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More and more beasts chose to associate themselves with the Rock Wolf Tribe.

The number of beasts in the Rock Wolf Tribe quickly increased, and they became the only powerful tribe in the forest that could compete with the Black River Wolf Tribe.

Many beasts felt that the strength of the Rock Wolf Tribe had already surpassed the Black River Wolf Tribe.

Otherwise, why would the Black River Wolf Tribe attack small tribes everywhere but not the Rock Wolf Tribe!

The rumors flowed into Bu Jins ears, making him furious.

He was so angry that he smashed the stone table.

“Shuang Yun really doesnt care about me at all! Does he really think I dont dare to attack him!”

The beasts of the wild horse tribe knelt on one knee and lowered their heads.

No one dared to make a sound.

The more Bu Jin thought about it, the angrier he became.

His chest was about to explode!

He suddenly stood up.

“Gather everyone immediately.

I want to attack the rock mountain! I want everyone to watch.

I, Bu Jin, am the strongest male beast in this forest.

Anyone who dares to go against me will die!”

One of the beasts hesitated and said, “But Yi Wu said that we cant attack the Rock Wolf Tribe for the time being…”

“Shes just a female, a tool for giving birth.

Im the leader of the Black River Tribe! Ill do whatever I say.

If anyone dares to oppose me, Ill kill them immediately!”

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The beasts immediately fell silent, not daring to say anything else.

Bu Jin shouted, “Gather your men and prepare to fight on the rock mountain! Im going to take Shuang Yuns head today!”


In the corner outside the stone house was a small hole in the ground.

A pair of small eyes flickered in the hole.

He carefully stuck out half of his head and saw that there were male beasts running everywhere outside.

It seemed that they were preparing for battle.

This was big news.

He would definitely earn a lot of work points if he relayed the news!

Craw Craw quickly crawled back along the hole he had dug when he came.


Mole was very fast.

He had returned to the rock mountain just as the Black River Tribe was done gathering their men.

“Patriarch Shuang Yun, I have important information to tell you, but you have to pay me some work points.

After all, I risked being killed to get this information.”

Shuang Yun looked down at Mr.

Mole, who was only up to his knees, and said, “If the information is indeed important, of course, Ill reward you.”

“Youre really a wise tribe leader who knows how to reward your tribesmen!” Craw Craw flattered him.

Then, he recounted the conversation he heard in the Black River Tribe.

Shuang Yun did not seem surprised to learn that Bu Jin was coming to attack the Rock Wolf Tribe.

He knew that Bu Jin was an impulsive, arrogant, and jealous beast.

He would never allow anyone to be stronger than him.

Sooner or later, he would attack the Rock Wolf Tribe.


However, the large number of beasts joining the Rock Wolf Tribe had agitated Bu Jin, causing him to attack the Rock Wolf Tribe in advance.

Shuang Yun gave Craw Craw 100 work points.

“You did well.

This is your reward.

I hope you can work harder in the future.”


Craw Craw grinned happily, revealing his two shiny front teeth.

“Thank you, Patriarch Shuang Yun! It was my wisest decision to join you!”

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Mole happily went home with his work points.

He was going to exchange them for fruits and vegetables so that his wife and children could eat their fill!

Shuang Yun let out a long, loud wolf howl.

This was the sound of the enemy attacking.

After hearing the sound, all the male beasts put down what they were doing and gathered at the foot of the mountain as quickly as possible.

They were prepared to set a trap before Bu Jin arrived and catch him off guard!

Bai Di and Sang Ye had to help too.

Only Huanhuan and the children were left at home.

Bai Di was worried and went to the feather tribe to look for Xue Ling.

He asked him to help take care of Huanhuan.

Xue Ling smiled.

“I can help, but you have to agree to one condition.”

“Tell me.”

“I want to stay in the attic of your house.”

Instead of making a direct decision, Bai Di went to ask Huanhuan for her opinion.

Huanhuan was definitely unwilling to let Xue Ling stay in her house.

This bird person liked to touch her for no reason.

He was a shameless hooligan!

But if she refused Xue Lings request, Bai Di would definitely be worried if there was no male beast to take care of her.


Not wanting Bai Di to go to war feeling uneasy, Huanhuan had no choice but to agree.

“Since he wants to stay, let him.”

Bai Di kissed the ring on her ring finger.

“Take care of yourself.

Well be back soon.”

Huanhuan reluctantly sent them down the mountain.

Sang Ye hugged her with restraint.

“When we get back.”


Shuang Yun was the most shameless.

He hugged Huanhuan and kissed her before letting go of her in satisfaction.

The male beasts all transformed into their beast forms and split into three teams.

They were led by Shuang Yun, Bai Di, and Sang Ye respectively.

They headed to the ambush point in three directions.

Huanhuan craned her neck and looked into the distance.

She only looked away in disappointment when they were gone.

The wolf cubs nuzzled the back of her hand and howled, comforting her and telling her not to be sad.

Huanhuan wanted to pick them up, but they were too big now.

She tried her best but couldnt.

In the end, Big Goody lay down and gestured for Huanhuan to get on her back.

Huanhuan touched her nose.

“No need.

I can walk back by myself.”

Big Goody howled at her brothers.

The good children immediately pushed Huanhuan onto Big Goodys back.

Big Goody stood up, wagged her big fluffy tail, squared her shoulders, and walked steadily up the mountain.

The wolf cubs followed their eldest sister.

On the way, they encountered some females and cubs.

When they saw Huanhuan, they would smile and greet her.

The cubs even called herTeacher loudly.

Seeing the cute students, Huanhuans mood improved a little.

When she returned home and saw Xue Ling strutting in, her mood immediately plummeted.

Previously, she had mercilessly refused Xue Lings request to move in.

Unexpectedly, after only a day, she had to change her mind and agree to let Xue Ling move in.

She was slapped in the face so quickly that it hurt.

The skullcap was very happy.

When it saw its father, it immediately leaned over and affectionately rubbed against Xue Lings fingers.

Xue Ling touched the small flower bud.

“Good child, go play with your siblings.”

The skullcap swayed its leaves, then followed the wolf cubs to play.

Huanhuan ignored Xue Ling and went to tidy up the herbs.

When night fell, Bai Di was not at home.

The task of cooking could only fall on Huanhuan.

She was in the kitchen, cutting vegetables.

Xue Ling leaned against the door, staring straight at her.

Huanhuan felt uncomfortable under his gaze and looked up at him.

“Cant you go out!”


Xue Ling took a step back and backed out of the door.

Then, he continued to look straight at her without any intention of restraining himself.

Huanhuan pointed to the stairs.

“Go back to your attic.

You cant come downstairs without my permission!”

“No,” Xue Ling refused very crisply.

“I promised Bai Di that I would help watch over you, so I have to watch over you every moment.”

Lin Huanhuan: “…”

She couldnt argue with that.


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