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“Its my first time seeing a milkvetch,” little three said curiously.

“But, can one really age back ten years by eating this flower” They had heard of this flower but hadnt seen it before.

Doctor Zhang nodded and said, “this flower does have such an effect, but itll only work once.

After that, the flower will lose its effect.”

Lin Yuelan somewhat understood this principle.

If explained through modern science, the first consumption would create antibodies to the flower in the body.

So it wouldnt have the same effect after that.

They gathered around the rare flower and chatted for some time.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

When he heard the knocking, Doctor Zhang thought of Gu Sanniang and her daughter, who had come in the afternoon.

Doctor Zhang looked at Lin Yuelan and said, “girl, it might be Gu Sanniang and her daughter.

Are you going to see them or not”

Little Six was a little curious.

“Its so late.

Why did Gu Sanniang and her daughter come to see miss Lin now I doubt they have good intentions.” A few of them disliked Gu Sanniang and Ying Zi.

Most of them hadnt interacted with Gu Sanniang and Ying Zi before, but they all heard from Brother Guo how Ying Zi purposely approached him to slander Miss Lin.

Doctor Zhang told them mysteriously, “they did something bad, and they got their retribution!”

What did he mean by that

Jiang Zhennan and Guo Bing immediately reacted, but little three and the other two were slower.

Guo Bing said excitedly, “Doctor Zhang, so they have sores on their bodies now”

The day before yesterday, miss Lin had said that the culprits who drained her nursery would start to have sores on their bodies.

At first, he thought that miss Lin was just saying it.

He didnt expect it to really come true.

Doctor Zhang smiled and did not answer.

He only asked Lin Yuelan, “little girl, are you going to let them in this time”

Lin Yuelan sneered and said, “since Im going to teach them a lesson, this must be a lesson that they cant forget.

Its a little annoying to have them jumping around me all the jump.

“I probably didnt punish them enough by having them say on Mount Da Ao for one night.

Ill have to make sure they remember the lesson this time.”

After Lin Daniu and Li Cuihua returned from the mountain, the two soon forgot about the lesson.Once they recovered, they wanted to ask her for money again.

The same happened with Liu Liujiao.

She hadnt learned her lesson either.

She had secretly provoked the villagers to sow discord between Lin Yuelan and Lin Yiweis family.

Gu Sanniang had become more honest after being abandoned on the mountain.

It was a pity that her daughter wanted to create trouble for her.

Ying Zi would never give up any chance to harm Lin Yuelan.

Lin Yuelan was angry because she had affected her livelihood.

Since these people refused to heed her warning, then she had to teach them a severe lesson!

Doctor Zhang nodded, “Alright.

Ill go and send them back.” Doctor Zhang walked towards the door.

It was indeed Gu Sanniang and her daughter outside the door.

Seeing the door open, the mother and daughters eyes brightened, but without waiting for them to begin, Doctor Zhang said directly, “Gu Sanniang, Xiao Ying, LanEr is not back yet, you can come back tomorrow!”

Without waiting for the mother and daughter to react, the door was closed again with a bang.

Ying Zis face immediately turned livid with anger.

However, now that they had a favor to ask of Doctor Zhang, they couldnt scold him.

She clenched his fist and took a deep breath.

“Lin Yuelan, come out! I know youre in there!” Gu Sanniang suddenly shouted.

However, what responded was the laughter of the men in the courtyard and the loud discussion.

Among these voices, there was a young girls voice.

Gu Sanniangs face turned green with anger.

The wretched girl had clearly returned, but Doctor Zhang lied to them.

How detestable.

Just as Gu Sanniang was about to call out again, Ying Zi stopped her and said calmly, “mother, stop screaming! Its useless.

She wont come out even if you break your throat.”

She had heard the voices from the courtyard too.

At this moment, she also realized that Doctor Zhang and Lin Yuelan were in cahoots.

Doctor Zhangs claim that he could produce the antidote in three days was just an excuse to deceive them.

His purpose was very simple.

He wanted them to beg Lin Yuelan.

That would explain all the coincidences.

Ying Zi was filled with hatred.

She gritted her teeth and shouted in a low voice, “Lin Yuelan!” Then, her eyes turned fierce, and she said to her mother, “lets go back!”

Gu Sanniang was confused.

She looked at the gate of Lin Yuelans house hesitantly, then looked at Ying Zi anxiously and said, “but…” Didnt we need to see the jinx

Ying Zi snorted coldly and said with a sarcastic smile, “Hmph, mother, do you still not understand Weve been played.

Their goal is to take revenge on us.

So no matter how we shout, the people inside wont come out!”

Gu Sanniang left with Ying Zi.

After they left, Doctor Zhang said with some regret, “The girl is indeed quite clever.

Its a shame that she doesnt use it correctly.” She was only twelve years old, but she was able to deduce the truth from the sounds inside the door.

She was smart.

Jiang Zhennan said coldly, “there are 80 to 90% of people who are smart in this world, but only a small part of them will stand out.

The rest are either arrogant or defeated by the truth of the world.

The person outside is highly conceited.

Therefore, shes not smart at all!”

A truly smart person would hide his strength and bide his time when he was helpless, only waiting to kill the enemy in one fell swoop.

Jiang Zhennan was disdainful to hear Doctor Zhang praise Ying Zi.

Doctor Zhang thought for a moment and agreed.

Lin Yuelan only smiled faintly and didnt make any comment.

Early the next morning, many people stood in front of Lin Yuelans house.

“Whats going on”

“I dont know,” Someone shook his head and said.


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