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Huanhuan looked at the females uneasy expressions and smiled.

“I know what youre worried about.

Im a female too.

I understand how you feel.”

Mu Xiang couldnt help but ask, “In that case, why are you still standing on the side of the male beasts Our stamina is worse than the male beasts to begin with.

If our family status is also suppressed by the male beasts, wont we be bullied by the male beasts in the future!”


“Im not on the side of the male beasts.

I just want to give all the beasts fair authority.

Whether its a female or a male beast, they should be equal in the family status.

The male beasts love the female, and the female should respect the male beast.

Your family relationship should be maintained by feelings and responsibility.

If you have to submit just because youre afraid of being abandoned, you might as well not have such a family relationship.”


Mu Xiang could not speak.

The females seemed to understand what Huanhuan was saying, but they felt that what she was saying was not quite what they knew.

They didnt know whether to believe her.

Huanhuan continued, “The Rock Wolf Tribe prohibits females from abandoning male beasts at will, but if male beasts dont treat females well or if the relationship between the two sides breaks down, you can come to me for consultation.

If necessary, Ill help you terminate your mate bond.”


All the beasts were shocked by her words.

A mate relationship could be terminated!

This was unheard of!

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Even Shuang Yun, Bai Di, and Sang Ye looked over at Huanhuan with shock in their eyes.

As if not noticing the change in everyones emotions, Huanhuan continued calmly, “But theres something you need to remember.

Once the mate bond is broken, youll be strangers in the future.

Theres no possibility of you becoming mates again.”

Someone couldnt help but ask, “Is what you said true Can a mate relationship really be terminated”

“Its true.”

“Will there be repercussions”

“Therell be some aftereffects, but they wont be life-threatening.”

The beasts asked many questions, and Huanhuan answered them all.

It was only when everyone had finished asking their questions that Huanhuan slowly returned to her position and returned the post to Shuang Yun.

Shuang Yun tapped the stone slab behind him.

“Currently, the Rock Wolf Tribe only has these four laws.

In the future, theyll be improved bit by bit.

If you have any objections, you can come to me to discuss them.”

He paused and realized that everyone was distracted.

They were obviously still shocked by what Huanhuan had just said.

Shuang Yun had no choice but to raise his voice and release the dignity of a two-starred soul beast to attract the attention of the beasts.

“In addition to these four laws, the Rock Wolf Tribe has also added the Elders Guild and the guards.

The Elders Guild is formed by highly respected people elected by the three tribes to participate in the major decisions of the rock mountain.

As for the guards, the Rock Wolf Tribe has temporarily formed a team of people to be in charge of daily patrols and defense.

If they encounter anyone who violates the rules, the guards have the right to take them down on the spot.”

“If anyone wants to join the guards, look for Jiu Yuan later.

Hes the captain of the guards now.

As long as you pass his assessment, you can become a guard.”

Jiu Yuan took a step forward and held his head high.

He was very proud.


The beasts had no expectations of joining the Elders Guild.

After all, they knew their limits.

Only the elders of the various races or witch doctors were qualified to enter the Elders Guild.

It was impossible for ordinary beasts to enter.

However, if it was the team of guards, most of the male beasts were still hopeful they could join.

The male beasts looked at Jiu Yuan with burning gazes.

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Next, Shuang Yun announced the work points system.

This system was mainly for wild horse beasts who had just settled into the rock mountain.

“The houses were giving you to live in now are only temporary.

If you want to live here forever, you have to work.

In addition to vegetable fields and fruit forests, you can also hunt and clean public areas.

As long as you do the work, you can get work points.

50 work points can be exchanged for permanent residence in a house.”

Meng Li thought for a moment.

“Then if we want to buy the vegetables and fruits you plant, can we buy them with work points”


Meng Li was satisfied.

They did not plan to stay here and wait for death.

Work could be exchanged for food.

It was perfect for them!

Seeing that the wild horse beasts were accepting of the work points system, Shuang Yun was very satisfied.

He waved his hand.

“Alright, this is the end of todays meeting.

Ill inform everyone if theres anything in the future.


The beasts dispersed in groups.

Jiu Yuan was surrounded by male beasts hoping to be recruited into the team of guards.

When Huanhuan returned home, Shuang Yun, Bai Di, and Sang Ye were all staring at her.

“Why are you looking at me like that” Huanhuan touched her cheek.

“Is there something dirty on my face”

Shuang Yun asked, “Did you just say that you have a way to dissolve the mate bond between beasts”

Huanhuan nodded.


“What way Why dont we know about it”

Huanhuan took out the elementary prescription from her interspatial ring and flipped to one of the pages.

She said, “The last time I was looking for a prescription to treat infertility, I accidentally saw a very magical medicine called Forgetting Water.

After drinking it, one can forget all feelings and eliminate the contractual relationship between mates.”


The three male beasts could not understand the prescription.

When they heard Huanhuans words, they all looked vigilant.

“Have you already developed Forgetting Water”

“How can it be so easy to make Forgetting Water I still lack two herbs.”

Bai Di said, “If you develop it, you have to tell us immediately.”

“Sure.” Huanhuan had always been indifferent to these things.

Sang Ye said in a low voice, “We cant let anyone know about the existence of Forgetting Water.

Otherwise, therell definitely be chaos!”

Huanhuan was very curious.

“What big mess will happen”


“If those male beasts in beast cities know about the existence of Forgetting Water, itll mean that they have the right to let a female give birth to their children without being controlled by her.”

Huanhuan still didnt understand.

Bai Di explained, “With Forgetting Water, the males in beast cities will wantonly plunder the females of other tribes and force them to mate with them.

After they give birth, theyll use Forgetting Water to terminate the mate bond.

That way, the females will be reduced to tools for reproduction, and the males wont have to pay any price.”


Huanhuan broke out in a cold sweat.

“Its that scary!”

“Mating is the only way a female can restrain a male beast.

If she loses this method, she wont be able to protect herself against a powerful male beast.”

Huanhuan did not expect this situation at all.

She quickly said, “Then Id better not continue looking into Forgetting Water.”

“We still have to make Forgetting Water, but we have to strictly control its quantity.

After all, your previous idea was right.

Many innocent male beasts were killed because of the unequal relationship between their mates.

Forgetting Water will provide them with a chance of survival.”


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