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Even after Huanhuan took two steps, she still felt indignant.

She turned to look at Bai Luo and mustered her courage.

“I lost my parents when I was young, and I dont have any siblings by my side.

The only relatives I have treat me as a disposable burden.

When I was young, I dreamed of having a family.

I didnt need to be too rich.

I just needed to be like an ordinary person, but that could only be a dream for me.

“The dream that I once couldnt get is a burden that you deeply detest.

To put it bluntly, youre just a useless pretentious bastard!

“Since you dont like Bai Di, thats good! Give him to me and Ill live with him forever!

“As for you, just die alone with your throne!”


With that, Huanhuan walked away without looking back.

She walked away aggressively.

If she had the right cloak, she would immediately be able to cosplay as the Queen.

However, as soon as she walked out of the door, her aura instantly disappeared.

She leaned against the wall and panted.

She had never spoken like that before.

She felt so afraid.

What if Bai Luo suddenly exploded and killed her!

Just thinking about it made her legs go weak and her vision spin.


Huanhuan didnt dare go too far, afraid that Bai Di wouldnt be able to find her.

She wrapped herself in her cloak, then crouched in the corner by the door.

She wrapped her arms around her knees.

The big hood covered half her face, leaving only her round chin exposed.

She waited quietly for Bai Di to come to her.

Just then, Xue Ling landed in front of her.

Seeing her curled up in a pitiful ball, Xue Ling was both amused and heartbroken.

He reached out and picked her up.

“Werent you quite capable just now Why are you as weak as a chick in the blink of an eye!”

Huanhuan was shocked by him and hurriedly struggled.

“Put me down!”

“Dont move.” Xue Ling hugged her tighter.

“Move again and Ill kiss you.”

Huanhuan immediately stopped moving.

She knew very well that this old hooligan dared to do as he said.

She did not want to be kissed by another person in the blink of an eye.

It felt terrible to be kissed by someone you didnt like!

The skullcap took the opportunity to crawl out of the hood and rub against the back of Xue Lings hand affectionately.


Xue Lings gaze paused as if he was surprised.

“Why has Little Lotus grown up”

Huanhuan asked, “Isnt it normal for it to grow up”

“After the lotus sprouts, it can quickly enter the infancy period, but if it wants to enter the adolescence period, it needs a lot of nutrients.”

Huanhuan was confused.

“What nutrients Are you talking about water”

“Its not just water.

Theres also life force.” Xue Ling paused.

“I almost forgot.

You have the Divine Wood seed in you.

Divine Wood is the source of life force.

Little Lotus must have absorbed its power.”

Huanhuan didnt understand.

Xue Ling spread his wings and carried her up.

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After a while, she realized what was going on and was shocked.

“How did you know I have the Divine Wood seed!”

Xue Ling said indifferently, “You have the aura of Divine Wood on you.

Although its very faint, I can still smell it if I get close.”

Huanhuan immediately became nervous.

She did not expect the Divine Wood seed to be so easily discovered.

She had to be careful in the future!

As if sensing her worry, Xue Ling spoke again, “You dont have to be too nervous.

Few beasts in this world know what the smell of the Divine Wood seed is like.

Even if they smell it, they wont know what it is.”

Huanhuans nervousness eased a little.

She looked at Xue Ling suspiciously.

“Why do you know everything”

Xue Ling laughed.

“Because Im old.

Im knowledgeable.”

Huanhuan knew that he was mocking her for thinking he was old.

She touched her nose resentfully, thinking that not only was this guy old, but he was also petty.

He could remember a casual remark for many days.

She deliberately changed the subject.

“Where are you taking me”

“To take you to the person you want to see.”

Xue Ling led her to Bai Di.

At this moment, he had just walked out of the chamber of commerce with two unfamiliar male beasts behind him.

One of the male beasts said respectfully, “Take care, Second Prince.

Well prepare the men now.

Well gather outside the city later.”

Bai Di nodded.


Ill see you later.”

When he turned, he saw Huanhuan standing nearby, and Xue Ling behind her.

“Why are you here” Bai Di hurried over and picked her up.

“Didnt I tell you to wait for me at the bamboo bears house”

Huanhuan lowered her head, her hood covering most of her face.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and clung to his chest.

“I miss you,” she said lovingly.

Theyd only been apart for a moment, but the little female missed him.

Bai Dis heart melted.

Huanhuan asked, “Can we go now I want to go home quickly.”

She had wanted to sell more vegetables and fruits to Ni Mei, but now, she just wanted to get out of here.

She really wanted to return to the rock mountain.

She missed Shuang Yun and Sang Ye and the children.

Bai Di replied gently, “Okay, well go home now.”

The three of them left the inner city, but when they reached the first layer of the outer city, they were stopped by guards.

Bai Di frowned.

“What do you want”

Xiong Shu clenched his fist and pressed it against his chest.

He bowed and said, “Im very sorry.

Without HIs Majestys permission, Your Highness and your mate cant leave Sun City.”

Xue Ling smiled, but there was no warmth in his eyes.

“The new king has just succeeded the throne, but hes already planning to get rid of your own brother You two are really brothers, huh!”

Bai Di thought that sounded harsh.

He looked back at Xue Ling.

“Little Luo isnt like that.”

“Then what do you think your brother should be like Innocent and kind Sunny and cheerful” Xue Lings smile was filled with mockery.

“If hes really as good as you think, why did he bully Huanhuan!”

Bai Di was stunned.

“He bullied Huanhuan”

Xue Ling glanced at the little female who was about to bury her head in her stomach and asked with a faint smile, “Huanhuan, why dont you dare raise your head and let your dear Bai Di see your mouth”

Huanhuan was speechless.

This bird man was really enjoying the show!


Bai Di didnt care.

He grabbed Huanhuans chin and forced her to look up.

Her swollen lips were bitten a little, making them look especially glaring in contrast to her fair skin.

Anyone with a brain could tell how the wound on her mouth came about.

Bai Dis eyes darkened.

The blue sea in his eyes seemed to be brewing a storm.

He asked in a low voice, “Did he bite you”

Huanhuan felt a little guilty under his gaze.

“Actually, it doesnt hurt very much.

Ill just apply some medicine later…”

“Why didnt you tell me just now”

Huanhuan didnt know how to answer.

She didnt want to tell Bai Di.

She didnt want him to know Bai Luos true thoughts.


She didnt want him to feel bad.


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