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He was afraid that she would reject him.

He was afraid that after she rejected him, the two of them would not even be friends.

He wanted to confess to her and express his feelings for her after he had absolute confidence.

However, the moment he opened the door and saw her, he had decided that he did not want to wait anymore.

He could not wait anymore.

He liked her.

He liked her like crazy.

She was an obsession he had never had in his life.

Although Sixth Brother was a scumbag, he was right about one thing.

If he liked her, he should go after her.

He should not be afraid.

He was not a man.

“Okay.” Wen Ruoshui looked at the man in front of her and met his eyes.

Her eyes were moist as she nodded vigorously.

She did not want to hide or run away anymore.

She liked the feeling of being with him.

Her heart was warm, as if she had finally found the spring that belonged to her.

It was so beautiful that she wanted to stick to him.

The palpitations he had given her, the surprises he had given her, the gentleness he had given her… He had given her everything he had.

How could she let him down

Wen Ruoshui and Yan Yuanfei had officially confirmed their relationship.

“Yu Bo, wait a minute.” Wen Ruoshui ran out of the house and handed him a paper bag.

“Give this to him.”

“Yes, Miss Wen.” Yu Bo took the paper bag and walked out.

He looked at the paper bag in his hand and sighed deeply.

He was depressed.

He did not know what Master and Miss Wen were up to.

Was it fun They would bring him a bowl of noodles and a fruit platter.

He had been stuck in the middle for the past few days, running around on both sides every day.

He had become a matchmaker, helping the two of them deliver small gifts and letters.

They were already lovers.

Wasnt it good to live together The villa was so big and there were so many empty rooms.

If they wanted to live together, they could.

If they didnt want to live together, they could live separately.

It wasnt a big deal.

Didnt many couples live together before marriage It was not a feudal society that affected a girls reputation.

After Wen Ruoshui and Yan Yuanfei officially confirmed their relationship, Dongfang Chu ran around even more frequently.

She stayed at her house almost every day and acted as her maternal family.

She was determined to keep a close eye on her.

She could not be snatched away by Yan Yuanfei before they got married.

On Friday night, when Wen Ruoshui returned, it was already 11 pm.

It was always inconvenient for Wen Ruoshui to take a taxi or get someone to pick her up.

She bought a car and drove back when she was not very tired.

When she was too tired after a surgery, she took a taxi back.

She had always valued her life and safety.

“Shui Shui, what are you looking at” Dongfang Chu heard the sound of a car and came out to pick her up.

She saw her leaning against the car door and looking at her phone, smiling like a fool.

“Chu Chu, what do you want to eat” Wen Ruoshui looked up and smiled at her.

She showed her the message.

“He said hell be back soon.

He made delicious food.”

The message was from Yan Yuanfei.

He said that he wanted to cook chestnuts and roasted sweet potatoes for her.

He asked if she still wanted to eat barbecue and what she wanted to eat.

He bought it for her.

Dongfang Chu glanced at the message and saw her blissful smile.

She shook her head and sighed.

“You… Youre being controlled by him.”

Were people in love all so sweet When she saw Shui Shuis state after falling in love, she wanted to fall in love.

She really became cheerful and happy at a visible speed.

If she had known that Shui Shui would be so happy after falling in love, she would have found her a partner long ago and told her to date properly.

Shui Shui was too easy to woo.

As long as she helped find a good man who was handsome, had a good family background, and treated her well, she would definitely fall for him.

Then, it would not be Yan Yuanfeis turn!

Yan Yuanfei had taken advantage of a loophole and it was a coincidence!

“Chu Chu, didnt anyone from your school woo you” Wen Ruoshui held her arm and walked into the house.

“No.” Dongfang Chu shook her head decisively.

“When you meet someone suitable, dont reject them.” Wen Ruoshui did not believe her.

Chu Chu was pretty, gentle, and outstanding.

Her family background was also good.

There would definitely be a lot of people wooing her.

“So what if theres a suitable one” Dongfang Chu smiled bitterly, her eyes flashing with obvious loneliness.

“Do you think Grandpa will agree”

They all knew Grandpas temper.

As long as he did not agree, even if she had someone she liked, they would not be together in the end.

Therefore, she did not fantasize about sweet love anymore.

She would listen to her grandfather and go on blind dates according to his requests.

In the future, she would marry a man who was compatible with the Dongfang Family and would bring benefits to the Dongfang Family.

“Chu Chu, have you really decided to listen to Grandpa” Wen Ruoshui naturally knew what she meant.

How could a daughter of the Dongfang Family make decisions about her marriage

It was not just the children of the Dongfang family.

In China, which family at the apex of the pyramid had the freedom to decide their own marriage and live as they pleased

Wasnt Yuer the same She had been engaged to Huo Ci since a long time ago, and their current relationship was still messy.

Who knew how it would develop in the future!

“Yes.” Dongfang Chu nodded and pretended to be relaxed.

“Many people fall in love freely and love each other to death.

In the end, some couples fall out and become enemies.

Some meet and get married after blind dates.

After marriage, couples respect each other and grow old together.

There are also many people who help each other.

Ive always been lucky.

Ill definitely meet a man who loves me very much.”

She had already thought it through.

She would not resist or struggle anymore.

It would be good to be a salted fish.

Facing her grandpa, she was like a mantis trying to stop a car.

Her arms could not win against his thighs.

What else could she do She could only accept her fate!

As the daughter of the Dongfang Family, she enjoyed the honor and privileges brought by the family.

Naturally, she had to be prepared to sacrifice for the family.

She was not in love now, nor did she like anyone.

When she met someone her grandpa thought was suitable, she could try to get along and love him.

“Thats true.” Wen Ruoshui agreed with this statement.

Most of the so-called love at first sight was just lust.

One would only know if they were really suitable after interacting with each other.

“You dont have to worry about me.” Dongfang Chu smiled and said, “Just focus on your relationship now.

The Yan Familys mother and grandmother are very kind people.

They will definitely like you a lot.”

“We havent met his parents yet!” Wen Ruoshui muttered softly.

“Its only a matter of time.” Dongfang Chu smiled at her.

“Do you want me to help you ask them out You can interact with them first.”

She had met the Yan Familys grandma and mother twice.

They were both kind and easy to get along with.

They would definitely dote on Shui Shui and treat her like their daughter.

“If you joke around again, Ill get angry.” Wen Ruoshui was a little shy.

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