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Yi Wu froze.

But then she realized that since the other party was so powerful, it was normal for a female to take a fancy to him.

She could only blame herself for being too late.

If she had known that such a powerful male beast was hiding in the rock mountain, she would have come to snatch him away!

Bai Di walked around Yi Wu and strode to Huanhuans side.

He squatted down and touched her head.

“Why are you here alone Wheres Shuang Yun”

“Hes on the mountain dealing with some matters.

I have Mu Xiang to accompany me.

Its fine!”

But Bai Di said, “You have to have a male beast with you, or I wont be at ease.”

Huanhuan pushed her three male wolf cubs to him.

“There! I have three male beasts with me.

Dont worry!”


Resigned, Bai Di tapped the tip of her nose.



Huanhuan suddenly leaned in front of him and smiled slyly.

“A beautiful female fox confessed to you just now.

Are you secretly happy”

“First of all, I dont think that female is beautiful.

Secondly, I dont feel good about it at all.”

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Huanhuan looked incredulous.

Bai Di sat beside her and scooped her into his arms.

“I think youre the most beautiful,” he said leisurely.

“If you confess to me, Ill be thrilled.”


Huanhuan snorted.

“Youre saying sweet nothings.

I wont fall for your tricks.”

At night, the wolf tribe lit a bonfire and prepared to hold a bonfire party.

The females of the fox tribe looked terrified at the sight of such a large fire as it was their first time seeing it.

Only Yi Wu was fearless.

She even approached the fire to enjoy the warmth it emitted.

The male beasts each took out meat and set it on the fire to roast.

The smell of roasted meat filled the air, chasing away the fear in the hearts of the female foxes.

They approached the fire bit by bit and warmed themselves with Yi Wu.

Yi Wu was observing the movements of the male wolves.

She realized that these beasts were very skilled at using fire.

They obviously used fire often in their lives.

Moreover, they could roast meat.

In the era when most beasts were still eating raw meat and drinking blood, the Rock Wolf Tribe had already entered the level of eating cooked meat.


Yi Wu couldnt help but fall into deep thought.

In her previous life, she had never heard of the Rock Wolf Tribe until she died.

Logically speaking, they should be just a small, unknown tribe.


But what she saw now told her that this tribe was not simple.

In time, the Rock Wolf Tribe would definitely become a powerful tribe!

Shuang Yun had also come down the mountain.

He walked straight to Huanhuans side and sat down.

He casually grabbed a handful of sunflower seeds, peeled them, and fed them to Huanhuan.

Huanhuan said, “I can peel the seeds myself.

Peel them and eat them yourself.

Dont give them all to me.”

Shuang Yun smiled arrogantly.

“I like to peel them for you.”

Bai Di placed the meat with sauce on the fire to roast.

The firelight shone on his handsome face, making him look even more flawless and handsome.

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Yi Wu stared at his face in a daze.

Yi Wu didnt come back to her senses until Xuan Ying stood up beside her.

“Where are you going” she asked.

Xuan Ying said, “Im going to talk to the leader of the Rock Wolf Tribe.

Do you want to come too”

Yi Wu stood up and followed Xuan Ying to Shuang Yun.

Xuan Ying smiled charmingly.

“Patriarch Shuang Yun, long time no see.

I didnt expect you to have already evolved into a soul beast.


Shuang Yun was still peeling sunflower seeds.

“Youre welcome to sit anywhere you want.”

Yi Wu realized that Patriarch Shuang Yun was also a soul beast.

His level was lower than Bai Di, but he was still very powerful!

However, there was a female sitting beside him.

The two of them were behaving intimately.

They looked like her mates.

Yi Wu did not expect that the two male beasts she had taken a fancy to were already taken.

Moreover, their mates were the same female!

How could Yi Wu not be jealous!

Why should others get what she couldnt!


Shuang Yun was acutely aware of Yi Wus hostility.

He glanced at her and said coldly, “If theres nothing else, please move aside.

Youre warming yourselves in front of us.”

Shuang Yun was famous for his bad temper, and Xuan Ying knew this.

She was not angry at Shuang Yuns attitude.

She just moved a little and smiled gently.

“This is your mate, right I heard that she even gave birth to a litter of cubs for you.

Looks like you two are really close!”

Shuang Yun raised his chin and looked matter-of-fact all the way.

“Of course!”

Huanhuan elbowed him, indicating that he shouldnt be so smug in front of outsiders.

However, Shuang Yun mistakenly thought that she was hungry and immediately shouted at Bai Di, “Hurry up! Huanhuan is hungry!”

Huanhuan covered his mouth.

“When did I say I was hungry Dont talk nonsense!”

Shuang Yun took the opportunity to pull her into his arms and lowered his head to kiss her face.

“But Im hungry.

I really want to eat you.

Are you going to let me eat you”

With that, he nudged her buttocks with his already hard member, the implication very strong.

Huanhuans face instantly turned red.


Xuan Ying and Yi Wu couldnt stand it anymore.

They turned around and left.


Bai Di cut the fragrant roasted meat into thin slices and brought them to Huanhuans mouth.

“Be careful, theyre hot.”

Huanhuan bit into the meat.

After chewing twice, Shuang Yun leaned over and pried open her lips.

He stuck his tongue into her mouth and got the roasted meat into his own mouth to eat.

He licked the corner of his mouth as if he hadnt had enough.

“The food in your mouth is especially delicious.”


Huanhuan: “…”

She didnt want to talk to this big pervert anymore.

She held out her arms to Bai Di.


Shuang Yun immediately hugged her tighter, refusing to let go.

He gave Bai Di a provocative smile.

“I wont let go of Huanhuan.

If you have the ability, hug us both.”

Bai Di said nothing but patted Shuang Yun on the shoulder.

An electric current traveled from his palm into Shuang Yuns body, immediately making his limbs go weak.


Huanhuan immediately broke free of his arms and threw herself into Bai Dis arms.


Bai Di hugged the little females soft body and smiled at Shuang Yun.

The smile seemed to say—

‘You want to fight me Youre too inexperienced!

Shuang Yun was speechless.

With Bai Dis protection, Huanhuan could finally finish her roasted meat.

The wolf cubs could eat some cooked meat now.

Bai Di cut the roasted meat into pieces and fed them.

The light of the bonfire attracted the attention of the feather beasts.

They flew down from the mountaintop and landed beside the bonfire.


Xue Ling was here too.

He was like a natural luminous object.

As soon as he appeared, he attracted the attention of the entire audience.

His long golden hair was far more dazzling than firelight.

The hair chain was wrapped around the ends of his hair, and the red crystals were sparkling.

Especially after learning that he had no mate, all the females in the fox tribe became excited.

This included Xuan Ying and Yi Wu.



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