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The remaining members of the Black River Tribe were all old and weak.

It did not take Shuang Yun and the others much effort to break through their defense.

Under the lead of the Silvery Frost White Wolf, the wolf beasts were unstoppable.

On the other hand, the Black River Tribe was leaderless and in a state of chaos.

In their panic, they quickly fell into a passive situation and were beaten until they could not resist.

The wolf beasts won without any suspense.

But when Shuang Yun went to look for Ma Qing and Yi Wu, he realized that they had slipped away during the war!

Shuang Yun immediately led his men to search all the places near the Black River Tribe where the two could hide, but they still could not find any traces of Ma Qing and Yi Wu.

They must have run far away.


Helpless, Shuang Yun could only give up on the pursuit.

He ordered his men to collect all the supplies from the Black River Tribe and bring them back to the rock mountain.

As for the slaves, they were all released.

The slaves froze in place, looking around blankly.

Ever since they were captured, they had lived worse than pigs and dogs every day.

They were better off dead.

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Now that they were suddenly free, they could not react.

They had originally thought that after this war ended, they would either be killed or become the spoils of victory and continue to live a life worse than death.

They did not expect Shuang Yun to release them all!

Seeing that they were not moving, the Silvery Frost White Wolf raised his head and said loudly, “This land doesnt need slaves.

Go back to where you came from!”

Then, without looking at the slaves, he turned around and left.

The wolf beasts carried bags of supplies and followed in an orderly manner.

It wasnt until they were far away that the slaves were sure they were really free!

Most of the slaves were excited and immediately ran away without thinking.

They wanted to go home!

There was also a small group of slaves whose families had been killed.

They were all alone now, and their enemies were dead.

They had nowhere to go.

After being at a loss for a moment, someone silently followed the wolf beasts.

With the first followed along, there was a second.

Hence, more and more slaves followed.

To them, they had nothing left to live for in this world.

It didnt matter where they went.

They might as well follow the Silvery Frost White Wolf.

As for the reason

Perhaps it was just because Shuang Yun was a powerhouse.

The Silvery Frost White Wolf quickly shuttled through the forest.

A wolf beast behind him sped up and followed.

“Patriarch, there are people following us.”

Shuang Yun knew that the slaves were following them.

He said indifferently, “Ignore them.”


After returning to the rock mountain, the wolf beasts went straight up the mountain to go home.

As for the slaves who followed them, they were stopped outside the mountain.

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Some beasts explained the rules of this place to these slaves.

If they wanted to live in the rock mountain, they had to pass a three-month inspection period.

Hence, these slaves all lived in the temporary residential area at the foot of the mountain and became temporary members of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

In the future, many beasts would also rush to the rock mountain to seek protection.

The Black River Tribe had been destroyed, but the Rock Wolf Tribe was growing at a visible speed.

Now, they had become the most powerful tribe in this forest!

Huanhuan suddenly received a notification from the system.

“Congratulations, host.

The tribe youre in has more than 1,000 people.

The construction rate has exceeded 40%.

Your strength has reached Class C! Youve finally taken the first step on the path of a great king!

“Mission points have been met.

The Crystal Mall has been upgraded to level three!

“Host, please continue to work hard and raise the tribe to Class B!”

Huanhuan looked confused.

Why was the mission suddenly completed She hadnt done anything!

She opened the Crystal Mall and realized that there were many new items inside.

In addition to a few new mutated plant seeds, there were also intermediate contract scrolls and intermediate prescriptions.

There was even a novel item—the introductory version of the alchemy manual!

The cost of this thing was shockingly expensive.

The manual required 1,000 colorless crystals!

And this was an introductory version!

With the malls nature, there would definitely be an introductory, expert, master versions and so on!

The price of the subsequent advanced versions would definitely increase manyfolds!

Just thinking about it made Huanhuan feel that her wallet was about to burst.

Even so, she endured the pain and redeemed the alchemy manual.

She flipped through it.

Well, she knew every word in the book, but she didnt understand the sentences at all.

She couldnt understand it at all!

Huanhuan closed the manual hatefully.

She had wasted a thousand crystals.

She really wanted to return it!

Unfortunately, the system notification said, “Once the goods in the Crystal Mall are sold, they wont be refunded!”

Huanhuan could only say that she was unlucky.

She threw the manual into her interspatial ring, planning to study it when she was free.

After counting the supplies obtained from the Black River Tribe, they were divided into two parts.

Half of them were distributed equally to each member of the Rock Wolf Tribe, while the other half were all kept away.

As for those wolf beasts that were injured in the war, there were additional rewards for them—animal hide or work points.

Most beasts chose work points.

In the Rock Wolf Tribe, work points were very practical.

Not only could they buy food, but they could also use the points to go to school or see a doctor.

Shuang Yun washed away the blood on his body with cold water.

He walked into the living room with short, wet silver-white hair.

His strong and tall body seemed to still have some murderous aura left, making people feel a little frightened.

He saw that Huanhuan was also at home, but he did not approach her as he usually would.

He kept a distance from her.

He didnt want his baleful aura to scare the little female.

Unexpectedly, before he could walk over, Huanhuan walked over to him.

She looked him up and down and realized that he had a few wounds, but they were all flesh wounds.

They had also been treated with medicine.

Huanhuans tense heart finally relaxed.

It was great that her family was safe!

Shuang Yun said with a dark expression, “Ma Qing escaped again this time.

Moreover, he has Yi Wu with him.

Nothing good will happen when these two figures are colluding!”

Bai Di asked, “Has the warrant been issued”

The person who replied was Sang Ye.

“Ive sent it out, but Im afraid there wont be any news for a while.”

Bai Di was not surprised by this outcome.

“There arent many places they can go,” he said.

“The most likely place is Dark Moon City.

It seems I have to return to Sun City as soon as possible.”

Huanhuan quickly asked, “When are you preparing to leave”

“We cant delay this any longer.

I think Ill leave tomorrow.”

Shuang Yun frowned.

“Isnt it too soon”

“We have to get ahead of Ma Qing and Yi Wu.

That way, we can take the initiative.”

Bai Di paused and looked at Shuang Yun and Sang Ye.

“Ill be gone for at least a month.

Ill leave Huanhuan to you.”

Shuang Yun and Sang Ye nodded.

“No problem.”

At the same time, a loud system notification suddenly sounded in Huanhuans mind—

“Congratulations to the host for successfully triggering a random quest! Please head to a beast city and stay in any beast city for at least three days and three nights.”


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