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“Stop!” Huanhuan rushed out and snatched the lotus flower.

She hurriedly patted out the flames on its body.

The petals on the small bud were charred.

It sobbed.

“Mom, it hurts!”

Huanhuans heart clenched as it cried.

She stroked it gently and comforted it gently.

“Dont cry.

Be good.”


Xue Ling watched this scene coldly and chuckled.

“Dont you want to draw a line between us Our blood flows in this thing.

As long as its alive, you cant draw a line between us.

You might as well burn it.

That way, youll be completely apart from me.”


Huanhuan was so angry that she couldnt speak.

“No matter what, it still calls youDad! How can you be so heartless!”

However, Xue Ling put on a mocking expression.

“In terms of ruthlessness, who can compare to you”

With that, he flicked his sleeves and left.

Huanhuan brought the skullcap home.

She put it in a basin, then bit her finger and dripped a drop of blood into the water.

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The little flower immediately became much more energetic.

It rubbed against Huanhuans fingers.


Huanhuan stroked it.

“Rest well.

It wont hurt after you sleep.”

In the middle of the night, Huanhuan was sleeping soundly.

Bai Di, Shuang Yun, and Sang Ye were hiding in the cellar for a short meeting.


It was pitch-black in the cellar.

They were all beasts.

They could see clearly even in the dark.

Bai Di said, “Lets dig up the vein under the rock mountain.”

Shuang Yun was puzzled.

“Didnt you say we werent going to dig it up anymore”

Bai Di said, “Huanhuan wants to dig out that mineral vein.

I dont know what she wants to do.

But since she wants to, we have to dig it out for her.”


He paused, then continued, “Although Huanhuan didnt say anything, I can tell that she really wants to dig it and mine.

She just doesnt want to cause trouble for everyone, so shes been keeping it to herself.”

Upon hearing this, Shuang Yun immediately decided.

“Then lets dig!”

His little female was so obedient and cute.

He could not let her suffer!


Sang Ye asked, “If we dig up the mountain, where will we live in the future”

Bai Di said, “Our vegetable fields and fruit forests are here.

Its best if we stay here.”

Shuang Yun frowned.

“But will it be dangerous to mine and live on the mountain”

“That depends on the size of the mineral vein.

If its a small mineral vein, we can directly dig out all the ores and build houses on the original foundation.

But if its a relatively large mineral vein, the risk of the mountain collapsing is very high.

Well have to find another place to live.”


Bai Di paused, then said, “Theres another problem.

If we want to mine, we cant hide it from the birds on the mountaintop.

Should we tell them about this first”

Sang Ye remained silent.

The snake beasts were naturally at odds with the birds, and he was no exception.

Shuang Yun thought for a moment.

“Ill talk to the leader of the feather tribe.”


Bai Di asked, “Are you confident you can convince him”

Shuang Yun recalled how angry Shen Yan was during the last negotiation.

He touched his nose and said calmly, “It should work.”


At worst, they would just have a fight.

The winner would have to listen to the winner.


The three of them discussed mining and building houses for half the night.

When she woke up in the morning, Huanhuan realized that her family had all run away.


The pot was still hot.

After drinking the soup, Huanhuan washed the pot as well.

After a night of rest, the skullcap had recovered.

Its small bud was pink and tender, and the top was slightly open.

It would probably bloom completely soon.

As soon as the little flower saw Huanhuan, it immediately wrapped itself around her and called out sweetly, “Mom~”


Huanhuan stroked it.

“From now on, youll live with me.

Dont bother with your bastard father anymore.”


The little flower didnt seem to understand her and continued to pester her.

Huanhuan estimated that the vegetables in the field should be ripe soon.

She brought the skullcap down the mountain and was about to walk around the vegetable field when she realized that there was a group of beasts gathered at the foot of the mountain.

Huanhuan leaned over curiously and saw Bai Di and Sang Ye in the crowd.

They were digging.

“What are you doing” Huanhuan couldnt help but ask.

Bai Di jumped out of the pit at the sound of her voice.

“Were mining.

Did you drink the broth I put in the pot”

Huanhuan nodded obediently.

“I finished it.”

Then, she froze as her eyes widened.

“Why are you mining Didnt we say we werent going to mine here”

“We discussed it last night.

Since we know theres a vein at the bottom of the mountain, we should dig it up.

It would be a waste otherwise.”


Bai Di said it casually, but his tone was mixed with feelings.

They had already decided on something, but they suddenly changed her mind.

There had to be something else going on.

She didnt know if this had anything to do with her, so she couldnt ask directly.

If she guessed wrong, it would seem like she was overthinking it.

She murmured, “Then go ahead and dig.

Ill take a look at the vegetable fields.”

Bai Di stroked her head.

“Be careful.

Dont fall.”

Huanhuan looked at them twice more, then went to the vegetable fields alone.

The field mustard and cabbage sprouts were ripe, and the beasts were harvesting them.

She couldnt help.

After standing by for a while, she went to the pond.

The pond was already covered in green lotus leaves.

They were lush and very beautiful.

The skullcap fell into the water.

It was slender and elegant as it spread its petals among the layers of lotus leaves.

Xue Ling always referred to it as ahe, but Huanhuan felt that it was more like a delicate, cute, and spoiled daughter.


The leaf of the skullcap suddenly flew into the air and gently landed on Huanhuans head, shielding her from the scorching sun.


Huanhuan instantly felt much cooler!

She reached out and touched the lotus leaf on her head.

The effects of this leaf were even better than using a parasol.

It was comparable to a mobile version of a small air conditioner!

Huanhuans heart skipped a beat.

She immediately said to the skullcap, “Give me some more lotus leaves.”

The skullcap obediently handed her more than ten lotus leaves.

Huanhuan carried the leaves to Bai Di and Sang Ye.

Bai Di found her rather cute with a large lotus leaf on her head.

He was about to tease her when she placed a large lotus leaf on his head.


She said, “This can block out the sun.

Its very comfortable.”

Bai Di did feel cooler and nodded in praise.

“Its not bad.”


Huanhuan gave Sang Ye another lotus leaf and said with a smile, “This way, you wont feel so uncomfortable from the heat in the future.”


Sang Ye touched the lotus leaf on his head, feeling especially gratified.

How thoughtful of the little female!

Huanhuan distributed the remaining lotus leaves to the other beasts.

This way, even if they worked under the hot sun, they wouldnt have to sweat.

Jiu Yuan hurriedly ran down the mountain and shouted, “Oh no! Patriarch Shuang Yun is fighting with the leader of the feather tribe!



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