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Bai Di and Huanhuan had just left when they bumped into Xue Ling.

Xue Ling smiled at them.

“Are you going out to play”

Bai Di was polite.

“We want to take a look at the trade center.

Do you want to come”

This was just a polite invitation, but Xue Ling agreed.


I want to go out and walk around too.”

Huanhuan was quite unhappy.

She was clearly going on a date with Bai Di, but Xue Ling suddenly interfered.

The romantic atmosphere of the date was gone.


She ignored Xue Ling all the way.

Xue Ling didnt care about that either.

He was extremely handsome, and his fiery red feather coat was very dazzling.

Coupled with his unfathomable strength, he was as eye-catching as a night pearl when he walked on the streets.

There were even females who approached him and invited him to spend the night with them.

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It attracted the envy and jealousy of many male beasts.

Xue Ling seemed to be used to this.

Facing a female who had taken the initiative to approach him, he did not restrain his poisonous tongue at all and mocked her.

“Dont come out and scare people if youre ugly.

I dont want to have nightmares at night.”

Huanhuan didnt even dare to look at the females expression.

If it were her, she would definitely beat this foul-mouthed bird to death!

The female who tried to hit on him was naturally angry.

However, Xue Ling was too strong.

Even if the female called all her male beast mates over, they might not be his match.

In the end, she could only leave angrily.

Huanhuan endured it again and again.

In the end, she couldnt help but sincerely make a suggestion.

“You should go out less in the future.”

Xue Ling raised his eyebrows.


“Youre too good at attracting ones hatred.

Youll easily attract a large wave of enemies.

Im afraid Ill be implicated by you.”

“It doesnt matter.

Ill protect you.

No one can hurt you.”

Huanhuan shook her head.

“You should protect your sweetheart.

I just want to be a quiet spectator.

I dont want to be beaten up by the crowd with you.”

Xue Ling: “…”

His expression was rather complicated, and he couldnt find any words to refute it.


The trade center was set up inside the mine.

This used to be the mine tunnel for digging red crystals.

After the crystals had been dug up, so this place was left idle.

The city lord felt that this place was quite good and didnt want to waste it, so he set up the trade center here.

The mine was very deep.

On both sides were caves dug by the beasts.

Each cave was a shop that sold all kinds of strange goods.

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Huanhuan finally became a little excited.

She craned her neck and looked around, trying to see what the goods were and how much they cost.

The common currency here was crystals.

Colored crystals and colorless crystals were both fine.

Xue Ling was especially generous.

“What do you like I can buy it for you.”

Huanhuan touched her interspatial ring confidently.

“No need.

I have my own money.”

They had mined a small mineral vein.

Although they only got relatively cheap green crystals, there were a lot of them! She could be considered a rich woman with some assets!

Xue Ling clicked his tongue as if he didnt care about the green crystals in her hand.

Bai Di carried Huanhuan deeper into the mine and finally came to a place that looked like a hall.

There was an auction going on here, and many beasts were gathered in the hall.

On the high platform in front, a shrewd-looking male beast was introducing the auction items.

He was eloquent and praised an ordinary piece of animal hide.

To Huanhuans surprise, someone actually bid for it.

She really couldnt understand the thoughts of these rich people!

Xue Ling despised the environment in the hall.

He took out ten colorless crystals and reserved seats in three stands.

He told Bai Di and Huanhuan to come too.

Bai Di didnt refuse.

He carried Huanhuan to the stands with him.

The so-called stands were just a few rows of seats dug into the rock wall.

The environment was very simple, but it was much better than the messy hall.

Sitting on the rock seat, one could take advantage of the tall platform to look at the goods being auctioned.

In addition to Bai Di, Huanhuan, and Xue Ling, there were more than a dozen beasts sitting in the stands, including a few females.

Of course, these females were surrounded by many male beasts.

Some were their mates, and some were just suitors.

In order to win the smile of these beauties, these male beasts did not hesitate to splurge.

It seemed they couldnt wait to put a label on their foreheads that said,stupid and rich!

Bai Di spread soft animal hide on the seat before letting Huanhuan sit down.

Huanhuan took out fruits and sunflower seeds.

She gave them to Bai Di and Xue Ling.

She ate them while watching the auction.

The auction items were placed one by one.

At first, Huanhuan was quite interested, but after seeing what they were, she felt that it was meaningless.

She yawned, feeling sleepy.

Bai Di asked, “Do you want to go back”

Huanhuan was about to nod when a new item was introduced.

It was a very bright golden flower.

The petals were layered and emitted a fragrance.

It was very beautiful!

Huanhuans attention was immediately attracted.

She whispered, “Its the Golden Silk Flower!”

At the same time, the shrewd-looking male beast on the stage also introduced, “This is a very rare golden flower.

Legend has it that the Heavenly God left a finger on the beast continent.

After this finger landed on the land here, it bloomed into a golden flower.

The beast who has it can receive the Heavenly Gods blessing! Its now or never.

This golden flower is extremely rare.

We only have one.

The starting price is 800 colorless crystals.

The minimum bid increase is 50 crystals!”

Huanhuan was speechless.

Didnt a cut finger sound strange!

This legend was too scary!

She wondered who made up the story.

It was not mesmerizing at all.

She had to give it a bad review!

Bai Di and Xue Ling both noticed something strange about Huanhuan.

Bai Di asked, “You like that flower”

Xue Ling was very rich.

“If you like it, Ill buy it for you!”

Huanhuan said slowly, “The Golden Silk Flower is a medicinal ingredient for curing your feather tribes infertility.

Ive never been able to find it.

Its rare to see it here.

Hurry up and bid for it.

Try your best to get it.”

Hearing this, Xue Ling was a little disappointed.

“So its not your favorite flower.”

Huanhuan touched the small flower on her head and smiled.

“My favorite flower is Little Lotus.

I dont like anything else.”

The lotus rubbed against her fingers, and its petals became even more pink and delicate.

It called out shyly, “Mom~”

When Xue Ling thought about how Little Lotus was his gift to Huanhuan, his disappointment immediately subsided.

He became happy again.

Just then, the bidding for the golden flower began.

Xue Ling took out five red crystals!


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