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Mole brought his wife and children into the fort.

Seeing such a magnificent fortress for the first time, the mole family looked stunned.

They kept looking around, thinking that everything they saw was novel.

They couldnt get enough of the place.

They lived on the same floor as the wild horses and rabbits.

Craw Craw was very satisfied with this.

He didnt want to live with those wolf beasts who liked to eat meat.

Who knew if they would suddenly be hungry one day and eat his entire family!

It was safer to live with herbivores.

After settling his wife and children, he went to knock on the door of his next-door neighbors house.

He gifted them some wild fruits he brought as a friendly gesture.

In return, the wild horses and rabbit beasts gave him some fruits as well.

These fruits were bought from Huanhuans house.

They were sweet and refreshing.

After taking a bite, he felt that they were extremely delicious.

He took the rest of the fruit back to his wife and children, who liked them a lot as well.

He wanted more fruits and vegetables, but he didnt have any work points.

He couldnt do the work in the fruit and vegetable fields.

After thinking about it, he decided to go to the Black River Tribe again.

If he could find out some useful information, he could exchange it for work points from Patriarch Shuang Yun.

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He did as he said and asked the neighbor next door to help take care of his wife and children.

Then, he turned into gray mole form and quickly went down the mountain.

Dong Ya and his sister lived next door.

The Dong Ya siblings thought that baby moles were cute, so they took them to class.


Mole was worried and followed.

It was their first time in class, and they found it novel.

However, when they saw how quiet and focused all the beasts around them were, they were too embarrassed to make a sound.

It was only after class that the little moles surrounded Dong Ya and his sister.

They looked at the stone slab in their hands while squeaking.

There was no paper or pen here.

The students could only use the stone slabs as paper and smooth stones as pens.

Dong Ya held the slab in his hand for the moles to play with.

Huanhuan walked over.

It was the first time shed seen such a small cub.

“Are you new beasts” she asked.


Mole quickly stood up and adjusted her animal hide dress.

She said, looking a little uneasy, “Hello.

We just moved in today.”

She was very short, only about a meter tall.

She had a small nose and small eyes.

Her long brown curly hair was braided.

She wore a small wreath on her head.

When she smiled, she revealed two snow-white teeth.

Huanhuan saw a beast shorter than her for the first time and couldnt help but feel curious.

“What should I call you”

“My name is Tuan Tuan.”

A slow smile spread across her face.

“Your name is as cute as you are.”

Tuan Tuan lowered her head shyly.

She took off the small wreath on her head and handed it to Huanhuan with a red face.

Huanhuan pointed to her nose.

“For me”

Tuan Tuan nodded.

She slowly took the little wreath and put it on her head.

She tilted her head.

“Does it look good”

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Tuan Tuans eyes lit up.


The baby moles nodded in agreement.


With a smile, Huanhuan took out a bag of stir-fried sunflower seeds and handed them to the baby moles.

“Welcome to the Rock Wolf Tribe.

This is a gift for you.”

The stir-fried sunflower seeds were fragrant and crispy.

The little moles hugged the seeds and ate them happily.

Huanhuan returned home.

As soon as she pushed open the door, she saw Xue Ling sitting on the carpet, eating sunflower seeds and having a good time with the skullcap and wolf cubs.

Seeing that their mother was back, the wolf cubs and skullcap immediately stopped playing and ran toward her.

The wolf cubs rubbed against her waist and kept howling.

These little guys now reached her abdomen.

At first glance, they looked like samoyeds, but their fur was even fairer than a samoyeds, and their claws were sharper.

Huanhuan stroked their furry heads.

The skullcap also wanted to act cute with its mother.

It accidentally saw the wreath on its mothers head and immediately exploded!

The little flower rushed out, hooked the wreath on Huanhuans head, and threw it to the ground.

Huanhuan was shocked by its intense reaction.

Surprised, she asked, “Whats wrong”

As Xue Ling ate the sunflower seeds, he said slowly, “Little Lotus is angry.”

“How could it get angry just like that”

“Because its jealous.”

Huanhuan looked puzzled.


“You have other flowers on your head.

Of course, Little Lotus will be jealous.”

Only then did she understand that Little Lotus was angry at the flower wreath.

She didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Its just a flower wreath.

Why are you even jealous of this”

The skullcap was still very angry.

She could only belong to it and its siblings.

No other plants were allowed to have designs on her!

It hooked the wreath on the ground and threw it a little farther.

Then, it scuttled to Huanhuans head at a fast speed.

The flower branch wrapped around her hair, and the small bud pinned to her ear became a delicate wreath.

In order to prevent its mother from taking it off, it didnt forget to rub Huanhuans ears and call out softly, “Mother~”

Huanhuan had no choice but to let it stay on her head.

Xue Ling suddenly leaned over and stroked the little bud with his fingers.

He smiled meaningfully.

“Quite nice.”

It was unknown if he was praising Little Lotus or Huanhuan.

He was too close.

Feeling uncomfortable, Huanhuan looked away.

Xue Lings fingers slid across the small bud and touched Huanhuans ear.

He pinched her earlobe and asked casually, “Hows it going with the medicine you promised me”

“Soon.” She waved his hand away.

“Can you stop touching me”

He smiled innocently.

“But I cant help it.

Who asked you to be so cute!”

Huanhuan was already used to this guys habit of flirting.

She pretended not to hear the ambiguous tone in his words and said straightforwardly, “If you have nothing to do, go back quickly.

Dont think about staying to eat and drink.”

But Xue Ling said, “I just checked.

Your attic is still empty.

Why dont you let me stay there”

“No!” Huanhuan refused without hesitation.

“You cant stay in my house!”

Xue Ling narrowed his blood-red eyes.


“Do you have to ask Youre not from my family.

Were unrelated.

What will others think if you suddenly move into my house!”

“I dont care what others think.”

“But I care! And I dont like having an outsider in my house.

It makes me uncomfortable.”

Xue Ling stared at her face for a moment, then suddenly laughed.

“Ill go back first.

Ill see you another day.”

He flew off with a flourish.

Huanhuan thought that this matter was over, but she had underestimated Xue Lings persistence and methods.

He would definitely find a way to get what he wanted.


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