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At the critical moment, Bai Di saved Jiu Yuan.

He asked Jiu Yuan to bring the other beasts away.

The pythons eyes had turned scarlet.

Blood flowed down its fangs and dripped onto the grass.

The fresh green grass was instantly poisoned and charred.

At this moment, Sang Ye had risen to eight stars again.

He was far stronger than all the beasts, but he was like a lunatic who had lost his mind.

There was only the thought of killing in his mind.

As long as anyone approached him, they would be attacked indiscriminately, be it friend or foe.

Bai Di roared, “Sang Ye, wake up!”

However, in response, Sang Ye only swept his tail mercilessly.

Bai Di dodged the snakes tail.

He tried to numb the python with electricity so that he would stop attacking, but the eight-star pythons defense was extremely high.

The electricity couldnt penetrate his scales.

Seeing that Bai Di and Sang Ye were fighting, Shuang Yun rushed over to help.

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However, even two against one, Bai Di and Shuang Yun could not gain the upper hand.

Bai Di was even swept by Sang Yes snake tail!

Bai Di endured the danger of being corroded by the snakes aura and grabbed Sang Yes snake tail tightly.

His claws cut through the snake skin and injected lightning into the wound.

Sang Ye was in pain.

He twisted his snake body crazily and threw Bai Di away!

Damn it! These people all deserved to die!

Sang Yes eyes turned redder and redder, and his killing intent became more and more terrifying.

Shuang Yun tried to freeze Sang Ye, but as soon as the ice froze, it was shattered by Sang Ye.

An eight-starred soul beast was too terrifying!

Bai Dis arm was cut by the snake scales.

Blood flowed onto the ring on his ring finger.

The silver ring suddenly burst into a pale green light.

Green patterns appeared on the pythons body at the same time.

They wrapped around his huge body like vines.

The black fog and blood-red patterns were gradually suppressed.

Sang Yes eyes gradually returned to black.

He finally stopped attacking.

His huge snake body shrank greatly, and the beast soul fell from eight stars to three stars.

Sang Ye returned to his human form and stood there in a daze.

Below him was the blood-stained ground.

All the beasts around looked at him with fear.

Shuang Yun and Bai Di were also injured.

They were injured by him.

Sang Ye remembered that clearly.

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Sang Ye looked down at his blood-stained hands.

How did this happen

The blood of a demon flowed in his body!

Sang Ye clenched his fists, his knuckles turning white.

He remembered everything!

Including the last time Ma Qing awakened his demon bloodline, which made him kill dozens of snake beasts in one go.

At this moment, all of those memories clearly appeared in his mind.

The high priest had once told him that demons were murderous monsters! They would eat the flesh of beasts and suck their blood.

They were the most terrifying monsters on the beast continent!

At that time, he had promised the high priest that if he encountered demons, he would kill them without mercy.

But now, he had become a descendant of a demon.

He had become a damned monster.

If the contractual ring hadnt brought him back to his senses in time, he would have killed Bai Di and Shuang Yun!

A demon! Why was he a demon!

Sang Ye hugged his head in pain.

He wished he could extract all the demon bloodline in his body now!

Shuang Yun approached him carefully.

“Sang Ye…”

“Dont come over!” Sang Ye roared at the top of his lungs.

“Dont come over!”

Shuang Yun had to stop.

Bai Di had already stood up again.

He covered the wound on his arm and frowned at Sang Yes pained expression.

“Listen to me.

Its not your fault.


“Im a monster!” Sang Ye interrupted his comforting words, his voice trembling.

“No wonder the people from the temple tried to kill me.

They were right.

Ive been a monster since I was young!”

“Calm down.

Come back with us.

Well think of a solution when we get home.”

“Go back How can I go back What if I go crazy in the future and want to kill Huanhuan Im a monster.

I cant control myself…”

The more Sang Ye spoke, the more uncomfortable he felt.

He could not bear to leave Huanhuan, but if staying by her side would bring danger to her, he would rather leave her.

Thinking of this, he suddenly transformed into a python and quickly slithered deeper into the forest.

“Sang Ye!” Shuang Yun wanted to chase after him, but Sang Ye was too fast.

Coupled with Shuang Yuns injuries, he was left behind not long after.

Shuang Yun returned empty-handed.

He said helplessly, “Hes gone.

What should we do now”

Bai Di said calmly as he smeared the pulp of the fragrant and crispy fruit on his wound, “Take some wolf beasts and rush to the Black River Tribe.

Dont let Yi Wu and Ma Qing escape.

Get rid of them as soon as possible! As for the injured wolf beasts, Jiu Yuan will bring them back for treatment.”

“What about you”

“Ill go to the forest to look for Sang Ye again.”

Bai Di had to find Sang Ye and bring him back.

Otherwise, Huanhuan would definitely worry.

Shuang Yun disagreed.

“No, youre still injured.

You cant act alone.

Ill go with you to look for him!”

“If you come with me to look for him, whos going to kill Yi Wu and Ma Qing Dont forget, we paid such a high price this time to eliminate them! We cant let them bring harm to the rock mountain again!”

For the sake of the overall situation, Shuang Yun could only grit his teeth in the end.

“Then be careful.

After I deal with Yi Wu and Ma Qing, Ill immediately look for you!”

Bai Di patted his shoulder.

“Lets go.

Be careful on the way.”

“You too.”

Shuang Yun transformed into a Silvery Frost White Wolf and picked out 50 agile wolf beasts to rush to the Black River Tribe as quickly as possible.

Jiu Yuan slowly returned to the rock mountain with the injured soldiers.

Bai Di turned into a white tiger and entered the depths of the forest to chase after Sang Ye.

Before long, Xue Ling landed where the intense battle had just taken place with Huanhuan in his arms.

The remains had all been burned.

There were only pools of blood on the ground and the smell of blood in the air.

It was so thick that it was almost nauseating.

Even though she was mentally prepared, Huanhuan couldnt help but turn pale when she saw this.

She suppressed the discomfort in her heart and looked around.

However, everyone had left.

Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye were nowhere to be seen.

Xue Ling carefully identified the remaining aura in the air and said leisurely, “Shuang Yun brought a portion of the wolf beasts to the Black River Tribe.

Sang Ye and Bai Di went deep into the forest.

The others are on their way back to the rock mountain.”

Shuang Yun must have gone to the Black River Tribe to get rid of Yi Wu and Ma Qing.

Then why were Sang Ye and Bai Di going deep into the forest

Huanhuan touched the ring on her ring finger.

The rings warning told her that Sang Ye was in danger.

The danger seemed to have been resolved, but she still felt very uneasy.

She said, “Lets go find Sang Ye.”


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