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The matter of Yi Wu failing to seduce Xue Ling was just a small interlude.

After a short period of peace, the beasts continued to eat and drink while looking for their preferred mates.

Sang Ye had finally arrived.

He was carrying three small wooden barrels filled with wine.

As soon as Shuang Yun saw him, he quickly waved at him.

“Youre finally here! Ive been waiting for you!”

After Sang Ye went over, Shuang Yun immediately took a small wooden bottle, pulled out the cork, and took a big gulp.


He hadnt drunk since the last time.

For some reason, the longer he didnt drink, the more he missed the taste of wine.


It just so happened that he had nothing to do tomorrow.

He could get drunk tonight!

Sang Ye handed Bai Di another small wooden bottle.

Bai Di took it, took a small sip, and stopped.

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The last time he was drunk, he almost raped Huanhuan.

That incident had left a very deep shadow in his heart.

He would never allow himself to be drunk again.


Shuang Yun knew that he didnt want to drink, so he raised the wine at Sang Ye.

“Come, come! Lets have a drink!”

Huanhuan looked at him speechlessly.

“You cant drink well.

Drink less.”

They shouldnt make a fool of themselves when they were drunk.

Unexpectedly, Shuang Yun patted his chest confidently and said, “It doesnt matter even if Im drunk.

Ill just go home and sleep.

You dont have to worry about me!”


Huanhuan: “…”

She wondered who was the drunkard who knelt on the ground and hugged her thigh while crying and begging her not to leave!


It was Sang Yes first time drinking, but unexpectedly, his alcohol tolerance was not bad.

He and Shuang Yun drank most of the wine.

In the end, Shuang Yun was so drunk that he started talking nonsense.

Sang Yes expression remained unchanged, and his eyes were clear.

He did not look drunk at all.

The bonfire was almost extinguished, and the beasts were already full.

Most of the female foxes had already found their male beasts.

The couples hugged each other and took off their animal hide skirts.

They started to have sex in the open.


It was as wild as it could get!

Huanhuan felt that her eyes were stinging.

She quickly covered the eyes of the wolf cubs.

“This isnt suitable for children! Hurry up and go home!”

Bai Di also felt that it was time.

He said to Huanhuan, “Shuang Yun and I will bring the children back.

Go out with Sang Ye and help him get rid of the alcohol in his system.”

Huanhuan was stunned, not understanding.


The person who reeked of alcohol the most was Shuang Yun, right Sang Ye didnt look like he needed to sober up at all!

Shuang Yun suddenly hugged Huanhuan and cried, “Huanhuan, I know Im not as gentle and considerate as Bai Di, nor do I have two penises like Sang Ye, but I really like you! Dont abandon me, okay”

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Huanhuan: “…”

Sang Ye: “…”

Bai Di pulled Shuang Yun up and dragged him aside.

Then, he said to Sang Ye, “Take Huanhuan for a walk.

Ill bring them back to rest.”

Sang Ye involuntarily looked at Huanhuan.

Huanhuan, who was originally confused, suddenly understood what they meant!


She looked at Bai Di in surprise, wanting to ask him if he was giving her up to someone else!

But reason made her swallow the words.

She couldnt ask such a hurtful question.

Bai Di was being kind.

Sang Ye was innocent.

She couldnt hurt them.

Bai Di looked at Sang Ye.

“Ill leave her to you.

Be gentle with her.”

Sang Ye nodded.


Bai Di patted him on the shoulder, then dragged the drunk Shuang Yun back.

The wolf cubs looked at Huanhuan, then followed Bai Di.

The night-shrouded forest was like a sleeping goddess, quiet and beautiful.

Sang Ye transformed into a python and slowly sat on his tail.

His snake body slithered across the grass and headed deeper into the forest.

Some small animals fled in fear when they saw the python approaching.

The two came to the edge of a lake deep in the forest.

In the deep night, countless fireflies danced above the lake, emitting a faint white light like sparks after stars fell to the mortal world.

The lake was quiet.

The moon and fireflies were reflected in the water, forming another glass-like exquisite illusory world.

Everything was as beautiful as a fairy tale dream.

Huanhuan watched this scene in a daze.

She had never seen such a beautiful night scene!

The awkwardness she felt at being given away by Bai Di dissipated.

Nothing could be more intoxicating than this beautiful view.

The pythons upper body transformed into a human.

He picked her up and slithered into the lake.

He swam steadily, careful not to let Huanhuan fall into the water.

Huanhuan raised her hand, and a firefly landed on her palm.

She watched the fireflies while Sang Ye watched her.

He whispered, “Do you like it here”

Huanhuan nodded vigorously.

“I do!”

The firefly flapped its wings and flew gently away.

Sang Ye kissed her cheek.

“Do you like me, then”

Huanhuan looked at him in a daze.

His long black hair fell into the water and melted into the darkness.

There was no color on his pale cheeks.

Only his dark eyes seemed to be filled with starlight under the moonlight, burning and shining.

She felt her heart beating fast, but her breathing slowed involuntarily.

She only came back to her senses when Sang Ye leaned over and carefully kissed her lips.

Of course, she did.

She liked him.

Sang Yes lips were cold, like water in the night.

Just like him.

He was always cold and distant.

But after getting to know him seriously, she realized the gentleness hidden under the ice.

Like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water, he kissed her lips again and again.

He didnt go deep.

He was being careful to test her.


Huanhuan looked at his handsome face and heard him ask in a low voice filled with forbearance and desire.

“Can I”

Her heart melted at his affectionate gaze.

She hurriedly stretched out her fair arms to hug him.

“Of course!”

However, because she was in too much of a hurry, her hands, which were originally wrapped around his neck, accidentally wrapped around Sang Yes head.

Sang Ye was pulled into her arms, his face buried in her chest.

He was really buried in her chest.

Sang Ye: “…”


After a while, she came back to her senses and realized what she had just done.

She hurriedly let go of him and blushed.

“I-Im sorry! I didnt mean to do that!”

Sang Ye chuckled softly.

This was the first time Huanhuan had seen him smile so purely.


For a moment, she was stunned.

His thick black hair, pale skin, and sharp look melted away when he smiled.

His eyes were full of resignation.

“You little fool.”

In the past, Huanhuan was often scolded by Shuang Yun as a little fool, but this was the first time she heard these words from Sang Ye.

Although what she had just done was indeed quite stupid…

There was a huge rock in the center of the lake.

Sang Ye lowered Huanhuan to the rock.

The cold surface of the rock made Huanhuan move her butt.

Sang Ye carefully took off her clothes as if he was opening a gift.

When her body was fully exposed, his breathing suddenly became heavier.

It was a rather messy night.

When Huanhuan woke up, she realized that it was not completely dawn yet.

She was sitting in Sang Yes arms, her back against his chest.

She was covered in an animal hide blanket.

They were both naked, and there was something intimate about their skin being so close to each other.

She was clean.

Sang Ye must have helped her wash up when she was asleep.

Sang Ye lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Are you hungry”

Huanhuan shook her head.

“Im not hungry.”

“It was hard on you last night.”

Huanhuan recalled the scene last night and couldnt help but blush again.

She suddenly asked, “Wheres the star pattern on your body”

“On my back.” Sang Ye released her and stood up to turn his back to her.

There was a thin and long black snake tattoo on his well-defined back.

It spread down his spine and finally disappeared into the crack.

There were three stars along the tattoo.

Huanhuan couldnt help but reach out her finger and gently stroke the black snake tattoo.

It went all the way from his waist to his head.

A crown in the shape of a thorn appeared on the snakes head.

Huanhuan tapped her fingertips on the crown of thorns.

“It seems that our mate contract has taken effect.

You cant just leave me in the future.”

Sang Ye pulled her into his arms again and promised seriously, “Ill be wherever you are.”

Huanhuan smiled in satisfaction.

She asked quietly, “When are we going back”

“Well go back after watching the sunrise.”

The sun slowly rose in the east, dyeing the clouds on the horizon a vast crimson.

Clouds filled the sky.

Another day had begun.



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