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It didnt take long for everyone to know that Huanhuan had started teaching classes.

Many beasts wanted to send their cubs to learn from her.

Even the beasts of the feather tribe came to her door.

No matter who came, they had to pass the entrance examination and pay work points to qualify.

In order to get work points, all the beasts actively participated in the labor.

With more manpower than ever, Shuang Yun got someone to expand the vegetable fields and fruit forests by another dozen acres.

The market that was held once every 10 days was still held as usual.

Usually, Shuang Yun, Bai Di, and Sang Ye would take turns to take care of the stall.

Under Huanhuans request, in addition to herbs and crystals, they also accepted new seeds as payment now.

Huanhuan was not afraid that the seeds she obtained would be useless.

In any case, she had the elementary prescription in her hand.

Many of the prescriptions required some strange seeds.

Perhaps, she could use them again among the seeds she obtained.

It was always good to be prepared!

Today, it was Shuang Yuns turn to go to the market to sell vegetables.

He did not return until it was dark.

Huanhuan poured him a bowl of water and wiped the sweat off his body.

He felt much better and reached out to hug Huanhuan.

“I havent seen you in a day.

Did you miss me”

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She slowly pushed his head aside and replied coldly, “No.”

“But I miss you!”

With that, he hugged her and nibbled at her for a long time.

Only when her skin was swollen did he reluctantly let go of her.


He said in frustration, “Why isnt it dark yet!”

When it was dark, he could carry the little female to bed!

Huanhuan didnt know if she should be glad that this guy knew to wait until dark to go to bed.

Just then, Bai Di walked in.

He glanced at Shuang Yun.

“How was business today”

“Not good.

Things have been chaotic out there lately.

Everyones just running for their lives.

There are fewer customers coming to buy groceries.”

“Whats going on”

“Ever since Meng Li left the Black River Tribe with a portion of them, the Black River Tribe has been completely ruled by Bu Jin.

Recently, hes been attacking the surrounding small tribes like crazy.

They have the advantage in numbers.

Those small tribes are no match for him and were beaten to a pulp.

The lucky beasts ran away.

The unlucky beasts were captured and brought back to the Black River Tribe.

They became slaves and are in a very miserable state.”

Slaves usually only appeared in beast cities.

Ordinary tribes rarely had slaves.

If there was a war, the defeated party would either escape or be completely killed.

Few people would leave behind a large number of prisoners of war like the Black River Tribe.

Bai Di thought for a moment.

“Even if the Black River Tribe needs slaves to work, they dont need that many.

It takes a lot of food and effort to raise them.

There must be something else behind this.”


Sang Ye walked in.

“What happened”

Shuang Yun repeated what he had just said.

Sang Ye frowned, his black eyes flashing coldly.

“Youd better send someone to keep an eye on the Black River Tribe and see how theyre dealing with those slaves.”

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Bai Di gave him a meaningful look.

“You seem to know something”

“When I was in the Dark Moon Temple, I would occasionally see slaves being sent there.

People told me that the slaves were on death row and they deserved to die.

But later, I learned that the slaves were all prisoners of war.”

Shuang Yun asked, “You suspect that the Black River Tribe left so many prisoners of war to be sent to the temple”

“Its a possibility.”

Huanhuan couldnt help but interrupt and ask, “Why does the temple need so many slaves”

When he faced her, Sang Yes gaze softened.

“When the temple uses healing spells, they need to absorb the vitality of other creatures, usually animals and plants.

But if the injuries are especially serious and the vitality of the animals and plants is not enough, theyll absorb the vitality from the bodies of living sacrifices.

Those slaves are equivalent to sacrifices for healing spells.”

Huanhuan was terrified.

“Thats too cruel!”

“In the eyes of the temple, slaves are as lowly creatures as animals and plants.

It doesnt matter if theyre dead or alive.”

Seeing that Huanhuans face was a little pale, Sang Ye quickly hugged her.

“Im sorry for scaring you.

I shouldnt have told you this.”

She shook her head slowly.

“Im not afraid.

I just feel a little uncomfortable.”

Sang Ye hugged the soft female and regretted it.

He should not tell her such cruel and dirty things in the future.

Bai Di stroked Huanhuans head.

“Do you want to rest in the house”

Huanhuan shook her head.

“Ill be fine.”

“Dont push yourself.”

“Im not trying to be brave.

I want to face this with you.” Her voice was soft, but her tone was firm.

“I support your decisions, but you cant keep it from me.

I know you want to protect me, and I want to protect you.

Were both feeling the same way.”

Bai Di smiled gently.

“Okay, well face it together.”

Early the next morning, before Shuang Yun could send someone to the Black River Tribe to ask for information, he heard someone say that the rabbit beasts were at the foot of the mountain.

They wanted to see Patriarch Shuang Yun.

Shuang Yun smiled and said, “Huanhuan, give me another copy of your contract scroll.”

Huanhuan casually exchanged for a scroll and handed it to him.

“Why do you want a scroll Is someone else coming to trade with you”

“Thats right.

Were going to have new people in our tribe.”

Shuang Yun went down the mountain with the scroll.

The leader of the rabbits was Dong Ya.

His eyes were red, and his face and arms were covered in wounds.

He was holding the hand of a very young female, and behind him were more than 40 tired rabbits.

Seeing them like this, Shuang Yun couldnt help but be stunned.

“What happened to you”

Dong Yas voice was very hoarse, and his tone was very heavy.

“Our tribe was attacked by the Black River Tribe.

My father died to protect our tribe, and our brothers were captured! We were lucky to escape but were being chased by the Black River Tribe.

We have nowhere to go, so we could only come to the rock mountain.

We beg you to take us in!”

At this, Dong Ya gritted his teeth.

His red eyes were filled with pain and struggle.

If not for taking care of his sister and these lucky survivors, he would have long rushed to the Black River Tribe to take revenge!

Shuang Yun frowned slightly.

“Why did you think of coming to us”

“In this forest, other than the Black River Tribe, your Rock Wolf Tribe is the strongest.

As long as we have your protection, the Black River Tribe shouldnt dare to hunt us down again.

Moreover, I heard that youve taken in some beasts from the wild horse tribe.

Since you could help them, I believe you wouldnt leave us in the lurch.

After all, were friends, right

Dong Ya looked at him nervously, his eyes filled with anticipation and eagerness.

Shuang Yun said, “Do you know why the wild horse beasts can stay”


“Because they sold their souls to me.”



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