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Shuang Yun did not believe her.

“If hes not interested in you, why did he touch you just now”

“He just has nothing better to do than tease people.

Even if its a female, hell still get physical.

Dont think too much.”

Shuang Yun was skeptical.


Huanhuan nodded vigorously.

“Its true! Its true!”


Xue Ling gritted his teeth.

What did he mean he would touch any female

Did he look so desperate!

Huanhuan held Shuang Yuns hand tightly, afraid that he would fight Xue Ling.

These two guys were especially destructive.

If they fought, the entire house would be torn down by them!

She said to Xue Ling, “If theres nothing else, hurry up and leave.

After I develop the medicine, Ill get Shuang Yun or Bai Di to send it to you.”

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Xue Ling was quite indignant.

His gaze landed on Huanhuans hand, which was tightly clasped with Shuang Yuns.

He found it especially annoying.

“Are you chasing me away”

Huanhuan knew very well what Xue Ling was like.

If she said yes, he would definitely refuse to leave.

She could only say as tactfully as possible, “Shuang Yun and I have some family matters to deal with.

Its not appropriate for outsiders to be present.”

“An outsider” Xue Ling smiled ambiguously.

“I even have a child with you.

What kind of outsider am I!”

Huanhuan was helpless.

“Why do you have to tease me Ive already told you that Im…”

“Alright, I wont joke with you anymore.”

Xue Ling interrupted her.

He quickly ended the conversation and moved on to something else.

“I forgot to tell you something.

When I flew down just now, I saw a male beast of your wolf tribe following Yi Wu.

From the looks of it, hes heading for the Black River Tribe.”


Shuang Yun and Huanhuan looked at each other and thought of Mu Ye first.

Why was Mu Ye following Yi Wu to the Black River Tribe

Xue Ling extended his hand slowly.

“Ive provided you with such important information.

Shouldnt you give me some sunflower seeds as payment”

“…I knew you only had sunflower seeds on your mind.

Youre addicted!”

Huanhuan threw him a big bag of stir-fried sunflower seeds.

Xue Ling put the sunflower seeds in his arms, then waved at the skullcap.

“Its time to go home.”

The skullcap reluctantly bade farewell to its brothers and sisters.

Then, it rubbed Huanhuans palm affectionately before leaving with Xue Ling.

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Just in case, Shuang Yun decided to send someone to the Black River Tribe to look for Meng Li and Bu Ke.

He asked them to help take care of Mu Ye on account of their past cooperation and monitor Yi Wus actions.

It didnt take long for Shuang Yuns beasts to return with shocking news.

There was internal strife among the wild horses!

The leader, Bu Ke, died tragically at the hands of his brother, Bu Jin.

Bu Jin became the new leader of the Wild Horse Tribe!


The witch doctor, Meng Li, refused to acknowledge Bu Jin as the leader.

He fled the Wild Horse Tribe overnight with Bu Kes trusted beasts.

Shuang Yun didnt expect Bu Ke to be dead.


That heroic redheaded male beast with a bright smile actually died without anyone knowing!


What the hell was going on

As the leader of the wild horse tribe, Bu Ke was very powerful.

No one in the entire Black River Tribe could defeat him.

How was he killed!

Just as Shuang Yun was puzzled, another unexpected thing happened.

Shuang Yun asked again with uncertainty, “Who did you say was here”

Jiu Yuan repeated what he had just said.

“The wild horse witch doctor, Meng Li, has arrived at the foot of the rock mountain with 58 wild horse beasts.

The witch doctor, Meng Li, has asked to see you.

He has something important to discuss with you in person.”


After some thought, Shuang Yun decided to go down the mountain to see him.

Before leaving, he reminded Huanhuan, “Stay at home with the cubs.

Dont run around.”

Huanhuan didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Im not a child.

Why would I run around Hurry up and do your thing.

I can take care of the children.”

Shuang Yun hugged her and gently bit her flesh before going down the mountain in satisfaction.

When he saw Meng Li, he was shocked by his haggardness.

In just a few months, Meng Li had aged more than ten years.

His white hair was messy, his eyes were muddy and gray, and his hide skirt was covered in dust.

He walked forward with the help of two young male beasts and bowed shakily.

“Patriarch Shuang Yun.”

Shuang Yun quickly took his arm.

“What happened to you guys”

Meng Li sighed.

“Sigh! Its all that female foxs fault!”


A female fox Shuang Yun blurted out, “Is it Yi Wu”

The young male beast beside Meng Li quickly replied, “Yes, its her! Patriarch Shuang Yun, do you know her too”

He was Meng Lis disciple, Bei Chu.

Shuang Yun told him about Yi Wus visit to the rock mountain.

After Meng Li heard this, his emotions became even more agitated.

“So, she had already revealed her true colors back at the rock mountain! If I had known this would happen, I would have stopped Bu Ke even if I died.

I wouldnt have let that female fox take a step into the Black River Tribe!”

Shuang Yun frowned at the look of regret on his face.

“What happened Is Yi Wu involved in Leader Bu Kes death”

Bei Chu was indignant.

“Yi Wu killed Patriarch Bu Ke! Back then, she brought a male wolf beast to us.

Patriarch Bu Ke saw that she was pitiful and agreed to take her and her mate in.

I didnt expect her to collude with Bu Jin and kill Patriarch Bu Ke!”


Shuang Yun thought for a moment.

“Although Patriarch Bu Ke is impulsive, hes definitely not brainless.

Even if Yi Wu colluded with Bu Jin, she might not be able to harm him.

Is there something else going on”

Bei Chu moved his lips, but in the end, nothing came out.

Meng Li clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

“Bu Ke took a fancy to Yi Wu.

The two of them became mates.

He listened to Yi Wu.

I didnt expect her to betray him.

He was first poisoned by her and then thrown into the Black River to drown.”


Recalling Bu Kes tragic death, Meng Li and all the wild horse beasts behind him looked sad.

Shuang Yun couldnt help but feel angry.

Duels between male beasts had always been open and aboveboard.

Regardless of life or death, they would bear the consequences.

They would never use such a sinister method!

No wonder Meng Li and these wild horses were unwilling to acknowledge Bu Jin as the leader.

His methods were too shameless.

That vicious beast was not worthy of being the leader!

“After we fled the Black River Wolf Tribe, Bu Jin refused to let us go.

He keeps sending people to hunt us down.

Many of us have died.

Now that were really desperate, we could only come to the Rock Wolf Tribe and beg you to take us in for a while.”

At this, Meng Li bent down toward Shuang Yun.

His originally thin and hunched body now looked even thinner.

Shuang Yun didnt hesitate long before agreeing to his request.


“I can take you in, but you have to put your thumbprint on this contract scroll.”



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