these eagle beasts belonged to the feather tribe.

However, they left the feather tribe when they were very young and had been living outside.

Now, they had settled in Sun City.

However, they were still very afraid of Elder Xue Ling, who was famous for being crazy.


It was not only because this guy was powerful, but also because his temper was really volatile.

When he lost his temper, he wouldnt recognize anyone.

Even the leader of the feather tribe did not dare to go against him.

Xue Ling replied casually, “Is there anything else”

“N-Nothing else.”

Xue Ling carried Huanhuan and flew away.

The eagle beasts maintained a respectful posture.

They only heaved a sigh of relief when Xue Ling was far enough away that he was out of sight.

Huhu, they had finally sent the big shot away!

Xiong Shu, who was standing below and had watched the entire process, clenched his fists.

‘Do you bastards really think Im blind!

Xiong Shu secretly made a note of these eagle beasts who accepted salaries but did nothing.

He would settle the score with them later!

Huanhuan was taken away by Xue Ling, leaving Bai Di alone in the city.

Xiong Shu had people surround him.

“Your Highness, as much as I respect you, this is an order from the new king.

We have no choice but to follow it.”

Bai Di said without changing his expression, “Im going to see Bai Luo.

Get out of the way.”

Neither Xiong Shu nor the guards moved.

Bai Di narrowed his eyes.

“Dont make me attack you.”

Xiong Shu still did not back down.

“Then Ill have to offend you.”

Bai Dis expression darkened.

His hands transformed into sharp claws that flashed with lightning as he attacked!


Xue Ling slowly landed on the grass outside the city.

The beasts sent by the chamber of commerce were already waiting here.

When they saw Xue Ling and Huanhuan descending from the sky, they were a little stunned.

Xue Lings wings were too big, and they had never seen those fiery red feathers before.

They couldnt figure out what breed he was, but their instincts told them that this person should be very powerful.

It was best not to provoke him.

Just as they were watching carefully, Xue Ling walked over with Huanhuan.

Xue Ling glanced at the bone plates hanging on their chests.

Printed on the bone plates was the golden leaf emblem unique to the chamber of commerce.

“Are you from the chamber of commerce”

The middle-aged male beast in the lead stood up and replied carefully and respectfully, “Yes.”

Xue Ling said, “Bai Di sent us to look for you.”

The middle-aged male beast quickly said, “So, youre friends of the second prince.

My name is Mayne, and Im the manager of the chamber of commerce.

May I know your name”

Xue Ling glanced at him.

“You dont deserve to know my name.”

Mayne was speechless.

Huanhuan pushed Xue Ling away.

This guys personality was really bad.

No wonder those eagle beasts looked like they had seen a ghost when they saw him just now!

She smiled at Mayne.

“My name is Lin Huanhuan.

Im Bai Dis mate.

You can call me Lin or Huanhuan.”

Mayne was stunned by the little females smile.

This little female was really good-looking.

Her skin was as fair as snow, her eyes were curved in a smile, and there were small dimples on both sides of her mouth.

Mayne, who had traveled extensively and seen many females, couldnt help but be stunned by her.

Xue Ling pulled Huanhuan behind him.

“Dont smile at others for no reason.

What if you cause trouble”

Although he was facing Huanhuan when he said this, his gaze darted to Mayne.


Maynes scalp tingled under the gaze, and he quickly looked away.



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