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Lin Ans departure meant that he didnt want to be involved in the punishment of Lin Laosans family.

He was leaving everything to Lin Yiweis family.

Lin Laosans familys faces were ashen as they watched Lin An leave.

The panics and fears on their faces were evident.

Lin Yiwei looked at Lin Laosan with a serious expression and said sternly, “In order to show a warning to others, Lin Sandao, your family has to be punished.

Three years ago, because of your own selfishness, you secretly plotted and harmed my son, causing him to be paralyzed in bed for three years.

Whether its for public or private reasons, the three of you should be severely punished.

However,” He paused for a moment and looked at the three criminals.

Lin Yiwei was kind, but he was not a saint.

Lin Laosan and his sons had brought endless pain and despair to his family.

Therefore, he was angry and resentful towards them.

He wanted to take revenge.

However, the biggest revenge he wanted for them was not as simple as kneeling in the ancestral hall and being punished with a few beatings.

Instead, they would be handed over to the authorities and imprisoned.

Lin Yiwei was still the chief of the Lin family Village.

If he directly handed them over to the authorities, it would definitely cause the villagers to be dissatisfied.

The villagers would think that he disregarded the villages reputation for the sake of taking revenge.

He abused his power to take revenge on Lin Laosans family.

It didnt matter if it was true or not.

The villagers would start gossiping.

They wouldnt care what kind of crimes Lin Laosans family had completed, or how much pain and despair Lin Yiweis family had suffered in the past three years.

They would see Lin Yiwei as abusing his power.

However, everything was settled now.

Lin Yuelan and his QingEr had convinced the villagers to agree to send Lin Laosans family to court.


It was because this involved the villagers self-interest and safety.

What if Lin Laosans family decided to plot murders against other villagers Therefore, instead of leaving them in the village, it was better the remove the ticking time bomb.

Such was human nature.

When it didnt involve their own problems and interests, they would stand aside and watch.

They would even stand on the moral high ground to judge others.

They would coerce the victims to forgive the perpetrators.

They wouldnt consider how innocent the victim was or how much pain and despair the victim had suffered.

However, when people realized they might become victims themselves, their perspective changed.

It was unacceptable.

The perpetrator had to be punished.

Lin Yuelan used a few words to change everyones perspective.

Lin Yiwei could now send Lin Laosans family to court.

This was exactly what he wanted.

Lin Yiwei glanced at Lin Yuelan and was amazed by her intelligence.

She was so young.

However, the extreme wisdom would definitely hurt her, and this made him a little worried.

However, when he saw the tall and strong man standing next to her, he was a little relieved.

Lin Yiweis tone changed as he continued, “however, my son is kind and cant bear to have your family suffer the loss of three members.

Therefore, only one of you will be taken to court.

The other two will kneel in the ancestral hall for three days, receive thirty canings, and be under the supervision of all the villagers!”

Someone had to go to prison.

However, two of them would be given lesser punishment.

This sounded like a merciful arrangement but…

“Second brother, you were the one who came up with this idea, and you were the one who started this.

Youre the main culprit,” Lin Daniu immediately shirked the responsibility.


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