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Dong Ya was frightened by what Shuang Yun had said.

The beasts were superstitious about ghosts and gods.

They firmly believed that after death, their souls could come into contact with ghosts and gods, so souls were the most precious asset of the beasts.

Selling their souls was equivalent to trusting the other party with their lives.

The price was too high!

Dong Ya asked in a trembling voice, “What do you want souls for”

Shuang Yun didnt seem to see the fear on the young rabbits face.

He still looked nonchalant.

“Have you heard the story of the snake and the farmer”

Dong Ya shook his head.


This allusion was taught in Huanhuans class, and Shuang Yun decided to use it.

“A farmer finished his work and saw a snake that was frozen.

He pitied it, so he picked it up and carefully put it in his arms to warm it with his warm body.”

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At this point, Shuang Yun deliberately kept them in suspense.

“Guess what happened”

Dong Ya was attracted by the story and asked, “What happened next”

“In the end, the snake took revenge and bit the farmer, causing him to die.”

Dong Ya was speechless.

Shuang Yun said, “This story tells us not to easily extend a helping hand to strangers we dont know, because no one knows if those pitiful-looking guys are hiding poisonous fangs that can harm others.”

Dong Ya immediately understood that he was hinting at him.

He quickly promised, “We definitely wont bite the hand that feeds us!”

“It doesnt matter how nice you say it.

Id rather be in control of things.”

Dong Ya was very hesitant.

“Must we give you our souls”

Shuang Yun smiled but said nothing.

Dong Ya finally gritted his teeth.

“I can give you my soul, but please let my sister and my people go!”

The little female beside him immediately looked up at him eagerly.


Dong Ya tightened his grip on her small hand.

“Dont be afraid.

Ill protect you.”

Shuang Yun took out the elementary contract scroll.

He had learned a lot of words now and wrote the contents of the scroll himself.

His handwriting was awkward, but to the rabbit beasts who couldnt read at all, the words he wrote were all mysterious and complicated strange patterns.

“Place your thumbprint on this contract and your people can enter the rock mountain.”

As far as Dong Ya was concerned, this was a contract with the devil.

If he pressed his thumbprint on it, the devil would take his soul.

Dong Ya was terrified, but as the son of the rabbit tribes leader, he could not back down now!

He knelt down and hugged his sister tightly.

“You have to take good care of yourself from now on.

This is as far as I can go with you.”

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“Boo-hoo, Brother, dont go…”

Dong Ya steeled himself to let her go.

Then, with the determination to die, he pressed a bright red thumbprint on the contract scroll.

A red light appeared, and the image of a crown of thorns appeared on the back of the scroll.

Shuang Yun closed the scroll.

“The contract is fulfilled.”

Dong Ya stood where he was for a long time, waiting for a demon to take his soul.

He couldnt help but look surprised.

“Is this it Arent you going to take my soul”

“Your soul will be in your body for the time being.

From now on, as long as you follow the rules of the Rock Wolf Tribe obediently, your soul will always belong to you.

However, if you have any intention of harming others, your soul will be immediately destroyed.”

Dong Yas heart tightened.

“I wont hurt anyone!”

“The same goes for your people.”

“Of course.

Were all kind herbivores!”

Shuang Yun put away the scroll.

“Come with me.”

Dong Ya relaxed and quickly followed with his sister.

The other rabbit beasts followed.

When they walked into the rock mountain and saw the huge fortress, they all revealed the same shocked expressions as the wild horses and beasts when they first entered.

As Shuang Yun led the way, he said to them, “No matter what you see in the rock mountain, you cant tell outsiders.

If any of you cause trouble for the Rock Wolf Tribe, Ill personally end your lives!”

He glanced at the rabbit beasts with an extremely cold gaze.

“I mean what I say.”

The rabbit beasts received a dangerous gaze from the carnivorous beast and immediately nodded.

“Well remember.”

They were arranged to be in the area near the wild horses and other beasts.

Shuang Yun didnt have the time to waste with them.

After leaving them with Jiu Yuan, he left without looking back.

At this moment, the wild horses were all working outside to earn work points.

They were not at home.

Jiu Yuan let the rabbit beasts choose any house they liked.

Then, he told them about the work points system and the laws and regulations.

It was the first time the rabbit beasts had heard of the work points system.

It was very novel.

They couldnt fight casually.

Females couldnt abandon their male mates either…

Everything in the rock mountain seemed to be different from the outside world.

There were rules here, like a small hidden world.

At first glance, it was not obvious, but if one explored further, one would realize how different this place was.

It wasnt until dark that the wild horses returned.

They were surprised to find new neighbors next door.

They were all herbivores and did not have much hostility toward each other.

After meeting and chatting for a while, they temporarily reached the common goal of being friendly neighbors.

The rabbits learned from the wild horses that the Rock Wolf Tribe held classes.

As long as one could pass the entrance examination and pay a certain amount of work points, they could obtain the qualifications to attend the classes.

Dong Ya was tempted when he heard this.

Being able to learn precious knowledge was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Early the next morning, the rabbit beasts went out to work to earn work points.

It didnt take long for Dong Ya to accumulate enough work points.

He brought his sister to Huanhuan and took the entrance exam.

The siblings were quite smart and passed the exam smoothly.

After they handed in their work points, they successfully became students in the class.

The number of students in Huanhuans class increased.

There were almost 30 of them.

Fortunately, everyone was obedient and very serious in class.

It was quite easy to teach them.

After two lessons, class was slowly dismissed.

“Goodbye, Teacher!”

The students walked out of the classroom one by one.

When it was Dong Yas turn, he hesitated for a moment before walking up to Huanhuan.

Blushing, he asked, “Teacher, can I ask you a question”

Huanhuan smiled.

“Go ahead.”

“Have you heard the story of the farmer and the snake”

Ever since Shuang Yun told Dong Ya this story, Dong Ya had memorized it.

He felt that it was especially meaningful.

He wanted to share this story with others.

Huanhuan was a knowledgeable female.

Dong Ya wanted to discuss this story with her.

Perhaps she would be impressed by him.

Unexpectedly, Huanhuan nodded.

“Ive heard of it.

Its a very famous allusion.

It tells people that they have to distinguish between good and evil.

They can only extend their help to kind people.

They cant be merciful to evil people.”

“Huh” Dong Ya looked confused.

“Doesnt this story tell us not to so readily save people”

“Of course not.

Saving lives is a sign of kindness.

Its a good trait that deserves encouragement.” Huanhuan smiled faintly.

“The person who told you this story might not have made it clear to you.”

Dong Ya was speechless.

‘Bastard, he had been fooled by Shuang Yun!



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