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Huanhuan and Bai Di went back into the house to pack.

They didnt have much luggage, so they could pack quickly.

Bai Di stuffed a small animal hide bag into his interspatial ring and said to Huanhuan, “Im going to the chamber of commerce to settle the accounts for the past two days.

Are you going to stay in the palace and wait for me to come back Or are you going to the chamber of commerce with me”

Huanhuan immediately said, “Ill go to the chamber of commerce with you.”

She was unfamiliar with the palace and felt too insecure staying there.

She felt safer following Bai Di.

Bai Di picked her up and walked out.

“There are many people in the chamber of commerce,” he said.

“Females usually dont step foot there to avoid trouble.

Ill send you to the bamboo bears house later.

Can you play there for a while”

Huanhuan was very happy to see the panda again.


On the way out of the palace, Huanhuan couldnt help but ask, “Why did you and Bai Luo carry the remains of the late king up the mountain”

Bai Di said, “According to tradition, after the beast king dies, his remains will be thrown onto the divine mountain.

When the time comes, a god will come and take his soul away.”

Huanhuan felt that this sounded like a fantasy.

“Are there really gods and souls”

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“I dont know.” Bai Di paused, then added, “But I hope there are such things as souls so that after Father dies, his soul can be reunited with Mother.”

Huanhuan had not seen the queen or Bai Dis eldest brother since she entered the palace.

No one around her had spoken to her about it.

Although she was puzzled, she was too embarrassed to ask.

It was the first time shed heard Bai Di talk about his mother today.

Huanhuan realized that his mother had passed away.

She hugged Bai Dis neck tightly and said softly, “Theyll certainly be very happy after being reunited.”

“I hope so…”

The bamboo bears house was in the noble living area.

The walls were very tall, and one could see a large area of flowers and trees when they entered.

When Huanhuan saw Ni Mei, she was lying in the hammock and sunbathing.

The hammock was hung between two trees with animal hide.

It was a little like a swing.

You could rock gently while sleeping on it.

Ni Mei was huge.

The hammock she slept in was custom-made and looked sturdy.


Ni Mei saw Huanhuan coming and immediately sat up in bed.

The hammock creaked.

“Huanhuan, why are you free to come and play with me today”

Huanhuan smiled sweetly.

“Bai Di has something to do.

I came to your house to visit you for a while.

I hope Im not disturbing you”

“No, no! Im glad you came to play with me!”

Ni Mei had someone spread animal hide blankets on the grass and pulled Huanhuan to sit on them.

The servants placed fresh fruits in front of them.

Huanhuan took out some sunflower seeds and shared them with Ni Mei.

The two of them chatted as they ate sunflower seeds and fruits.

Huanhuan said slowly, “Im leaving here today.”

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Ni Mei quickly asked, “Where are you going”

“We plan to go home.”

“Isnt your home in the palace”

Huanhuan shook her head.

“The palace isnt our home.

Our home is far away.”

Ni Mei couldnt bear to leave her.

“Will you come back in the future”

“I dont know.”

Bai Di had grown up in Sun City.

This was his hometown.

Huanhuan actually hoped that he could come back when he was free, but his current identity was too awkward.

Whether he could come back depended on Bai Luo and the high priest.

Ni Mei was very depressed.

“If you dont come to Sun City in the future, then I wont be able to eat your fruits and vegetables.”


Ever since she bought fruits and vegetables from Huanhuan, she had fallen in love with these vegetables and fruits, especially those delicious bamboo shoots.

They were so delicious that she couldnt stop eating them!

Later, even her family fell in love with these fruits and vegetables.

The entire family ate them together.

The vegetables and fruits they had hoarded were consumed very quickly.

They would probably be eaten up soon.

Huanhuan was helpless.

“I have no choice.

Sun City is too far from our house.

Even if I want to sell my produce to you, I wont be able to transport it.”

“Do you still have vegetables and fruits Especially bamboo shoots.

Do you have more I want to buy more!”

There was still a lot of stock in the interspatial ring, but it was inconvenient for Huanhuan to take them out now.

She could only say vaguely, “Ill ask Bai Di when he comes back.”

Females were usually only responsible for eating, drinking, and having fun.

The male beasts were in charge of all the trivial matters in the house, so Ni Mei had no doubts about Huanhuans answer.

She was looking forward to Bai Dis arrival.


Unexpectedly, instead of Bai Di, another unexpected person came.

Bai Luo.

Ni Mei liked bamboo shoots the most, while Bai Luo was second.


As soon as she saw Bai Luo, she immediately smiled.

However, the first thing Bai Luo said was, “Im here to look for Huanhuan.

Can we talk in private”

The smile froze on her face.

She first looked at Bai Luo, then at Huanhuan.

Suddenly, she seemed to understand something and cried.

“You… You actually went behind my back… Boo-hoo!”

Huanhuan quickly comforted her.

“Dont cry.

My relationship with Bai Luo is not what you think…”

Unfortunately, Ni Mei was unwilling to listen to her explanation.

She shouted, “I wont listen! I wont listen to you!” She ran away crying.

Huanhuan extended her hand.

“Dont go!”

Although Ni Mei was fat, she ran quite fast.

In the blink of an eye, she was gone.

Bai Luo waved his hand and asked the surrounding servants to walk away.

Only Huanhuan and Bai Luo were left.

Bai Luo had already inherited the throne and become the new king of Sun City.

He wore a tiger tooth necklace that symbolized the throne.

There was a tiger tattoo on his chest.

This tiger looked exactly like the tiger statue at the entrance of the palace.

Its claws were sharp, and its aura was shocking.

There was an extremely clear blue crystal earring hanging from his left ear.

Even someone as ignorant as Huanhuan could guess how expensive it was just by the aura it emitted.

Presumably, it was priceless.

Bai Luo looked at Huanhuan.

His blue eyes were still shining, but they were no longer as lively as before.

There seemed to be something complicated about him that Huanhuan could not understand.

But because he looked like Bai Di, Huanhuan didnt feel afraid.

She frowned and said, “You know that Ni Mei likes you, but you still said that in front of her.

Shell definitely misunderstand your relationship with me.

Explain it to her later so she wont be sad.”

However, Bai Luo said, “It doesnt matter even if she misunderstands.

In any case, I dont like her and have never thought of marrying her.”


Huanhuan couldnt help but feel sorry for a cute girl like NI Mei who had fallen in love with a male beast who didnt love her.

However, this was a private matter between them after all.

As an outsider, Huanhuan could not say anything.

She got right to the point.

“What did you want to talk to me about”


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