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Zhuiyue had only seen Xue Fanxin once.

In her impression, Xue Fanxin was an ugly piece of trash.

No matter what, she was not worthy of the noble and perfect Ninth Imperial Uncle.

Therefore, she was very indignant.

She would not permit such a despicable girl to taint her noble and perfect Ninth Imperial Uncle.

After getting saved by the mysterious person, she had always wanted to kill Xue Fanxin.

Their hatred compelled Yi Fentian and her to escape.

On the streets, she heard a lot about Xue Fanxin.

With each passing second, she became crazier.

She learned that Xue Fanxin had become a beautiful, powerful, and legendary figure… All of this stimulated her to act on her impulses.

She was clearly an extremely ugly waste.

How could she have become so outstanding

All of this must be fake.

She wanted to expose Xue Fanxins true colors and let the world know that she was unworthy of the Ninth Imperial Uncle.

She had to…

“Xue Fanxin, you lowly person, Im going to kill you…” Zhuiyue wanted to tear Xue Fanxins beautiful face off.

She could not control her rationality at all.

She knew that doing this was stupid, but she could not control her urges.

“Idiot.” Xue Fanxin could not even be bothered to reply.

She swung her sword mercilessly.

Although it was only a casual slash from afar, the power of the Xue You Sword was enough to kill a small fry like Zhuiyue.

The sword aura cut through Zhuiyues throat and took her life.

Zhuiyue had yet to arrive in front of Xue Fanxin.

Seeing the sword aura, she suddenly calmed down.

She felt death approaching and looked at her enemy in extreme horror and unwillingness.

Even until her death, she did not understand why trash could become such a powerful person.

Xue Fanxin put away the Xue You Sword and stared at the corpse.

She said with disdain, “In your next life, remember to be a smart person.

Otherwise, youll die even more miserably.

However, youve done too many bad things in your life.

I wonder if you can still reincarnate as a human.

Perhaps youll become a pig or a dog.”

Xue Fanxin acted decisively this time.

She did not even say a word before killing.

Her determination stunned the people watching from the side.

Was this how their consort did things

“Little Lei, deal with the corpse.”

Initially, she wanted Zhuri to handle the matter, but when she thought of their friendship, she changed her mind and left it to Little Lei.

Wouldnt letting Zhuri do it make things difficult for him

Anyway, Little Lei was not one to overthink.

He would not take it to heart even if he killed someone, let alone deal with a corpse.

“Woman, you did it much more readily this time.

Youre not deliberating while killing someone and letting accidents happen as you did in the past.

Back then, you couldnt be resolute and left behind a calamity,” Little Lei said as he dealt with Zhuiyues corpse.

He released some spirit fire and burned it to ashes.

No one said a word.

Everyone watched and did not pity Zhuiyue at all.

A woman who brought this upon herself did not deserve sympathy.


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