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Bai Luo asked instead of answering, “I heard that you and Second Brother are about to leave Sun City”

“Yes, we plan to go home.”

“Isnt this your home”

Huanhuan looked at him in amusement.

“I can understand why Ni Mei would ask such a question.

After all, shes very innocent.

But youre different.

Shouldnt you know better than anyone why Bai Di and I left in such a hurry”

“I wont do anything to you.

You can live here without worry.” Bai Luo looked into her eyes.

“Well always be a family.”

Huanhuan shook her head.

“We have to go back.

My children and mates are still waiting for us at home.”

“I can get someone to bring them to Sun City and live with us.”

“I appreciate the offer, but Bai Di and I cant stay here.”

Huanhuan paused.

She felt that it was a little unreasonable to say this, so she added, “If Bai Di wants, he can come to Sun City to see you every now and then.

The relationship between you brothers wont become distant.”

Unexpectedly, Bai Luo stared at her and asked, “What about you You wont come to Sun City again”

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Huanhuan did not want to come here again.

The people living in this beast city were all carnivores.

The vegetables and fruits planted by her family did not sell well.

If there were more herbivores here, she could consider coming here a few more times in the future to do business.

But she didnt say it outright.

She just replied vaguely, “Well see.”

Bai Luo was not satisfied with her answer.

‘What does she mean by saying that Shes just humoring me.

Bai Luo grabbed her hand and frowned.

“Why do you always refuse my requests Am I really inferior to my brother in your heart”

Huanhuan was shocked by his sudden question and forgot to break free from his grip.

She looked at him blankly.

“Its not that I think you cant compare to Bai Di…”

However, Bai Luo acted as if he didnt hear her.

He was still aggressive.

“You think Im not as smart and powerful as my brother, right!”

“What are you talking about I dont understand at all.

Let go of me!”

Not only did Bai Luo not let go of her, but he also took a step forward and pressed her against the tree.

His arms supported her sides, firmly imprisoning her in his arms.

He lowered his head to hers.

“I tried so hard, but all of you ignored me.

Youll always only have Bai Di in your eyes.”

Huanhuan leaned against the hard tree trunk.

There was no way to escape.

She could only struggle with all her might, trying to break free from his shackles.

However, she was too weak to push Bai Luo away.

Her face flushed with anxiety.

“Bai Luo, calm down!”

Bai Luo grabbed her chin and forced her to look up.


As my mate, I can give you endless wealth.

Dont you like bamboo bears If you stay, you can come and play with them every day.”

Huanhuan felt that Bai Luo was very abnormal.

He was worlds apart from his usual sunny and cheerful appearance.

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He was like an enraged male beast now, his eyes filled with plunder and brutality.

Huanhuan was a little frightened.

Her voice trembled.

“Im your sister-in-law.

How can I be with you—”

“No, Ive never treated you as my sister-in-law.” Bai Luo lowered his head and approached her, his blue eyes locked on her.

“I like you very much.

I really want to be your mate and spend the rest of my life with you.”

Even though she was afraid, Huanhuan tried to remain calm.

“Its not like that.

I can feel it.

You dont like me at all.”

Bai Luo chuckled.

“Youre wrong.

I do like you a lot.”

“You can fool others, but you cant fool yourself.

You have no romantic feelings for me!”

“Since you dont believe my feelings for you are real, Ill have to let you realize it for yourself.”

After saying the last word, he suddenly leaned forward and kissed Huanhuans lips!

Huanhuans eyes widened in fear as she struggled desperately.


Bai Luo relied on his strength and completely ignored her struggles.

He grabbed her chin with one hand and the back of her head with the other, forcing her to accept the kiss that couldnt be called gentle.

Huanhuan was about to cry.

She did not like Bai Luo.

She did not want to be kissed by him!

Someone save her!

At this moment, the lotus that had been lying dormant on her head raised its bud.

Its pink petals instantly turned black, and the bud bloomed into a lotus flower.

It suddenly became more than ten times larger and bit Bai Luos head aggressively!

Bai Luo sensed danger and quickly let go of Huanhuan, avoiding the sneak attack of the lotus.

Huanhuan took the opportunity to break free.

She wiped the moisture off her mouth and raised her hand to slap Bai Luo hard!


There was a crack!

Bai Luo was stunned by her slap.

This was the first time hed been slapped, and by a weak little female too.

For a moment, he did not know how to react.

Huanhuans lips were bruised from his biting.

They were red and swollen, and her eyes were red.

There were teardrops hanging from the corners of her eyes.

She looked as if she had suffered a great grievance.

Seeing her like this, Bai Luos heart suddenly ached.

He couldnt help himself.

“Dont cry…”

Huanhuan took a deep breath and tried not to cry.

She shouted, “Im not going to cry over someone like you!”

The bud drooped down and gently rubbed against her cheek.

“Mom, dont be sad.

Ill help you kill him.”

Although it was inappropriate, Huanhuan couldnt help but caress the bud.

“Little Lotus, how can you say so many words now Didnt you only know how to speak two words previously”

Moreover, its shape had become much larger.

There was a small green lotus seed pod in the center of the petals.

It looked small and very cute.

The lotus said softly, “Ive grown up.

I can talk a lot and protect you now.”

Huanhuan touched its petals.

After this interruption, the grievance she felt just now was greatly relieved.

But she was still furious!

She wasnt angry at herself but at Bai Luo.

“Bai Luo, it doesnt matter how you treat me, but how could you do this to Bai Di! Hes always loved you.

If he learns about what you just said, how sad will he be!”

Bai Luo turned his head away.

“I was just telling the truth.”

“If thats the truth, then youre really heartless!”

Huanhuan didnt want to look at him anymore.

She touched the lotus.

“Little Lotus, lets go.”

The lotus waved its sharp leaves at Bai Luo.

If he dared to bully its mother again, it would tear him into pieces!

It returned to its obedient form, its small pink bud leaning against Huanhuans head.


It was as if its fierce appearance just now was just an illusion.


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