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When he saw that I wasn’t moving even after a long time, his satisfied face let out a bewitching laugh.

“I’m sorry, Lily.

I guess I lost control and went a little crazy for a bit.

Don’t hate me for it, but if you do…” He narrowed his eyes.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere became grim.

He covered his face with both of his hands, and if my ears weren’t deceiving me, I think I even heard a sobbing sound.

‘A crazy tyrant indeed.

Angry for a second, laughs for the next, and cries in another.’

I clicked my tongue, inwardly thinking to myself that perhaps what he needed wasn’t a doll, but a hospital.

A mental one at that.

After the test, the emperor lowered himself with a face more relaxed than before.

I was just feeling a little nervous about what he was going to do this time when he suddenly hugged my waist.

I was embarrassed for a moment, but when the emperor looked up and his eyes caught mine, I was dumbstruck and felt fascinated.

‘If you keep looking at me like that, I…’ She didn’t dare to continue her train of thought.

Although the emperor was exceedingly attractive and manly, but when he was hugging me, it bore a resemblance to that of a child clinging onto his mother for affection.

Truth be told, he looked quite adorable at this moment.

Either that, or my mind was playing tricks on me.

‘Hmm… He’s not as bad as I thought.’

His hands circled my waist and he buried his head on top of my thighs.

When his hot cheeks made contact with my lap, with only thin silk pajamas separating the two of us, goosebumps unwittingly made itself known as it showed through the layer of my skin.

A low voice flowed through his lips as he spoke above my thigh.

“Lily, don’t go anywhere.

Please, not anymore.”

The emperor embraced me for a long time and did not move.

I glanced down to check if he was already asleep, but I could only see the back of his head so I wasn’t certain. ‘Did he fall asleep It has already been twenty minutes…’ However, the emperor got up silently and headed back to his bed.

When I saw where he was headed, I cheered for a moment, thinking that my first night with the emperor that felt like decades, was finally over.

In addition, I could clearly see him yawning.

‘Are you finally going to sleep The doll effect is awesome!’ She exclaimed, thinking to herself that she narrowly avoided danger.

‘But can I even leave after the emperor falls asleep’

As I was contemplating what to do, the emperor took off his robe and threw it under the bed and beckoned to me.

“Come here, Liliana.”

As I was still briefly distracted by his sculpted back, I doubted my own hearing.

‘Huh Wait–what did you just say’

‘Surely he wasn’t telling me to go to him… and then…w-we would…’


His voice broke me out of my reverie.

Intuitively, I knew.

This was different from before.

Even after swallowing saliva, my mouth still felt dry.

I hesitated for quite some time, but in the end, I still stood up.

I watched him, scrutinizing his expression to see if I made the right choice.

Fortunately, it was.

The emperor rolled up the blanket as I approached, his naked torso glaringly exhibited under the dim lighting.

I quickly looked away.

“Let’s sleep.”

‘Huh’ My mind was a bit slow on the uptake, yet again.

Afterwards I was so surprised I thought my eyeballs would pop out any second.

‘S-Sleep With me Here The ‘sleeping’ that you mean is purely innocent, right Nothing ambiguous at all Please say yes!’

I was panicking, I felt like the world was spinning.

But he hugged me, sat me on his lap and took off my slippers with his hand.

His legs felt taut and firm under my thighs.

The emperor hugged me after he took my slippers off and gently laid me on the bed.

His hands were very careful and his movements were soft, as if he was handling porcelain that would break at any time—as if he was holding something precious.

Trying to ignore the emperor’s touch, I felt the bedding underneath.

‘It feels really soft.

It’s definitely a high-quality product.’ Back in my previous life, even if I was struggling with work and finances, I made sure to always have high quality bedding for my sleep.

Here I was, trembling because of the emperor, but still had the excess energy to admire his luxurious mattress It felt quite laughable.

‘D-Don’t tell me I have to experience my first time tonight Should I be prepared If that was the case, you could have at least told me in advance!’

This situation was inconceivable for me, who was well aware of what exactly the emperor thought of Liliana.

“Lie down comfortably.”

I threw all thoughts of rebelling outside the window for the sake of my precious life.

Slowly, I laid down on the bed and he enveloped me by the waist.

His strong arms were wrapped over my thin silk pajamas as he pulled me closer to him.

Surprised, I didn’t know where to place my hands for a while, then barely grabbed the end of the pillow.

‘My heart feels like it’s going to burst!’

This is the first time I’ve ever gotten in bed with a man! This is also the first time I’ve met him, and what’s even worse, he even holds my life in his hands!

Unaware of the anxious thoughts plaguing my mind, the emperor continued hugging me, this time with more force.

Then his face came right behind me and I felt his warm breath in the back of my ears.

I shivered.


Blood rushed to my face, feeling like I would have a nosebleed this instance.

“Liliana.” A soft voice, like a sigh, flowed from the emperor’s mouth.

There were goose bumps on the nape of my neck where his breath touched.

‘No! Stay away!’ My mind pleaded.

But of course, he couldn’t hear it.

On the contrary, he squeezed his arms tighter, and his broad chest touched my back.

‘A man’s bare skin! A man’s chest! Ahh!’

In this dangerous bed, I felt so afraid that I couldn’t speak.

But upon realizing that I couldn’t escape anyway, I closed my eyes tightly and quietly accepted my fate, so I waited for that next step.


And waited.


I kept waiting.


Even after waiting patiently for a long time, that next step did not come.

Puzzled and faintly determined, I slowly turned to the emperor and was stunned at the sight.

‘H-He’s sleeping’

The tyrant emperor with unparalleled features and physique and dark locks of hair that seemed to flow down to his chin, was currently asleep while I lay snugly on his arms.

‘His sleeping face is cute.’

My body relaxed.

He seemed to be really tired, he didn’t even have a reaction after I moved.

‘Ah that’s right, they did mention he hasn’t slept in a week.’

Only then was I able to realize the true meaning of being a ‘doll’.

I literally ended up playing as one with such a dangerous person.


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